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									June 2008                                                                    doc.: IEEE 802.22-07/0370r100

                                                       IEEE P802.22
                                                       Wireless RANs

                         Table of Content for the Security Section in 802.22
                                                    Date: 2008-06-12

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This document provides the table of contents for the Security Section in 802.22

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June 2008                                               doc.: IEEE 802.22-07/0370r100

Table of Contents for the Security Section in 802.22

7. Security sublayers
  7.1 Security Sublayer Architecture for the Data / Control and Management Planes
    7.1.1 Secure Encapsulation of MPDUs
    7.1.2 Secure Encapsulation of MAC Headers and Management Messages
    7.1.3 Key management protocol
    7.1.4 Authentication protocol
    7.1.5 Mapping Connections to SAs
    7.1.6 Cryptographic Suite
  7.2 Security Sublayer Architecture for the Cognitive Plane
  7.3 PKM protocol
    7.3.1 PKM Version 1 Security Associations (SAs) SS authorization and AK exchange overview Authorization via RSA authentication protocol TEK exchange overview Security capabilities selection Authorization state machine TEK state machine
      7.3.2 PKM Version 2 TEK exchange overview for PMP topology Key derivation
 Authorization Key (AK) derivation
 Key Encryption Key (KEK) derivation
 Group Key Encryption Key (GKEK) derivation
 Traffic Encryption Key (TEK)
 Group Traffic Encryption Key (GTEK)
 Reserved (Earlier MBS Traffic Key (MTK))
 Message authentication keys (HMAC/CMAC) and KEK derivation
 Key hierarchy
 Maintenance of PMK and AK
 PKMv2 PMK and AK switching methods Associations
 Security associations
 Group Security Association
 Reserved (Earlier Multicast Broadcase Service (MBS) Group Security Association) Security context AK context GKEK context PMK context PAK context Authentication state machine TEK state machine
  7.4 Dynamic SA Creation and Mapping
  7.5 Key Usage

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June 2008                                           doc.: IEEE 802.22-07/0370r100

 7.6 Cryptographic methods
   7.6.1 Data Encryption methods Reserved (Earlier Data encryption with DES in CBC mode) Data encryption with AES in CCM mode
   7.6.2 Encryption of the TEK
   7.6.3 Calculation of HMAC-Digests
   7.6.4 Derivation of TEKs, KEKs, and message authentication keys Reserved (DES Keys) Key Encryption Keys (KEKs) HMAC Authentication Keys Cipher-based Message Authentication Code (CMAC) Derivation of TEKs, KEKs, message authentication keys and GKEKs in PKMv2 Key derivation functions for PKMv2
   7.6.5 Public-key Encryption of AK
   7.6.6 Digital Signatures
 7.7 Certificate Profile
   7.7.1 Certificate format tbsCertificate.validity.notBefore and tbsCertificate.validity.notAfter tbsCertificate.serialNumber tbsCertificate.signature and signatureAlgorithm tbsCertificate.issuer and tbsCertificate.subject Manufacturer certificate SS certificate BS certificate tbsCertificate.subjectPublicKeyInfo tbsCertificate.issuerUniqueID and tbsCertificate.subjectUniqueID tbsCertificate.extensions SS certificates Manufacturer certificates SignatureValue
   7.7.2 SS certificate storage and management in the SS
   7.7.3 Certificate processing and management in the BS
 7.8 Pre-Authentication
 7.9 PKMv2
   7.9.1 PKMv2 SA-TEK 3-way handshake
   7.9.2 BS and SS RSA mutual authentication and AK exchange overview
   7.9.3 Reserved (Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS) support)
 7.10 Reserved (Earlier Optional multicast and broadcast rekeying algorithm (MBRA))
 7.11 Security Mechanisms for the Cognitive Plane

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