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									End of Grant Monitoring Report – Communities Together Fund

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Monitoring Period

Person Completing Form


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1. Tell us about the difference this grant has made to your organisation or project? What
   achievements have been enabled? We would like to know about any disappointments
   as well as successes and any unforeseen benefits. What were the key lessons learned?

2. How many people (e.g., clients, service users, members) have directly benefited from
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  your activity as a result of this grant? How have they benefited?
Ages       Please insert numbers in the appropriate box(es)
             0-4 yrs 5-11yrs 12-18         19-30yrs 31-49yrs 50-65yrs         65+ yrs      TOTAL


3. Using the ethnic categories below, please give the numbers of people who have directly
   benefited from your activity as a result of this grant.

Please insert numbers in the appropriate box(es) and specify ‘Other’ categorisation
 WHITE           British           Irish                   Irish Traveller         Other

 MIXED            White &           White & Black           White & Asian         Other
                  Caribbean         African

 ASIAN OR         Indian            Pakistani               Bangladeshi           Other
 BLACK OR         Caribbean         African                                       Other
 CHINESE OR       Chinese                                                         Other


4. How have your management committee, volunteers and staff benefited from the grant?

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5. Budget–Please complete the following table to show how the grant has been spent.

                         Item                   Amount From Grant          Amount Spent

If there are any significant variances in the amount of spend, please explain.

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 6. Will your activity continue after the grant comes to an end? If YES, please describe how it
    will continue. If NO, why will the activity come to an end?

 7. Have you publicised that you have received a grant from The Suffolk Foundation? Do you
 have any upcoming events that The Suffolk Foundation can use for publicity? Do you have
 any photographs or publicity that The Suffolk Foundation can use to promote its work?

 8. Have you used any outside service or support to develop your project? Please describe
 what help has been given.

 9. Is there any information about your experience of our grant process that will help us
 improve the administration and service to others accessing funds.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.
Please return to The Suffolk Foundation for consideration of future applications.

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