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									A Different Sky
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A Different Sky is a download only single/EP released by rock band Mostly
Autumn. The three tracks can all be found on their 8th studio album Glass                                          "A Different Sky"

Track listing
      1. "A Different Sky" (Josh)
      2. "Flowers for Guns" (Findlay/Josh)
      3. "Above the Blue" (Findlay)

Credits (directly from the sleve notes)
      Bryan Josh - Lead/Backing Vocals; Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic/12 String Guitars;                                  Single by Mostly Autumn
      Keyboards; Piano; Hammond Organ; Programming
                                                                                                       Released       2008
      Heather Findlay - Lead/Backing Vocals; Piano; Tambourine; Bodhran;
                                                                                                       Recorded       2008
      Anne-Marie Helder - Flute; Backing Vocals                                                        Genre          Rock

      Andy Smith - Bass Guitars                                                                        Length         ???
      Henry Bourne - Drums                                                                             Label          Mostly Autumn Records
      Olivia Sparnenn - Backing Vocals                                                                 Producer       Bryan Josh
      Troy Donockley - Uilleann Pipes (Track 3); Low Whistles (3); Penney Whistles (3); String Arrangements (3); Programming

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