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									Third Grade                                Math                             Science                    Social Studies       Writing
Language Arts
                                           Goal 1                           Goal 1                     Goal 1
Goal 1                                     Number and Operations -          The learner will build     The learner will
The learner will apply enabling            The learner will model,          an understanding of        characterize
strategies and skills to read and write.   identify, and compute with       plant growth and           qualities of good
                                           whole numbers through            adaptations.               citizenship by
Linked Resources: 10
                                           9,999.                           Linked Resources: 7        identifying people
Objective 1-1                              Linked Resources: 47                                        who made a
Apply phonics and structural analysis                                       Objective 1-1              difference in the
to decode words (e.g., roots, suffixes,    Objective 1-01                   Determine that the
                                                                                                       community and
prefixes, less common vowel patterns,      Develop number sense for         quantities and qualities
                                                                                                       other social
syllable breaks).                          whole numbers through            of nutrients, light, and
                                           9,999.                           water in the
Linked Resources: 1                                                                                    Linked Resources:
                                           - Connect model, number          environment affect
Objective 1-2                              word, and number using a         plant growth.              12
Apply meanings of common prefixes          variety of representations.      Linked Resources: 4     Objective 1-1
and suffixes to decode words in text to    - Build understanding of                                 Identify and
                                                                            Objective 1-2
assist comprehension.                      place value (ones through                                demonstrate
                                                                            Observe how
Linked Resources: 1                        thousands).                      environmental           characteristics of
                                           - Compare and order.             conditions can          responsible
Objective 1-3
                                                                            determine how well      citizenship and
Integrate prior experiences and all
sources of information in the text         Linked Resources: 19             plants grow and survive explain how citizen
                                                                            in a particular         participation can
(graphophonic, syntactic, and semantic)    Objective 1-02
                                                                            environment.            impact changes
when reading orally and silently.          Develop fluency with multi-
                                                                                                    within a
Linked Resources: 1                        digit addition and subtraction   Linked Resources: 6
                                           through 9,999 using:             Objective 1-3
Objective 1-4                                                                                       Linked Resources:
                                           - Strategies for adding and      Analyze plant
Increase sight vocabulary, reading                                                                  2
                                           subtracting numbers.             structures for specific
vocabulary, and writing vocabulary
                                           - Estimation of sums and         functions:              Objective 1-2
through: wide reading, word study,
                                           differences in appropriate       - Growth.               Recognize diverse
listening, discussion, book talks, book
                                           situations.                      - Reproduction.         local, state, and
clubs, seminars, viewing, role play,
                                           - Relationships between                                  national leaders,
studying author's craft.                                                    Linked Resources: 2
                                           operations.                                              past and present,
Linked Resources: 6                                                         Objective 1-4           who demonstrate
Objective 1-5                              Linked Resources: 15             Determine that new      responsible
Use word reference materials (e.g.,                                         plants can be generated citizenship.
                                           Objective 1-03                   from:
dictionary, glossary) to confirm                                                                    Linked Resources:
                                           Develop fluency with             - Seeds.
decoding skills, verify spelling, and                                                               4
                                           multiplication from 1x1 to       - Tubers.
extend meanings of words.
                                           12x12 and division up to         - Bulbs.                Objective 1-3
Linked Resources: 3                        two-digit by one-digit                                   Identify and explain
                                                                            - Cuttings.
Objective 1-6                              numbers using:                                           the importance of
                                                                            Linked Resources: 2
Read independently daily from self-        - Strategies for multiplying                             civic responsibility,
selected materials (consistent with the    and dividing numbers.            Objective 1-5           including but not
student's independent reading level) to:   - Estimation of products and     Determine that the      limited to, obeying
increase fluency, build background         quotients in appropriate         number of seeds a plant laws and voting.
knowledge, extend vocabulary.              situations.                      can produce depends     Linked Resources:
Linked Resources: 1                         - Relationships between           on variables such as       1
Goal 2                                      operations.                       light, water, nutrients,
                                                                                                         Objective 1-4
The learner will apply strategies and                                         and degree of
                                                                                                         Explain the need
skills to comprehend text that is read,     Linked Resources: 3               pollination.
                                                                                                         for leaders in
heard, and viewed.                                                            Linked Resources: 2
                                            Objective 1-04                                               communities and
Linked Resources: 65                        Use basic properties              Goal 2                     describe their roles
                                            (identity, commutative,           The learner will build     and responsibilities.
