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									                        Summer Jobs Service
                Claim Form Question & Answer Sheet
1. When does the claim form become available?
Claim forms are now posted to our website,– we have also attached a copy to
this email for your records.
2. What is required for payroll back up?
Documentation that shows how many hours the student worked each week; the number of weeks
worked; hourly wage and proof of deductions. Ideal paperwork includes pay stubs or a payroll
3. When do I submit claim forms and payroll backup?
Appropriately signed claim forms & payroll back up are due 15 days after the student’s placement
ends or they have returned to school (i.e. employment ended September 2, claims are due no later
than September 23)
4. Why does my student(s) need to sign the claim form and what if they go back to school
before signing?
Students must sign to validate that they actually worked the hours being claimed. We cannot issue
funding without a completed claim form including all required signatures. If you have any questions or
concerns about this, please feel free to contact us at 519-756-7665 in Brantford/Brant or at
905-774-7501 or 1-866-963-8893 in Haldimand.
5. What is the maximum number of weeks I can claim for?
The duration of the hiring incentive may vary in length, but may not exceed 16 consecutive weeks.
Subsidized hours cannot begin before whichever of the following conditions comes later: April, the
student has finished their current school year or an application has been received at our office. Hours
eligible for subsidy will end on Labour Day weekend. High school students are not eligible until the
completion of high school in late June. Please also see Question 7 below.
6. Should/can I claim for a student who only worked a few weeks?
It does not matter how few weeks your student has worked, as long as they have fully registered.
Claims can be submitted for as many students as you were approved for, regardless if they worked
all approved hours. Please notify us if a student’s employment has been terminated by calling 519-
756-7665 in Brantford/Brant or at 905-774-7501 or 1-866-963-8893 in Haldimand. You may be
eligible to claim an additional student for the remaining hours.
7. What is a second submission?
Second submissions may be issued in an effort to maximize the student’s total hours worked during
the summer months. Second submissions are NOT a guarantee and will only occur in the fall after
all approved dollars have been issued. Only those applications with additional documentation already
on file will be considered for second submissions if available. Please submit payroll information and
claim forms based on the entire summer employment period (not limited to the approved amount) in
order to be considered for a second submission. Additional students above and beyond your approval
(if fully registered and submitted with appropriate claim forms and payroll documentation) can also be
considered in second submissions.

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