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					                                         Developing Capacity and Capability in two
PROJECT TITLE:                           LEAs for quality ITE teaching placements
                                         in Early Years settings/ Foundation stage

                                         Phase 1

LEAD INSTITUTION:                        Sheffield Hallam University


VERSION:                                 2

DATE:                                    July 2004 resubmitted in accordance with
                                         TTA requirements from May 2004

PROJECT PROPOSAL CODE:                   YH 04 P
(for RSC use only)



Please return to:
Dr Elizabeth Foster, TTA Regional Partnership Manager


                                  ANNEX D                                            1
[Please state the name of the institution that will co-ordinate, and be responsible for, the
allocation of funding. The institution must be agreed by all funding proposal
stakeholders. The institution can be a Higher Education Institution; DRB; SCITT
Provider; Partnership or Training School, or Local Education Authority.]

Name of lead institution
Sheffield Hallam University

Contact details for lead institution
Named                   Angela Rees
representatives:        Angie Evans
Address:                Sheffield Hallam University
                        School of Education
                        Collegiate Crescent Campus
                        Sheffield S10 2 BP
Telephone:              0114 2252289
Fax:                    0114 2252288
E-mail:                    angela.evans@shu.ac.uk
Details of receiving       Jan Ledger
funding body:              Finance Officer
                           School of Education
                           Collegiate Crescent Campus
                           Sheffield S10 2 BP

Other institutions involved in the preparing of this proposal
[All objectives, strategies and evaluations must be agreed by the relevant funding
proposal stakeholders. All Regional Steering Committee (RSC) stakeholders must
benefit from at least one of the RSC objectives.] The endorsement of this project is
subject to signatures (see page 7.)

Please select proposal level (please tick one box only):


For levels 1-3, please complete the next section – project menu.

   x     Level 1.

         Level 2.

         Level 3.

                                      ANNEX D                                             2
Project menu
Overall objectives of project must aim towards achieving 1 or more of the following
criteria (please tick as appropriate).

   ×     Quality of school-based tutoring in Early Years settings/Foundation stage.

         Regional validation of SBT training.

   ×     Developing placements e.g. in KS1 classes, KS2/3, SATs classes, 14-19
         classes, GIS, etc.

         Shortage subjects e.g. MFL, Maths, Science, Primary MFL.

   ×     Use of contexts other than schools/settings.

         Translating the exemplification of the creative use of ITT partnership in
         evidence for provider and/or school HMI/Ousted inspections.

         Supporting the trainee in schools with challenging environments.

         Working with parents, pupils and governors to raise awareness of the value of
         the trainee in a school.

         Harmonisation of the management of partnership practice.

                                      ANNEX D                                         3
Overview of project: aims (up to 3 main project outcomes – 50 words max each.)

This proposal should be considered alongside the Level 3 Phase 2 proposal for 'Developing
quality Early Years ITE placements in the Sheffield and Rotherham area'. This latter proposal
has already received approval subject to minor modifiications. This Level 1 proposal is
however free-standing and should be considered separately, having clearly defined and yet
complimentary aims which lay the foundation for the Level 3 proposal.

In line with key National Partnership Project criteria it seeks to:

   1. Increase capacity by developing the number and quality of placements in Early Years
      settings/Foundation Stage
   2. Consider contexts other than schools as quality settings for placement of ITT students.

This will be achieved by:

          raising awareness and issues of ITT partnership in the Early Years - foundation
           stage and Key Stage 1 and consider the response of LEAs, schools and HEI to
           supporting the training of new professionals including an understanding of the CPD
           opportunities for professional development through mentoring
          gaining the commitment of the key stakeholders to supporting the development of
           quality mentoring in the Early Years and development of strategies to support this
          establishing a strategic planning group whose remit is to develop 'capacity and
           capability' which would include the planning and holding of an Early Years
           conference for potential new mentors to work with experienced mentors, details of
           which are described in the Level 3 Phase 1 bid

Overview of project: synopsis (max 200 words.)
- What are the major activities of the project?
- Who are the beneficiaries of the project?
- How will the project impact on teaching and learning in the classroom?

The project has one major activity, namely to hold a conference for around 25 participants to
include at least
    - 2 representatives from Rotherham LEA
    - 2 representatives from Sheffield LEA
    - 3 representatives from SHU
    - 8 representatives from partnership schools and combined centres with good practice in
       Early Years mentoring
    - 2 Heads (one from each LEA)
    - 1Chair of Governors
    - 2 representatives from the private nursery sector
    - 2 Early Years students

The project will be evaluated and reported on at the end of December 2004.

