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									    California Institute of Emergency Medical Training
                              Performance Fact Sheet
This is an accelerated course and course content is cumulative in nature. The EMT-Basic course
at a community college takes a full semester to complete. CIEMT will do this course in Four to
Seven weeks, depending on the course schedule that you have chosen. WARNING: These
courses are extremely ambitions and should not be taken lightly. You will be going through 50-
100 pages of course material a class and will have a quiz almost every class, excluding skills
classes. If you are not prepared for rigorous study and training you should consider a longer

The projected number of graduates from other vocational training programs in the labor market
area. Taking into account the number of EMT-Basic vocational training programs in Los
Angeles County, approximately 21, and the variations in enrollment, there are approximately
1000-1200 students annually who will qualify to take the NREMT-B exam (the State California
certification exam). The passing rates on the NREMT exam in the State of California are 68%
for all of 2010.

The Passing rates for students who successfully complete the CIEMT EMT-Basic program and
take the NREMT exam are between 80%-88%.

The failure and/or dropout rate for students who attend the CIEMT EMT-B program is between
25%-35%. This means that 25%-35% of the students that start the program will not complete the
program successfully and not receive a completion certificate.

Average salary: Salary range according to for EMT’s in Los Angeles for EMT-Basics
is between $28,681 to 30,542 annually.

Other pertinent data: Occupational employment projections for new employment in California
for emergency medical technicians and paramedics will increase by 30.8% from the years 2008-
2018. In Los Angeles County that number rises to 31.8%. The U.S. Bureau of Labor has just
predicted that the employment of EMT’s and paramedics will grow faster than the average for all
occupations through 2012.

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