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					                                                             The Careers Group 2003-07
The Vision
By 2007, The Careers Group, University of London will be the number one supplier within London of career management and recruitment products
and services. Individuals, before, during and after a University education and organisations that employ such people will always approach The
Careers Group first whatever their career development or recruitment needs. The Careers Group will consist of a Unit delivering Institutional
Careers Services, a Careers Education, Information and Guidance Support Unit, a Vacancies Unit, an Events Unit, a Professional Development Unit,
and a Research unit, a Publishing Unit, a Consultancy Unit providing products and services to individuals, institutions, organisations, the academic
community and employers. An Employer Liaison Unit, a Marketing Unit, a PR Unit, a Quality unit, an IT unit, and an Infrastructure Unit will provide
support. The Careers Group’s understanding of students, graduates, Higher Education institutions, graduate employment, guidance and decision-
making processes will underpin its products and services. Institutions will be eager to subscribe to all or some of the services; individuals will be
keen to access The Careers Group’s expertise. Government and opinion formers will value The Careers Group’s experience and advice. The
Careers Group will be generating income of £2.1 million from its commercial activities and will be financially secure and independent of any single
source of income. The Careers Group will operate from legally compliant, modern and fit-for-purpose offices. Staff rewards will reflect The
Careers Group’s pre-eminence.

The Mission
The Careers Group’s mission is to enable individuals to maintain job satisfaction throughout their working lives.

The Careers Group provides products and services of verifiable quality that:
 help individuals develop, implement and maintain career management skills;
 help organisations, institutions and academic staff to help individuals develop, implement and maintain career management skills;
 and help employers recruit, retain and develop employees.

The Careers Group’s services and products are distinguished by being founded on its unique position at the interface between the University of
London and the world of work, on credible research and on staff who uphold the ethics of the careers guidance profession and whose expertise
and understanding of students, graduates, career management skills and employment is second to none.

Our Values
The Careers Group believes in the importance of developing individuals, regardless of their sex, ethnicity, disability, marital status, social class,
age, religious belief, political affiliation or sexual orientation. The quality of The Careers Group’s products and services and of The Careers Group
as an employer is assured through constant review and revision. The Careers Group’s staff strive to be the best and to help their colleagues be
the best so that they can take pride in their work and in The Careers Group and have a career that is stimulating, satisfying and enjoyable.
Integrity, transparency, the sharing of knowledge, creativity, innovation, initiative, enthusiasm and diligence are encouraged, training and support
are given, effort and success are rewarded. The Careers Group strives to work in an environmentally responsible manner. The Careers Group
generates money in both the internal and external marketplace solely for the purpose of increasing and improving its products and services. The
Careers Group is conscious that it is currently funded in part by the public purse and is therefore dedicated to ensuring that benefits per pound
are maximised for all its grant-awarding bodies, subscribers and customers.
Business Objectives
    To have a first class reputation for career development and employment knowledge, products and services locally, regionally,
     nationally and internationally.
    To have staff who are the best in their fields, are developed and valued.
    To reach every potential customer.
    To provide every customer with services or products tailored to their needs.
    To provide a broad, innovative and constantly evolving range of products and services that: help individuals develop, implement and
     maintain career management skills; help organisations, institutions and academic staff to help individuals develop, implement and maintain
     career management skills; and help employers recruit, retain and develop employees.
    To deliver products and services that are high quality, customer focussed, cost efficient and founded on The Careers Group’s expertise in
     career management, employment and understanding of the market.
    To be financially secure and to diversify in order to be financially independent of any single source of income.
    To be legally compliant and to have a culture, systems and structures that help The Careers Group to be number one.

