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                                      Table Of Contents

1. Chapter 1 – Introduction

2. Chapter 2 – Why you should be like the Target retail store.

3. Chapter 3 – General Overview - Why FREE Clickbank Profit Funnels Works!

4. Chapter 4 – My personal $4000 a month marketing blueprint

Hi there,

Thanks and congratulations on downloading Free Clickbank Profit Funnels. This report is
designed to give you a real way to make $4,000 - $10,000 a month as an affiliate marketer.

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                               Chapter 1 - Introduction

What if I told you that in the last 4 weeks I went from making about $20 a month on clickbank to
making $4,762? What if I told you that you could make at least that much to and it is not very
hard to do, providing you have the resolve and the right tools?

Take a look at my screenshots from clickbank for the last 2 Week!
If you total up my 2 week profits you will see that I earned 2177.84 in the last 14 days!

If you follow the blueprint that I am going to lay out for you...

                    "You Can Produce Simlar Results!"

    Chapter 2 - Why you should think like the Target Retail Store

   Disclaimer: What I am about to explain is merely my opinion. I am just explaining what
   seems to be happening in the community in which I live. I don’t sit on Target’s marketing
   sessions…so in all honesty I can not claim what I am about to see is 100% factual.

   Again this is merely my opinion.

   Ever heard of the Target retail store? If you live in the U.S….I am pretty sure you have. But if
   you have never heard of Target, let me tell you about them. Target is one of the biggest and
   most successful retail stores in America. There biggest competitor is Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart has been responsible for the downfall of many American retail stores in the last 20
years, because of their extraordinary low prices and excellent marketing research, yet Target
continues to compete.


In my opinion: Because, Target piggybacks off of Wal-mart’s success. Here is how they do it!

They let Wal-mart do the market research and find the best locations to put their new stores
and then Target just moves next door and legally takes customers away from Wal-mart.

In other words…Wal-mart does the market research and finds out what would be a good spot
to build a new store. Then, Target just builds a new store across the street or even next door.

And in return Wal-mart has begun to do the same thing to Target.

                  How This Marketing Plan Can Work For You Online

I bring up Target and Wal-mart just to show you that when you know where the customers
are going to be…then positioning yourself there can lead to making a lot of money. So the
object of this report is to show you how to get the tools that will allow you to get to the
paying customers.

   Chapter 3 – Why The Free Clickbank Profit Funnels Work!

So here I am. 12 years of Internet Marketing and nothing but empty pockets to show for it.
So how did I go from nothing to $4,000+ in the last month?

I took tidbits from all the ebooks and guides that I have read about making money online and
finally dedicated myself to implementing them so that I could make money as an afiliate
marketer. .

You see....My years of studying have showed revealed a couple of things to me.

1. You need to get traffic to your affiliate links.
2. The traffic that you generate needs to be from people who are looking to buy what you are

So How do I get buyer traffic to my affiliate offers?

Do you rember the klittle story I told you about Target and Walmart, earlier?
   Well Idid what they do! I let the Gurus and other affiliates do all the hard work and I just
   swoop in to collect easy commission!

   You see....Each week and sometimes 2 and 3 times a week, a Marketing Guru launches
   another product and it becomes one of the top selling products on Clickbak.

   This Guru forms Joint ventues with other top marketers so that he can get them to email their
   huge lists promoting his product!

   When this happens people who are interested in the product begin to go to Google and type in
   the name of the product that the Gurus are promoting!

   The people who can get their affiliate links on pages that are at the top of the google rankings
   for, reap the benefits because the searches click on their affiliate links and they collect the

   And the best part is...The super-affiliates did all the hard work by creating a frenzy about the
   product which led the potential buyers to search for it on Google.

   The problem is most super affiliates have learned about this and starting building affiliate
   review sites. And this has made it harder and harder for the average guy to get his pages with
   affiliate links on the 1st page of google!

   Fortunate for you...In the next chapter I am going to show you an easy way to outrank those
   super-affiliates who are now getting those huge commissions!

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      Chapter 4 – My personal $4000 a month marketing blueprint

In Chapter 3...I showed you how people are making money by leveraging the top gurus launches
to make commissions. Then I told you why this sytem is getting harder and harder to implement
with success!

Now I am going to show you how to get free buyer traffic from Google by using an Authority site
that google loves evn more than the top affiliater marketers sites. When you use this site to
promote your affiliate links you will get higher rankings then most the other sites promoting the
same product! So without further delay let's begin!
Maybe you have discovered that when you do a quick search on google & bing that a fair amount
of youtube videos materialize on the first page? It usually is primarily because Youtube is a highly
regarded Internet site by search engines and consequently it is a bit less problematic to get a video
ranked higher than a common Web page. We are going to make use of this circumstance to get
free targeted site visitors to your affiliate links from google.

Just execute the fairly simple method discussed below and I think you'll be able to accumulate
absolutely no cost targeted traffic to your affiliate links which consequently may help you bring
home more profits from the web.

Step 1 - Join Clickbank - Clickbank is 100 percent free to become a member of as an internet
affiliate and it has a large number of items that you can advocate.

Step 2 - Find out when the is a New Big product launch. When their is a big product luanch many
people who hear about this product and decide to buy it will begin to search for it on google and
buy through one of the links they appear on the 1st page. To Find out when big product launches
are happening you show goto: JVNotify Pro . It's free and this is where the top gurus go to
announce their product launches! They have a list of products that have been launched and a list
of products that will be luanched from weeks to months ahead.

Step 3 - When you goto JVNotify Pro.....Find a product on their launch announcement list that
has not launched and sign up for it! We want to sign up for products before they launch because
the most free traffic you will be able to get from people searching for this product is in the first
week or two after it's launch!

Step 4 - After you sign up as a JV you should get an email that shows you where to go to get the
promo materials. Go and visit the sales copy and write down the brand name of the product and
it's main features.

Step 3 - Create A Review blog identifying the product' features and benfits. In other words..
create a review blog. Here is an example of a review blog that I made over $1200 with. Click
Here to see how your review blog should look

Step 5 - Get backlinks - To arrive at the absolute best rank possible you will need to accrue one
way links that point to your review blog. You can do this by blog commenting, forum posting
community posting,etc...

In summary...We all know the reason other individuals are acquiring more online profits as an
internet marketer is because they bring in more targeted visitors than you do. Well that can cease
at this moment. Employ the steps I just went over and you to can bring in $1000+ per week by
showcasing videos on youtube!
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