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					                                 PFHS CLASS OF 2013
                                JUNIOR NEWSLETTER
                                                              EARN CREDIT/IMPROVE YOUR GPA

                                                                   June 25-Aug 6
                                                                              f      Sem Ex    Sem Av    then     Fail/Pass

          GRADUATION                                         Early Registration begins MAY 7, 2012.
                                                                                 Fail   Fail                      Aver(F)
                                                                              ****   Fail      69-60              “59”
                                                                   Must be at least 16 years old.
         REQUIREMENTS                                                                Pass      69-60              Aver (D)
     Students are responsible for meeting all graduation        See your Guidance Counselor
                                                                              Fail/Pass 100-70                    Aver(A-C)
    requirements set forth by the State of Florida and the
        Escambia County School District as follows:

26 Credits including:
       4 English
       4 Math (Algebra 1 or equivalent)                      April-June CALENDER                        2012
       3 Science
       3 Social Studies
             (World History, American History,                        EOC EXAM DATES
             American Government, Economics)                         April 30-May 4: Geometry EOC
       1 Phys Ed                                                      May 7-May 11: Biology EOC
       ½ Personal Fitness                                            May 14-May 18: Algebra EOC
       1 Fine Art
       9 ½ Electives (availability permitting)                     May 28-June 1: Subject Area Exams
Must also:                                                         June 1, 2012: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
       *Have no less that a 2.0 GPA
       *Pass both the Reading and Math
         sections of the FCAT with a
         minimum scale score of 300.
                                                                      Grade Point Average
                                                                   Only semester grades are on your
                                                                   academic history and used to calculate
    www.florida.echoices.com                                       your GPA.
    Info on occupations, interest profiler, basic skills           Take care of your GPA by
    survey, post-secondary education search, financial             taking care of your grades.
    aid and employment interviews.                                 Take care of your grades
    www.facts.org                                                  by taking care of your course work.
    college and career planning, financial aid,                    Take care of your course work
    scholarships                                                   by attending class and paying attention.
    www.MyFloridaEducation.com/brfuture                            Take care of attending class and paying
    gives valuable info regarding                                  attention by eating right, getting plenty of
    Bright Futures scholarships.                                   sleep, drinking water and exercising daily.

                       “EXPECT EXCELLENCE”

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