                                           ANNEX D                                              4
The main beneficiaries would be:

      HEI and LEAs - by developing a more systematic understanding of the involvement of
       their schools in ITT in the Early Years
      HEI, LEAs and schools - by considering the full potential for further continued
       professional development for staff through involvement with ITT partnership and the
       links with NQT Mentoring
      LEAs, schools and TTA - by improving ITT student achievement through quality
       mentoring thereby increasing NQT performance
      EY teachers themselves - through considering the specific nature and challenges of
       training in the Early Years environment and reflecting on their own practices
      SHU student trainees and TTA - through the promotion of the links between quality
       teaching and learning and being involved in ITT

The impact on teaching and learning would lead to an increase in expertise amongst a
significant number of staff employed in Early Years settings through a consideration of the
issues surrounding the specific nature of the Early Years curriculum e.g. planning, teaching,
learning, MARRA and evaluation. This would be achieved through the process of mentoring
and linking professionals in Early Years settings.

                                        ANNEX D                                                 5

Project             Deliverables (for each milestone)         Costing (for each           Total   Monitoring (for each       Invoice
milestones (with                                              milestone)                  £       milestone)                 (date/documen
dates)                                                                                                                       tation)
Conference          Conference preparation to include:        one day SHU project         150     Conference                 end December
planned             programme, list of participants,          leader@ £150 per day                arrangements in            2004 to include
September 2004      venue/refreshments                                                            place/delegates invited    conference
                                                              venue, refreshments,        850                                delegate list,
                                                              materials, admin.                                              programme
                                                              25 x conference attendees   3750                               conference
                                                              @ £150 per day                                                 evaluation/
Early Years         Conference outcomes to include:                                               Conference evaluation
Conference held           identification of strategies to                                        Strategic planning
October 2004               support developing increasing                                          group established to
                           numbers of placements in Key                                           prepare for Phase 2
                           Stage 1 and Foundation Stage                                           conference, June 2005

                          establishment of a strategic
                           planning group to prepare for an
                           Early years Mentoring

Conference Report   Written up by SHU Project leader.         1 day x SHU @£150 per       150     Conference report/
                                                              day                                 recommendations
                                                                                                  written/draft circulated
                                                                                                  to participants for
                                                                                                  then to the RSC.

                                                              ANNEX D                                                                     6
Evaluation (ongoing)

To focus on reporting on the conference outcomes and the extent to which it has:

      through the setting up of a strategic planning group established effective links between Sheffield and Rotherham areas and Sheffield
       Hallam University to promote and increase the number and quality of placements in Early years settings/Foundation stage
      identified strategies for establishing effective links with the Private Nursery sector through involvement on the Strategic Planning group.

This will be achieved by:

      a systematic collection of findings of the conference
      evaluation of the outcomes of the conference.

Mechanisms to reach the judgment will include:

      response to invitation to attend the conference
      identification of strategies to increase the number of quality placements both within the two LEAs and from private providers
      establishment of a strategic planning group.

                                                                 ANNEX D                                                                         7
[Please specify any major potential problems that may arise and any contingency arrangement to cope with such eventualities.]

                                     Likelihood          Impact
Risk                                                                           Action to monitor                                Date
                                     (low/medium/high)   (low/medium/high)
potential participants will not be   medium              medium                Reserve lists created.                           Autumn
interested                                                                                                                      2004

project manager no longer able       low                 medium                SHU Head of Division to find a replacement       Autumn
to act as manager                                                                                                               2004

                                                               ANNEX D                                                                   8

Regional proposals will be processed subjected to relevant signatures only.

Project title:                Developing Capacity and Capability in 2 LEA's for quality
                              ITE teaching placements in Early Years settings/
                              Foundation stage
                              Phase 1
                              Sheffield Hallam University
Lead institution:
                              YH 04
Project proposal code:

RSC funding proposal            RSC funding proposal         Signature of stakeholder
stakeholder institution         stakeholder name
Sheffield Hallam University     Angela Rees
                                Angie Evans

Sheffield LEA                   Martin Burgoyne

Rotherham LEA                   Simon Patron

Please attach further sheet(s) if required for signatures.

                                       ANNEX D                                            9

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