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									                          Restaurant Front of House Staff
                               JOB DESCRIPTION

Our Vision:

‘Positively Affecting the Life of Every Student’

Overall Mission Statement:

The University of Essex Students’ Union supports and enhances the educational,
social, cultural and recreational activities of all students at Essex. We provide
representation for all students – within the University, locally and nationally.

Our Values
   Student focussed
   Democratic
   Student led
   Environmentally aware
   Accessible
   Representative of diversity
   Highest standards

Strategic Aims
    A Union with outstanding member participation in every aspect of its work and
      decision-making, reflecting the full diversity of its membership
    A Union engaged with the University, improving outcomes for members
      throughout their lives as students
    A Union providing exceptional support for all its volunteers and activists
    A Union delivering sector-leading services to its members
    A Union enabling its members to participate fully in the wider community
    A Union committed to its staff and their role in delivering excellence to
    A Union constantly looking to the future, ensuring realisation of its overall

Purpose of all Students’ Union jobs:
To provide the highest quality services and standards in everything we do to achieve
the Union’s Vision and Strategic Aims.

Purpose of job:
Front of House staff will work as a team member to assist the Management in
achieving and exceeding membership and customer expectations for the Catering
operation in line with the Vision & Values. The post holder will be trained to be multi-
skilled in all general areas of Catering Operations and work as directed, in
accordance with Catering Operations, to ensure that all key targets and service
quality standards set are implemented in order to develop trade levels to maximum
Reporting to:
Venues Manager/Deputy Venues Managers/Assistant Venues Managers

Functional Relationships:
Student Membership, SU and University Staff Members, Visitors and Suppliers.

Catering - Venues Section

Catering Assistants:
    Waiting on tables, taking orders and preparing drinks.
    Maintaining cleanliness of tables and bar, washing glasses and dishes.
    Operating the till and handling customer payments.
    Deliver excellent customer service in your area and find ways of having fun in
      the workplace.
    Work with all team members to ensure that agreed standards, procedures and
      targets are met, monitored and in n accordance with the Vision & Values of
      the Union and the area you work in.
    Contribute as a team member to ideas in relation to operational efficiency and
      service standards and make recommendations when appropriate
    Ensure that the restaurant procedures are followed and make
      recommendations for change, when appropriate.
    Ensure that all work carried out is of the highest standards and in line with
      Health & Safety standards and legislation.
    Assisting the kitchen staff when necessary.
    Closing the restaurant at the end of the night.

In addition to the above duties, the Supervisor:

      Will ensure that all operational procedures are being followed
      Will cash up any tills and record all financial information as instructed.
      Will be expected to attend meetings and training relevant to the job
      Will be expected to assist with the induction, training and supervision of new
       trainee and trained student staff.
      Will carry out the appraisal process for Student Staff.
      Will be encouraged to communicate opinions on any issue affecting the
       Operation to the Management Team.
      Will close the restaurant after service when required to do so.
      Must develop a range of techniques for understanding issues and dealing
       effectively with problems.
      Will work with all team members in a fair and respectful manner in accordance
       with legislation and SU Policy and Procedures.

It is important to know that you will be appraised during the course of your work with
the Students’ Union. You will be expected to participate in any training programme,
meeting or conference considered relevant to your job. The Students’ Union expects
all staff to participate and take ownership of their Induction, Appraisal Reviews,
Departmental Staff Meetings and be responsible for reading and carrying out duties
with full regard to the rules, policies and procedures and conditions of service
contained in the Staff Handbook, and within Departments of the Students’ Union.

A condition of employment is that all staff are expected to assist in key events
throughout the year e.g. Summer Ball, Freshers Fair and any other key event,
including elections, if necessary. Staff are expected to portray a positive image,
both internally and externally of the Students’ Union by displaying high standards of
service, integrity, punctuality, politeness and professionalism.

Applicants should note that the University of Essex Students’ Union operates a No
Smoking Policy, although you may have to work in areas where smoking is

                            PERSONAL SPECIFICATION

                                                             Essential   Desirable
Experience and understanding of the needs of the                
Student Membership
First Certificate in Food Safety – All staff working in                     
Retail, Bars and Catering are expected to achieve
Achieving Excellence                                            
     Ability to continually deliver customer service
       beyond the expectations of customers and
Training                                                        
     Ability to take responsibility for completion of
       essential training in connection with the position.
     Ability to report back on training experience in
       order to assist the management team with review
       and evaluation
People Management (Supervisors)                                 
     Ability to work as a team member
     Ability to share learning
     Ability to inspire others to achieve success for the
Operational Management                                          
     Ability to operate appropriate catering equipment

Personal Qualities incl:                                                
    Initiative
    Energy
    Excellent interpersonal skills
    Communication skills
    Attention to detail
    Tolerance for meeting deadlines
Ability to work in a democratic structure with elected                  
Commitment to equality of opportunity                                   

     The Students' Union is committed to its Policy & Code of Practice on Equal Opportunities


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