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									John Jacob Astor IV
Dear Journal,
   I have just finished and published my semi-
scientific novel A Journey In Other Worlds. I am
proud of my book and hope readers will enjoy.

- John Jacob Astor IV
Dear Journal,
   Today I have built a hotel, the Astoria Hotel, in
New York. The Astoria is a complex linked to the
Waldorf Hotel, making a Hotel complex called
the Waldorf- Astoria. I have plans to build even
more hotels
-John Jacob Astor IV
Dear Journal
  I have just developed a bicycle brake. I
hope with its new mechanics it can help
avoid car crashes and such.
-John Jacob Astor IV
Dear Journal,
I have just been commissioned to lieutenant
colonel in the U.S volunteers. I given many things
t to the army like my yacht Nourmahal and a
mountain battery of artillery to be used against
the Spanish.
-John Jacob Astor IV
Dear Journal,
  I have lived in many homes in my time,
and here they are. 840 Fifth Avenue New
York and at Ferncliff.
-John Jacob Astor IV
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