8 Booked so far for Thursday 12th November 3:30pm-6:00pm by p8afbaQP


									17 Booked for Thursday 14th January   3:30pm-6:00pm
Weetwood Hall - Leeds (LS16 5PS)

Name                         Industry
Andy Bennell                 Digital printers
Ann Devlin                   Utility Costs
Bernard Stone                Marketing
Dave Rivett                  Utility Costs
Debbie Lee                   Telecoms
Garry Stewart                Market Research
Helen Charters               Strategic Capability Development
Heloisa Stephan              Clairvoyant
Jo Blake                     Recruitment
Justine Hawkyard             Employment Law & HR
Misty Granger                Interior Designer
Michael Fontana              Telecoms
Nigel Lund                   Consultant to the Food Industry
Randolph Robinson            Social Enterprise
Stacey Needham               Catering and Event Management
Stephen Drye                 Property Maintenance
Suzanne Hudson               Design and Branding

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