Tripartite Cultural Relationship in Tourism by F2sTru


									 Tripartite Cultural Relationship
            in Tourism
• Tourist
  – residual
• Transitional companies
• Hosts
    Types of Socio-cultural impacts
•   Demonstration effect
•   Marginal Man
•   Culture Shock
•   Cultural Commodization
•   Relocation and Displacement
•   Dependency
•   Crime and Prostitution
         Impacts continued
• Drug use
• Change in Social Order
        Indicators of Change
• Language—more slang
• Religious values
• Traditional occupations
             Impact Mitigation
•   Inform residents of costs and benefits
•   Plan based on local goals and priorities
•   Involve public and private sectors
•   Opportunities for minority groups
•   Utilize local capitol, expertise and labor
•   Opportunities for local involvement in
       Impact Mitigation cont
• Deal with present problems before more
• Thematic development should fit local
  historical, lifestyle or geographic setting
• Promotional programs should have local
     Limits of Acceptable Change
•   Identify local issues and concerns
•   Define and describe opportunity classes
•   Select indicators of Social Conditions
•   Inventory conditions
•   Specify standards for conditions
•   Identify alternative development options
                  LAC cont.
•   Identify actions required for each alternative
•   Evaluate and select the preferred alternative
•   Implement
•   Monitor

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