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From Stirling’s Labour MP
24 August 2012


Local Labour MP, Anne McGuire, commenting on the announcement that Scottish and Southern
Energy (SSE) will increase electricity and gas prices by 9% on 15 October 2012, said:

"Hard-pressed families and pensioners struggling to make ends meet thanks to the double-dip
recession made in Downing Street, will be astonished that SSE, who have seen their profits
increase, are now imposing another round of price hikes.

Anne added:
“At a time when we need huge investment in our clean energy infrastructure, it’s more
important than ever that we have a competitive energy market that delivers fair prices. But the
Government's Energy Bill does nothing to reform the energy market. There is nothing to break
the dominance of the energy giants, nothing to simplify tariffs, and nothing to protect
vulnerable customers from being ripped off.

“Unless ministers get to grips with spiralling energy bills, people will rightly think that this
Government is completely out of touch with families and pensioners struggling to make ends
Anne continued:
“In the next couple of months, I will have a number of Hot Tips calendars to give away free to
my elderly constituents. Published by Age Scotland, the 2013 calendar has advice for the
elderly on keeping warm, healthy and safe. If you or an elderly relative would like to receive a
copy later when the calendar comes out next month, please contact me at my office in
Viewfield Street, either by ‘phoning 01786 446515 or by email to me at

For further information contact Aileen Robb or Graham Fraser on 01786 446515

Notes for Editors:

1. According to their 2012 financial report, SSE’s adjusted profit before tax was £1,335.7m in
2011/12 compared to £1310.1m in 2010/11 and £1,290.1 in 2009/10. In 2011/12 SSE also
paid out £716.9m in dividends to their shareholders.
Source: SSE Annual Report 2012

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