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									                                                                                                           Role Profile

Job Description                                                                              Ref No:

 Job title                       Recruitment & HR Support Executive

 Directorate / Region            East Asia                            Department/Country       HR/Malaysia
 Location of Post                Malaysia
                                 Singapore                            Job Grade / Pay band     H

 Reports to                      Senior Human Resources               Duration of Contract     Permanent

 Purpose of Job:

 To support the Senior Human Resources Manager in providing HR services by ensuring full compliance to HR policies, corporate
 policies as well as local laws.
 Context and Environment:

 The incumbent will provide support mainly to Teaching Centres in Kuala Lumpur and other offices in Penang, Sabah and
 Sarawak and East Malaysia’s English Language Teacher Development Project when necessary.

Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
              Support Teaching Centre Staff Administration in co-ordinating with external appointed agency in obtaining the
 1.           approvals for Ministry of Education approval, Professional Visit Passes, Employment Passes, Dependent Passes
              and Teaching permits)
            Administration of all the necessary documentation of managers/teachers in accordance with the Ministry of
            Education, Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) and British Council requirements:
            1.   To prepare and issue employment contracts for new managers/teachers.
            2.   To ensure and co-ordinate that all required documents by Malaysian authorities are duly provided by managers
                 / teachers on a timely manner.
            3.   Applications are made upon employment for managers’ / teachers’/ non-teaching staff (except those on
                 diplomat status) professional visit passes, employment passes and dependent passes for their dependants.
            4.   To check and verify the immigration consultant invoices, as per service granted and issue PO’s for payment for
            5.   To maintain a log of managers’ / teachers’ contract, professional visit, employment, dependent passes, visas
                 and teaching permits.
            6.   Update the log on CRB forms.
            7.   To prepare letters to open Bank accounts with HSBC as and when requested and approved by DDELS.
            8.   To register for BUPA scheme on timely manner and manage teachers/ managers and their dependants.
            9.   To register for Tokio Marine insurance coverage for HP and part-time teachers, where applicable.
            10. To remind managers and teachers 5 months prior to the end dates of their contracts in order to facilitate timely
                discussions of renewal or non-renewal.
            11. To monitor and make arrangements for renewal of managers’ / teachers’ professional visit, employment and
Standards       dependent passes and visas well before expiry date.
            12. To monitor and make arrangements well before managers’ / teachers’ final departure for the cancellation of
                professional visit, employment and dependent passes and visas
            13. To prepare managers/teachers letters of termination of contract, EPF withdrawal and Income Tax clearance.
            14. To keep DDELS updated on any changes on immigration policies.

            Administration of all the necessary documentation of managers/teachers in accordance with the
            requirements of the State Education Department:
            1.To apply for new teaching permits for all teachers upon endorsement of Employment Pass (EP) on passport.
            2.To renew all teaching permits annually for existing teachers.
            3.To update the State Education department and to cancel teaching permit of teachers as and when they leave.
            4.To update statistics of Teaching Centre annually ie: data of teachers, student enrollment statistics- foreign &
            local, course structure and fees etc.
            5.To process application of Board of governors and to update as and when UK appointed staff under all director
            position change.
            6.To process Teaching license every 5 years.
            7. To liaise with State Education Department or seek further clarification when need arise.

            To ensure clear and consistent systems for both internal and external recruitment, compliance with corporate policy
            and provide support to recruiting managers.
                All recruitment exercises meet corporate standards and records are kept as necessary.
                All documentation are completed in line with corporate requirements.
                Equal opportunities and diversity policies are built into both internal and external recruitment.
Standards       Recruitment schedules are delivered to the time scale agreed with recruiting manager.
                A clear format of recruitment policies is readily accessible to all staff.
                Meet satisfaction targets for equality and transparency of recruitment process in the annual staff survey.
                Produce and communicate annual statistics on recruitment by the end of each financial year.
            To maintain teaching centre and local staff records in accordance with corporate standards and in compliance with
            Malaysian laws and regulations.
                All newly recruited staff members, full time and part time, are issued with the appropriate contracts.
                All staff records and documentation are comprehensive, up to date and in accordance with corporate and local
                Access to staff records by management and individuals to their own files are properly managed.
                Leave and TOIL records of all teaching centre and national staff are accurate, up to date and carried over in
                 accordance with corporate standards.
                Expatriate staff have valid employment passes or work permits.

4.            Logistics Management

                  Organise accommodation and transfer arrangement for newly recruited managers/teachers.
                  Coordinate on personal effects arrangement for incoming and outgoing managers/teachers.
Standards         Manage travel arrangement for managers and teaching staff.
                  Coordinate with Finance team on the advance loans of up to three months for advance payment for lease of
                   apartment or house.
5             Teaching Staff Administration (Medical Insurance , EPF & Tax)

                  Ensure that teaching staff and their spouses / dependents eligible to register with the British Council BUPA
                   medical insurance scheme do so on commencement of their employment.
                  Ensure that teaching staff and their spouses / dependents eligible to register with the local Tokio Marine
                   medical insurance scheme do so on commencement of their employment.
                  Liaise with Finance or/and Payroll on EPF matters and tax clearance for all managers, full-time contract and
                   hourly paid teachers prior to departure.
                  Liaise with Finance section or/and Payroll to ensure calculation, preparation and payment of all monies due to
                   managers / teachers after final clearance.
              To participate in ad hoc tasks and assignments as required and delegated by the Senior Human Resources
                  To ensure tasks and assignments meet British Council policies, standards, requirements and deadlines.
                  To stand as back-up for Human Resource functions, when need arise.
Standards          Undergo developmental activity (formal and informal) in accordance with personal development plan , as
                   agreed with line manager.
                  To keep abreast of developments in area of work, both externally and within the British Council network of

Key Relationships:
Internal Business Stakeholders

Other important Features or requirements of the job:

Preferred experience working in a foreign MNC environment. Well versed with local work legislation and culture.
                                            The post is specifically for Malaysians or holders of Malaysian Permanent
Please specify any passport/visa and/or     Residence status.
nationality requirement.

                                            Pre-employment medical check-up and reference checks will be carried out
Please indicate if any security or legal    prior to successful appointment to the post. Incumbent might be required to
checks are required                         provide police check record.
for this role.

Person Specification

 Please indicate:
 Essential (E)
                                 Essential           Desirable           Assessment Stage
 More Demanding (MD)
 Most Demanding (MsD)


 Creating Shared Purpose (E)                 X                           Shortlisting and Interview

 Connecting with others (E)                  X                           Shortlisting and Interview

 Working Together (MD)                       X                           Shortlisting and Interview

 Being Accountable (E)                                            X      NA

 Making it Happen (E)                                             X      NA

 Shaping the future (E)                                           X      NA

 Skills and Knowledge
 Knowledge of relevant areas                 X                           Shortlisting and Interview
 of local HR legislation and
 immigration procedures.
 Accurate and well-organised
 in detailed administrative
 Minimum 2 years of relevant                 X                           Shortlisting and Interview
 experience – Resourcing,
 Expatriate Management and
 HR generalist


 Minimum Diploma/Degree in                   X                           Shortlisting and Interview
 HR/Business Administration
 or equivalent

 Professional HR                                                  X
 qualitification and knowledge
 of relevant areas of local HR
 legislation and immigration

     Submiited by:                 Siva Sivalingam               Date:        22 August 2012


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