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									EPA Lead Paint Certification
Under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule, started out April 2010, building contractors doing renovation,
repair or painting that disturbs lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built prior to 1978 must be
EPA certified and required to follow distinct work practices to prevent lead contamination. For the majority of
individuals, 8 hours of EPA RRP certification training is mandatory. However, those who have finished EPA Lead Paint
Certification courses developed by HUD or EPA, or an abatement worker or supervisor course identified by EPA or a
certified State program, is capable of turning certified renovators by taking a 4 hour EPA lead paint certification
refresher training.

Why EPA Lead Paint Certification is necessary?
EPA encourages all businesses engaged by the EPA rule to begin with getting ready to become properly trained and get
EPA lead certification as quickly as possible. You won't just be acting your split up to protect our children, but you'll be
setting up your clients with an ameliorated service. Noncompliance can confront consequence in substantial financial
penalties. A company firm can also be brought out to lawful liability if a little one gets along into exposure to lead-based
paint dust or endures lead poisoning as a result just because a firm not following lead-safe work procedures. EPA is
rolling out a compliance manual for construction industry workers and contractors which detail all of the specifications
of this new EPA rule.

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