Objective 2-1
                                            associative, order of             an understanding of        Linked Resources:
Use metacognitive strategies to
                                            operations) for addition,         soil concepts.             2
comprehend text (e.g., reread, read
ahead, ask for help, adjust reading         subtraction, multiplication,      Linked Resources: 5        Objective 1-5
speed, question, paraphrase, retell).       and division.                     t                          Suggest responsible
                                            Linked Resources: 3               Objective 2-1              courses of action in
Linked Resources: 5
                                             Objective 1-05                   Differentiate the          given situations and
Objective 2-2                                Use area or region models        properties of soil such    assess the
Interact with the text before, during,
                                             and set models of fractions to   as color, texture, and     consequences of
and after reading, listening, or viewing
                                             explore part-whole               capacity to retain         irresponsible
                                             relationships.                   water.                     behavior.
- setting a purpose
                                             - Represent fractions            Linked Resources: 3        Linked Resources:
- previewing the text
                                             concretely and symbolically                                 7
- making predictions                                                          Objective 2-2
                                             (halves, fourths, thirds,
- asking questions                                                            Analyze the ability of     Objective 1-6
                                             sixths, eighths).
- locating information for specific                                           soil to support the        Identify selected
                                             - Compare and order
purposes                                                                      growth of many plants,     personalities
                                             fractions (halves, fourths,
- making connections                                                          including those in our     associated with
                                             thirds, sixths, eighths) using
- using story structure and text                                              food supply.               major holidays and
                                             models and benchmark
organization to comprehend                                                    Linked Resources: 2        cultural
                                             numbers (zero, one-half,
Linked Resources: 32 t                                                                                   celebrations.
                                             one); describe comparisons.      Objective 2-3              Linked Resources:
Objective 2-3                                - Model and describe             Identify various types
Read a variety of texts, including:          common equivalents,              of soil:                   2
- fiction (short stories, novels, fantasies, especially relationships         - Sand.                    Goal 2
fairy tales, fables)                         among halves, fourths, and       - Clay.                    The learner will
- nonfiction (biographies, letters,          eighths, and thirds and          - Humus.                   analyze the
articles, procedures and instructions,       sixths.                          Linked Resources: 3        multiple roles that
charts, maps)                                - Understand that the                                       individuals perform
- poetry (proverbs, riddles, limericks,      fractional relationships that    Objective 2-4              in families,
                                             occur between zero and one       Evaluate composting to
simple poems)                                                                                            workplaces, and
                                             also occur between every         show how plant and
- drama (skits, plays).                                                                                  communities.
                                             two consecutive whole            animal material can be
Linked Resources: 35                                                                                     Linked Resources:
                                             numbers.                         broken down to form
Objective 2-4                                                                 soil.                      17
                                             - Understand and use mixed
Identify and interpret elements of           numbers and their equivalent     Linked Resources: 2        Objective 2-1
fiction and nonfiction and support by        fraction forms.                  Goal 3                     Distinguish and
referencing the text to determine the:                                        The learner will build     compare economic
- author’s purpose.                                                           an understanding of the    and social roles of
                                             Linked Resources: 11
- plot.                                                                       earth/moon/sun system.     children and adults
- conflict.                                  Objective 1-06                                              in the local
                                             Develop flexibility in solving   Linked Resources: 9
- sequence.                                                                                              community to
                                             problems by selecting            t
- resolution.                                                                                            selected
- lesson and/or message.                      strategies and using mental     Objective 3-1              communities
- main idea and supporting details.           computation, estimation,        Using shadows,             around the world.
- cause and effect.                           calculators or computers, and   observe the movement       Linked Resources:
- fact and opinion.                           paper and pencil.               of the sun in the sky      2
- point of view (author and character).       Linked Resources: 23            during the day.
                                                                                                         Objective 2-2
- author’s use of figurative language         Goal 2                          Linked Resources: 3        Analyze similarities
(e.g., simile, metaphor, imagery).            Measurement - The learner       Objective 3-2              and differences
                                              will recognize and use          Observe the angular        among families in
Linked Resources: 18                          standard units of metric and    position of the sun at     different times and
Objective 2-5                                 customary measurement.          noon over several          in different places.
