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									                                      TAGORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
                                      EAST OF KAILASH, NEW DELHI

                                                 CLASSES: X
                                             SESSION: 2012-2013
                                            HOLIDAY HOMEWORK


                                       Shopping                                 Places of
                                                                              scenic beauty

                      Eco Tourism                                                         River tourism

                                                                                                 Wildlife: Flora
                 Educational                            Unravelling
                                                                                                  and fauna
                                                         the tourist
                                                        treasures of
                  Health -Yoga,
                   Ayurveda,                                                                      Tribals

                               Religious/                                              Art and
                               Spiritual          Festival         Adventure        Culture Circuit
                                                tourism             Tourism
                                            •Kullu-Dussehra          •hills
                                            •Jaisalmer              •water
                                             Desert                 •plains

Name of the Student ______________________________________________________

Class & Sec. _________________________                         Subject ___________________________

Title & Sub-title of the Project ________________________________________________


Name of the subject teacher ________________________________________________
                                    Instructions for the students

 Guidelines for Holiday Home Work:

      Original and innovative ideas will be appreciated
      All information should be handwritten on A4 size sheets in folders / spiral bound / neatly
      Pictures/ photographs/ clippings from newspapers and magazines can be used to support the
       written material. Scrap book could also be prepared and submitted as part of the project
      Original drawings/illustrations and creative use of materials will be given credit
      The project report should be developed and presented neatly

 The essential contents of the project file :

      Cover page showing the title, student details, name of school , year
      Acknowledgements and preface (Acknowledging the persons/institutions, offices/libraries
      Table of contents
      Introduction to the topic
      3-4 pages comprising the content of the project with suitable headings
      Conclusion
      Bibliography- should include title, author, publisher, year of publication. In case of research on
       the net – web link should be mentioned along with the topic researched

                                          Assessment Criteria

         Title
         Content relevancy
         Presentation
         Originality
         Research and sources
         Punctuality and timely submission
         Viva

India is fast becoming a desired destination for tourists from all over the world. In addition to the various other
attractions, Ecotourism is an entirely new approach in our country. Ecotourism is travel to natural areas to appreciate
the cultural and natural history of the environment, taking care not to disturb the integrity of the ecosystem, while
creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local
people. Our country offers several tourist destinations that enable us to enjoy Mother Nature in its most pristine form.

Prepare an interesting project on Eco Tourism in India and make sure you incorporate the points mentioned

     Imagine yourself to be the Secretary of the Environment Club of your school. You decide to convince the school
      authorities to organize a camp/ trip for the students to an eco-tourist spot in India. For this purpose you decide
      to write a formal report to the Principal of your school after incorporating the clues given below. (Refer to MCB –
      Unit 5 for format of a formal report).
           Meaning of Eco Tourism
           Advantages/ Disadvantages of Eco Tourism
           Green Travel Tips
           Some of the best Eco Tourist spots in India

     Make a brochure for any one such destination giving details of eco adventure/ activities. Also, include
      information about the flora and fauna of that area. [You may refer to Unit 5 (MCB) to take tips on how to make a

     You may also take support of the following links:

     Suggested Reading:
      Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
      The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle
      The Help by Kathryn Stockett (Chosen for Book Discussion Competition)


India is an ancient country rich in monumental heritage. The monuments are the speaking stones of India`s authentic
architecture and historical details. Explore India`s monumental heritage.

       Categorize the monuments into a) Tombs and Mosques b) Caves c) Forts and Palaces d) Temples and e)
        Religious monuments.
       Prepare a questionnaire to conduct a survey on 20 families on different Indian monuments that the people have
        visited across the country. Prepare a frequency distribution table to present the data collected under the
        mentioned categories.
        Analyze, interpret and graphically represent the data collected using bar graph, line graph and pie chart.
        On the basis of the survey analysis, find out the most popular historical monument and
        showcase its breathtaking architecture and intricate work highlighting the following points:
    -    Area of land under coverage
    -    Different geometrical shapes involved in its structure - Structural stability, congruency , similarity
    -   Dimensions of the monument: The exterior and Interior decoration, The Gardens and The                     outlying
    -   Any repeating pattern involved: Lines of symmetry, Reflection Symmetry

    Paste/ draw pictures and photographs of the monuments and their specific area for highlighting the above
    mentioned points. Prepare a survey report based on the data collected on the basis of above mentioned guidelines.