1)      Communicate The Careers Group’s vision and values effectively to all stakeholders.
2)      Nurture and exploit The Careers Group brand.
3)      Understand the context of our work. Be in touch with issues relating to Higher Education and the labour market.
4)      Foster staff professionalism and excellence and develop supportive and effective managers.
5)      Develop corporate responsibility in staff.
6)      Establish and monitor performance goals and action appropriately.
7)      Expand the range and number of customers reached.
8)      Know the needs of all customers (employers, organisations, institutions, individuals, academic staff, students or graduates) and meet
9)      Develop a transparent organisation so that customers find the right service quickly and easily however and wherever they access The
        Careers Group.
Products and Services
10)     Constantly review, refine and develop existing and new products and services, taking account of competitors, external agendas, market
        research, customer satisfaction surveys and guidance principles
11)     Create and implement marketing and sales strategies and promotional materials for each product and each customer.
12)     Increase ‘speed to the market’. Make decisions quickly and at the appropriate level. Minimise administration.
13)     Deliver excellence for all stakeholders
14)     Ensure and assure that quality and quality standards are exceeded.
Financial Security
15)     Identify and exploit the commercial potential of all The Careers Group activities
16)     Increase and diversify income generation. Be commercially astute. Use all resources effectively. Know both the value of activities and
        how much they cost and generate; spend prudently.
Culture and Structures
17)     Create a culture that recognises, encourages and advances enterprise. Foster creativity, innovation, initiative and enthusiasm. Banish
18)     Form strategic alliances.
19)     Create a clear definition of what is provided centrally and what is provided locally by College-based services. Enable staff to understand
        the separate roles of all units, of the central offices and the College-based offices and to contribute effectively to all.
20)     Improve premises.

1)        Create a brand strategy that works for all units.
2)        Conduct regular market research to ensure the product range and individual products have the potential to meet customer needs.
3)        Quality assure all products and ensure that their quality is appropriate for their market.
4)        Survey users and non-users regularly to identify gaps in service provision. Plug gaps in service provision.
5)        Train all staff to match customer needs to the most appropriate central or local product or service and to identify and develop new
          customers and new products.
6)        Create systems for rewarding staff.
7)        Create a careers education information and guidance unit. Ensure all College-based services are appropriately
          aligned to their Colleges. Raise quality of career management and employment services and comply with appropriate quality
          frameworks. Increase the number of Institutions subscribing to the full Service and the number buying elements of the Service.
8)         Create a profit-making employer unit. Return vacancies services to profitability. Develop central job shop and central and
           College-specific selection and placement services. Increase income from consultancy by 10% per year.
9)         Create a profit-making events unit. Review and refine existing events, minimise administration. Develop a system for responding
           to the market quickly with one new ‘niche’ product per year. Create procedures and templates for conference organisation and run two
           profitable conferences per year. Investigate potential for virtual careers events.
10)        Create a self-financing professional development unit. Ensure all staff are appropriately recruited, inducted, reviewed,
           assessed, and trained in their own job and in the work of The Careers Group so that they understand its vision and goals. Run two
           training events per year for external customers. Reserve two places in all training activities for external participants.
11)        Create a self-financing research unit. Consider commercial exploitation of first destination, market research and customer
           satisfaction surveys, both their collection and results. Conduct and publish research of academic interest.
12)        Develop a PR unit. Increase profile with opinion formers by issuing monthly news releases to stakeholders.
13)        Create a quality unit. Ensure appropriate market research and customer satisfaction surveys are conducted for all The Careers
           Group’s activities and that results are used to inform action and planning. Achieve matrix accreditation.
14)        Create an IT unit. Respond quickly and efficiently to the IT needs of all The Careers Group’s units. Identify ways in which activities in
           The Careers Group can benefit from advances in IT. Communicate and effect these benefits.
15)        Create a profit-making publishing unit. Produce, market and distribute all The Careers Group’s publications (leaflets, catalogues,
           books etc). Respond to the publishing needs of other Careers Group units. Identify opportunities to create and market publications (both
           real and virtual) based on the work of other units.
16)        Create an infrastructure unit. Ensure compliance with all University protocols and with all relevant legislation. Support all other
           Careers Group activities.
17)        Encourage the University of London Careers Board to provide management support, commercial vision, market
           awareness and sector context.

Strategic Action Programmes
     AD (Q&CS) to define strategy for Careers Education Information and Guidance Unit, Professional Development Unit and quality delivery
      throughout The Careers Group.
     AD (C) to define strategy for Events Unit, Employer Unit, Publishing Unit and branding and marketing throughout The Careers Group.
     Head of Systems and Resources and the Director to define strategy for Research Unit, IT Unit and Infrastructure for all of The Careers Group.
     Director to define strategy for Public Relations Unit.
     Vice-Chancellor is reviewing Board.
     Growth should be through evolution. In the short term, reserves will be invested in those areas that will reap rewards quickly.

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