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									                                                                                          Content correct as of 10th September 2012

Useful Links in Relation to Induction

 Name                                    Guidance available                       Website address
 Advisory, Conciliation and              Guide to recruitment and induction 
 Arbitration Service (ACAS)
 Business Link                           Advice about criminal record checks
 Business Link                           Advice on induction            
 Chartered Institute of Personnel        Advice about Human Resource     
 and Development                         issues
 Department for Education                Free online safer recruitment training

 Department for Education                Advice and guidance about induction
 Department for Education                Information about the revised EYFS
                                         framework which became mandatory
                                         for all early years providers in
                                         September 2012
 Directgov - Criminal Records            Information about pre-employment
 Bureau                                  checks and CRB check
 Early Years and Childcare               Current version of training brochure
 training brochure
 Essex Integrated working                Online training, training brochure and
 Health and Safety Executive             Advice regarding Health and safety at
 (HSE)                                   work and employee’s and employer’s
 Information Commissioners               For advice about employers         
 Office                                  responsibilities regarding the Data
                                         Protection Act

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