Draw conclusions, make                        Linked Resources: 19            months and relate to       Linked Resources:
generalizations, and gather support by        Objective 2-01                  seasons.                   9
referencing the text.                         Solve problems using            Linked Resources: 2        Objective 2-3
Linked Resources: 17                          measurement concepts and        Objective 3-3              Describe
Objective 2-6                                 procedures involving:           Observe the change in      similarities and
Summarize main idea(s) from written           - Elapsed time.                 shape of the moon from     differences among
or spoken texts using succinct                - Equivalent measures within    day to day over several    communities in
language.                                     the same measurement            months to determine a      different times and
Linked Resources: 9                           system.                         pattern.                   in different places.
                                                                              Linked Resources: 4        Linked Resources:
Objective 2-7                                 Linked Resources: 10                                       14
Explain choice of reading materials                                           Objective 3-4
congruent with purposes (e.g., solving        Objective 2-02                  Observe that stars in      Goal 3
problems, making decisions).                  Estimate and measure using      the night sky appear as    The learner will
Linked Resources: 1                           appropriate units.              tiny points of light.      examine how
                                              - Capacity (cups, pints,        Linked Resources: 1        individuals can
Objective 2-8                                 quarts, gallons, liters).
                                                                              Goal 4                     initiate change in
Listen actively by facing the speaker.        - Length (miles, kilometers)
                                                                              The learner will build     families,
making eye contact. asking questions to       - Mass (ounces, pounds,
                                                                              an understanding of        neighborhoods, and
clarify the message. asking questions to      grams, kilograms).
                                                                              light and heat concepts.   communities.
gain additional information and ideas.        - Temperature (Fahrenheit,                                 Linked Resources:
Linked Resources: 8                           Celsius).                       Linked Resources: 6
Goal 3                                                                        Objective 4-1
The learner will make connections             Linked Resources: 11            Analyze the reflection   Objective 3-1
through the use of oral language,                                             of light.                Analyze changes,
                                              Goal 3                                                   which have
written language, and media and               Geometry - The learner will     Linked Resources: 4
technology.                                                                                            occurred in
                                              recognize and use basic         Objective 4-2            communities past
Linked Resources: 59                          geometric properties of two-    Determine the nature of and present.
Objective 3-1                                 and three-dimensional           light through the use of Linked Resources:
Respond to fiction, nonfiction, poetry,       figures.                        shadows.                 11
and drama using interpretive, critical,       Linked Resources: 26            Linked Resources: 3
and evaluative processes by:                                                                           Objective 3-2
                                              Objective 3-01                  Objective 4-3            Describe how
- considering the differences among           Use appropriate vocabulary      Analyze conduction       individuals, events,
genres.                                       to compare, describe, and       (the movement of heat and ideas change
- relating plot, setting, and characters to   classify two- and three-        from one object to       over time.
own experiences and ideas.                    dimensional figures.            another).                Linked Resources:
- considering main character's point of
                                              Linked Resources: 22
view.                                       Objective 3-02                   Linked Resources: 2       5
- participating in creative                 Use a rectangular coordinate
                                                                             Objective 4-4             Objective 3-3
interpretations.                            system to solve problems.
                                                                             Evaluate the ability of   Compare and
- making inferences and drawing             - Graph and identify points
                                                                             different materials to    contrast the family
conclusions about characters and            with whole number and/or
                                                                             conduct heat.             structure and the
events.                                     letter coordinates.
                                                                             Linked Resources: 1       roles of its
-reflecting on learning, gaining new        - Describe the path between
                                                                                                       members over time.
insights, and identifying areas for         given points on the plane.       Objective 4-5             Linked Resources:
further study.                                                               Determine that heat is
                                            Linked Resources: 4              produced from             4
Linked Resources: 22
                                            Goal 4                           decaying plants in a      Goal 4
Objective 3-2
                                            Data Analysis and                compost pile.             The learner will
Identify and discuss similarities and
                                            Probability - The learner will   Linked Resources:         explain geographic
differences in events and characters
                                            understand and use data and                                concepts and the
within and across selections and
                                            simple probability concepts.                               relationship
support them by referencing the text.
                                                                                                       between people and
Linked Resources: 15                        Linked Resources: 39
                                                                                                       geography in real
Objective 3-3                               Objective 4-01                                             life situations.