Indian sub-continent has been bestowed with numerous rivers which form the lifeline of the country. The rivers are a
potential resource for developing tourism in India which has not been utilised in recent years. Being largely an
agragarian economy, India is one of the world’s most prolific dam-builders. Around 4300 large dams been already
constructed and many more in the pipeline. Though the primary function of these dams & reservoirs is to store water &
generate electricity, there are other possibilities that are yet to be explored. These dams are a major attraction for
tourists from all over India. These dams not only provide clean & green energy but also have a tremendous potential to
benefit the local populace by providing opportunities for eco tourism, wild life conservation & water / adventure sports
facilities. The dams thus are not only sources of energy but also conceal immense economic & natural potential if
exploited intelligently.

Make a project on ‘Exploitation Of Dams as Hubs For Tourism’ emphasizing on the following points:-

                     List the names of major dams and their locations.
                     Give suggestions for conversion of any three selected dams/reservoirs for eco-tourism, adventure
                      activities and water sports to attract tourists.
                     Economical implications and the profits to the government
                     Benefit to the local population and alternative livelihood to those displaced by these dams.

                 SUGGESTED WEBSITES:

                       › Eco Wonders › Eco Rivers


Theme: Shopping

Kanpur is a major leather-processing centre in Uttar Pradesh in North India, with an estimated 20,000 tannery workers.
Leather production includes many operations with different exposures, which can be harmful for the health of the
workers, and particularly be carcinogenic.

The production of leather hurts animals, the environment, and the workers who manufacture it. The ones who benefit
are people who profit from the misery and suffering of others. Prepare a project based on the following guidelines:
       Explore the places for the process of tanning of leather in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.
       Research the most popular products manufactured in these places.
       Investigate the adverse health effects of exposure to basic tanning pigments and other chemicals used in the
        leather tanning industries at Kanpur.
       Design a pie-chart on the impact of health hazards on the workforce in the past decade.



India is unique in the richness and diversity of its vegetation and wildlife and our country continues to “WOW” the
tourists with its rich biodiversity and heritage.

Project Tiger was launched in 1973 in India. The project aims at ensuring a viable population of tigers in their natural
habitats and preserving areas of biological importance as a natural heritage for the people

Make an investigatory project on “Project Tiger- Vision for the Future”

Your research should be based on the following points:

       Conversion of project from central sector scheme to centrally sponsored scheme
       IX plan achievement of project tiger division
       Key milestones of Project Tiger
        Increase in the population of tigers as well as number of tiger reserves from 1973 till date
       Tiger reserves of India with endemic and endangered species- popular tourist destinations
       Growth in the revenue generated from tiger reserves of India


                                                  SOCIAL SCIENCE
The class is divided into 2 groups as following:
                Roll Number 1-21 to do project on Weaving of fiber
                Roll Number 22-44 to do project on Eco Tourism

    Make a project on the following topics:

    1. Weaving is the most basic process in which two different sets of yarns or threads are interlaced with each other
       to form a fabric or cloth. One of these sets is called warp. The process of producing a fabric by interlacing warp
       and weft threads is known as weaving. The machine used for weaving is known as weaving machine or loom.
       Weaving is an art that has been practised for thousands of years. In India we find different fibers being used to
         make dress material and other items like durries, mats, etc making it attractive for people from across the globe
         creating huge market for it.

Make a project on Weaving of any one fiber in India (Silk, cotton, linen, wool, jute, blended) incorporating the following:

    a)   Fiber Type
    b)   Place where raw material is found and weaving process is carried out. (Locate on the map)
    c)   Lifestyle of the people carrying out weaving process (social and economic life)
    d)   Weaving Process and Pattern (Draw some patterns)
    e)   Weaving looms, technology and machines (explain the working of machines)
    f)   Market , demand and supply of the final product(domestic, international market)

    2. Eco Tourism defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the
       well-being of local people.” by The International Ecotourism Society. Its purpose is to educate the traveler, to
       provide funds for ecological conservation, to directly benefit the economic development and political
       empowerment of local communities and to foster respect for different cultures and for human rights. It has been
       taken up seriously by the environmentalist today.

In the light of growing importance accorded to Eco Tourism, choose any one eco tourist destination in India and make a
project incorporating the following:

        conservation of biological diversity and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection
        promotion of sustainable use of biodiversity, by providing jobs to local populations
        tourism to unspoiled natural resources, with minimal impact on the environment being a primary concern.
        minimization of tourism's own environmental impact
        affordability and lack of waste in the form of luxury
        local culture, flora and fauna being the main attractions

Make a colourful brochure on any one Indian city in French which should include the following

        historical monuments
        places of scenic beauty
        Market places
        any other places of interest
         information about its location
         climate, population
      best time to visit
     local language

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