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									Operator Interfaces (Field Installed)
Front End Hardware – Single Terminal
Front End Hardware (Single Terminal) - Guide Specifications (Controls)
2.1         Operator Interface, Front End Hardware

2.1.1       PC Station:
            The EMS computer shown on the plans or indicated elsewhere, shall include the
            following as a minimum:
             Personal Computer – 586/233 MHz or higher Intel®-based processor with
                 256 cache RAM
             256 MB of RAM
             2 GB hard drive
             17'' 800 x 600 super VGA non-interlaced color monitor
                800 x 600 video graphics adapter card with 4 MB video RAM
             CD ROM
             Internal Modem card
             One parallel, serial, and one mouse port with all cables for system operation
             Mouse and keypad
             Multi-tasking software e.g., Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows XP
             Report & Alarm Printer (See plans for exact requirements)

2.1.2       Operating Software:
            Multi-tasking, single user operating software shall be provided for the operators
            station, as shown in the contract documents. The vendor shall provide all
            required software, including the database. The PC shall be capable of running
            Either Windows 2000, or XP Professional operating system. All new PCs shall
            include Windows 2000, or XP operating software.

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