Use text and own experiences to verify      Collect, organize, analyze,                                Linked Resources:
facts, concepts, and ideas.                 and display data (including                                27
Linked Resources: 19                        circle graphs and tables) to
                                            solve problems.                                            Objective 4-1
Objective 3-4                                                                                          Distinguish
                                            Linked Resources: 37 t
Make informed judgments about                                                                          between various
television productions.                     Objective 4-02                                             types of maps and
Linked Resources: 3                         Determine the number of                                    globes.
                                            permutations and                                           Linked Resources:
Objective 3-5                               combinations of up to three
Compare and contrast printed and                                                                       16
visual information (e.g., graphs, charts,                                                              Objective 4-2
                                            Linked Resources: 3
maps).                                                                                                 Use appropriate
Linked Resources: 17                        Objective 4-03                                             source maps to
                                            Solve probability problems                                 locate communities.
Objective 3-6                               using permutations and                                     Linked Resources:
Conduct research for assigned and self-     combinations.
selected projects (with assistance) from                                                               20 /
                                            Linked Resources: 5
a variety of sources (e.g., print and non-                                                             Objective 4-3
print texts, artifacts, people, libraries, Goal 5                                                      Use geographic
databases, computer networks).             Algebra - The learner will                                  terminology to
Linked Resources: 23                       recognize, determine, and                                   describe and
                                           represent patterns and simple                               explain variations
Goal 4                                     mathematical relationships.                                 in the physical
The learner will apply strategies and
                                           Linked Resources: 16                                        environment as
skills to create oral, written, and visual
texts.                                     Objective 5-01                                              communities.
                                           Describe and extend numeric                                 Linked Resources:
Linked Resources: 118
                                           and geometric patterns.                                     9
Objective 4-1                              Linked Resources: 13                                        Objective 4-4
Read aloud grade-appropriate text with
fluency, comprehension, and                Objective 5-02                                              Compare how
expression.                                Extend and find missing                                     people in different
Linked Resources: 2                       terms of repeating and     communities adapt
                                          growing patterns.          to or modify the
Objective 4-2
                                          Linked Resources: 9        physical
Use oral and written language to:
                                                                     environment to
- present information in a sequenced,     Objective 5-03             meet their needs.
logical manner.                           Use symbols to represent
                                                                     Linked Resources:
- discuss.                                unknown quantities in
- sustain conversation on a topic.        number sentences.
- share information and ideas.            Linked Resources: 1        Goal 5
- recount or narrate.                                                The learner will
- answer open-ended questions.            Objective 5-04             apply basic
                                          Find the value of the      economic principles
- report information on a topic.
                                          unknown in a number        to the study of
-explain own learning.
                                          sentence.                  communities.
Linked Resources: 61                      Linked Resources: 2        Linked Resources:
Objective 4-3                                                        12
Share written and oral products in a
variety of ways (e.g., author's chair,                               Objective 5-1
book making, publications, discussions,                              Define and identify
presentations).                                                      examples of
Linked Resources: 22                                                 scarcity.
                                                                     Linked Resources:
Objective 4-4                                                        4
Use planning strategies (with
assistance) to generate topics and to                                Objective 5-2
organize ideas (e.g., drawing, mapping,                              Explain the impact
discussing, listing).                                                of scarcity on the
Linked Resources: 25                                                 production,
                                                                     distribution, and
Objective 4-5                                                        consumption of
Identify (with assistance) the purpose,                              goods and services.
the audience, and the appropriate form                               Linked Resources:
for the oral or written task.
Linked Resources: 4
                                                                     Objective 5-3
Objective 4-6                                                        Apply concepts of
Compose a draft that conveys major                                   specialization and
ideas and maintains focus on the topic                               division of labor to
by using preliminary plans.                                          the local
Linked Resources: 9                                                  community.
                                                                     Linked Resources:
                                                                     Objective 5-4
                                                                     Compare and
                                                                     contrast the
                                                                     division of labor in
                                                                     local and global
                                                                     Linked Resources:
1    t
Objective 5-5
Distinguish and
analyze the
economic resources
Linked Resources:
Objective 5-6
Recognize and
explain reasons for
interdependence of
Linked Resources:
Objective 5-7
Identify historic
figures and leaders
who have
influenced the
economies of
communities and
evaluate the
effectiveness of
their contributions.
Linked Resources:
Goal 6
The learner will
recognize how
technology is used
at home, school,
and in the
Linked Resources:
Objective 6-1
Describe and assess
ways in which
technology is used
in a community's
Linked Resources:

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