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									Proposition of Fact Assignment                                          Due on _______________

Review: "It may seem that if something is a fact there is no need to use persuasion to establish it, but
there are issues in the factual domain that cannot be verified directly. There either is or is not life on other
planets. The question is one of fact, but, because we lack the means to find out, we must argue from the
data we have, drawing the most logical inferences therefrom. For example:

         Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
         More than two cups of coffee a day increases the chance of cancer of the pancreas.
         Converting to solar energy can save the average homeowner money."
                                         - Sprague & Stuart, The Public Speaker’s Handbook, 263

Assignment: Present a 4-5 minute proposition of fact to our class. Construct the speech as though you are
addressing a specific audience that has the power to influence a course of action if they believe your
argument. Your speech should reflect specific choices about the audience and your relationship to that
Hand in: Your speaker’s notes and a “Works Cited” or “References” page in MLA or APA format that
lists your resources after you present your speech. You can go to the Writing Center’s website at for online handouts on APA and MLA citation

Example: You might argue for the factual proposition that North Carolina's shorelines are eroding rapidly
due to excessive residential and commercial construction on the coast. You would probably write &
deliver this speech differently if you were addressing a group of coastal real estate agents, the North
Carolina legislature, or members of the Wilmington branch of the Sierra Club. It is also probable that you
would construct the speech differently if you were a real estate agent, if you were running for a political
office, or if you were a member of the Sierra Club.

Successful presentations will be approximately 4-5 minutes long, have a clear thesis statement, an
attention-getting device, and a distinct introduction, body, and conclusion. There should be distinct
transitions, and you must cite your sources and evidence aloud during the speech. You should include
solid evidence, from credible sources. You must speak extemporaneously. If you violate this requirement
your speech with be penalized 35%. You can use note cards or full sheets of paper for your speaker’s

Your presentation will be graded according to the following criteria:

Organization 40%
       Good attention getting device
       Clear thesis statement
       Clear transitions between main points
       A strong conclusion

Content 40%
      Established your credibility – this grade includes works cited or references page
      Provided solid evidence from credible sources
      Stated clear claims and offered support for them
      Offered a strong, reasonable argument overall

Audience 10%
      Did you clearly target a specific audience? Were there specific choices about the
      audience and your relationship to that audience?

Overall Impression 10%

       Did you really seem to communicate with the audience?

       Did you seem to care about your topic?

       What was strong

       What could be improved next time

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