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									                           H&CS 401.02
                           Study Tour of
           Environmental Horticulture Organizations in Ohio
                                             1 Credit
                          20-21 September 2010– Tour of Southeast Ohio
                          Friday, October 29, 2010 – Deadline for Report
                                            S/U class
Description. H&CS 401.02 is a 2-day intensive study tour of selected Environmental or
Landscape Horticulture operations in the state. The tours cover the entire state of Ohio,
concentrating in appropriate regions where different examples of the 'green industry' can be
found. We will visit production nurseries for trees, shrubs, vines or turf; landscape design,
installation and maintenance businesses; and public horticulture sites such as botanic gardens and
arboreta. [However, not all types of organizations are visited in every tour].
Purpose. The purpose of this tour is to introduce students to the variety of Environmental
Horticulture organizations that exist in our state and to demonstrate the many possible venues for
employment in this field. At each site, students will hear about the organization: its mission,
goals, structure, operation, etc; they will also see representative work environments. In addition,
the students will meet working landscape professionals that represent the broad dimension of
Landscape Horticulture.
Expectations. Participants in the tour are expected to gather relevant information about
each of the organizations and to prepare a critical analysis of one of the tour sites. The reports
will be compiled and placed on the Web for future reference.
How does one gather information about an organization? Easy: Pay attention during the various
presentations by our hosts and ask questions!! Everyone we visit is very willing to help us
understand the organization.
Accomodation and Meals.                  Each student will be required to pay ~40.00 to half a
hotel room for the one overnight accommodation expenses (double occupancy). Most meals,
water and soda (usually all) are provided. If you have special dietary needs please let us know
ASAP. We may not be able to accommodate all special dietary needs.
Issues. The proprietors/employees of each site to be visited have been asked to address the
following issues:
     The general nature of the organization: what does the organization do and who is being served?
     A brief history of the organization: how it developed to its present condition.
     Who are the people that work in the organization: staffing levels, type of expertise, kinds of jobs they do.
     A personal history of the presenter: How did he/she end up where he/she is now? What educational pathway
       did he/she follow? What makes him/her successful in the field? As he/she developed as a professional,
       what wisdom could be shared with individuals who are considering getting into the Landscape
       Horticulture/ Environmental Horticulture business/service?
     What are the critical issues being faced by the organization today? What are good opportunities and what are
       possible limitations?
Requirements:           Each student must attend the 2-day study tour and provide a 500-750 word
written report of one of the organizations visited. The written report must be turned in either on
disk or as an e-mail attachment (to mathers.7@osu.edu) AND in hard copy form. The format
should be either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect or any text (e.g., .TXT extension) so it can be
made ready for display on the Web.

Code of Conduct:
Courtesy and respect for others will be given by all participants in the class at all times. Respect
for tour hosts and their staff will be expected at each place we visit on the tour. Each student is
responsible for writing their own report. Disruptive or dishonest acts such as cheating or
plagiarism will be handled in accordance with procedures defined in the Code of Student
Conduct or Faculty Rule 3335-5-487

The written reports are due Friday, October 26, 2007 in Dr. Mathers’ mailbox (207 Howlett
Hall) or her office (256B Howlett Hall).

                                           Format for the reports
• Organization Name
• Nature of the organization: commercial, public, mixed, etc.
• Purpose of the organization: products/services provided, clientele, long-term goals (mission, etc)
• Relative size of the organization: (facilities, employees, revenues, number of accounts, people served, etc)
• Horticultural focus of the organization: Types of plants manipulated (grown, serviced); types of
    manipulations (propagation, growth, sales, design, installation, maintenance, etc)
• Personal Impressions of the Organization: What did you see and hear that made you think about the
Questions to help students gather information about the host/organization.
Background on the host
            What is the host’s educational background?
            Undergraduate and/or graduate degrees?
            What was their major? …their minor?
            What courses/experiences were the most beneficial to their career 5, 10 or 15 years after graduation?
            What courses should they have taken but didn’t?
            What would they have done differently?
            Have they had any coursework or training after graduation? Was it technical or management training?
            Were there any benefits from involvement in undergraduate clubs?
            Where are their classmates?
       Work Experience
            What types of ‘summer’ jobs did they have?
            Did they have an internship? If so, was it beneficial?
            How long have they been employed in their current position?
            What are the advancement opportunities?
            What were the factors they considered before accepting their current position?
       Words of Wisdom
            What advise would the host give you?
            Any philosophical statements on the relationship between their job and their personal life?
            How do they think an undergraduate can best prepare for a career in a Landscape Horticulture related
       General Organization Overview
                 What kind of organization is it? (nursery, service co., small firm, etc.)
                 What is the size of the organization and how long have they been around?
                 What is a typical day like in the firm?
The bus will be located in front of Howlett hall for boarding and will leave 7:30am Monday
morning. We are on a tight schedule so we must leave on time, if you are not on board by 7:30
you will be left. You can park in any ‘C’ space, with or without a permit, in the Howlett parking
lot for the duration of the field trip. If you do not have a parking permit we will need your
license plate number for Traffic and Parking. Please be prepared to give your license plate
number as you board the bus.

Please bring cash for the hotel charge. We do our best to get all our meals donated by
those hosting us and we provided some snacks on the bus. However, bringing some
additional money for misc. purchases or to eat if you don’t like to food we provide is

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