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									                                     Director’s Report
                                  June 21 – July 27, 2012

       The first meeting of the new fiscal year mandates the reorganization of the
Library Board and the appointment of various officers. The reorganization begins with
the Oath of Office for newly elected Trustee Warren Vegh, followed by the election of
new offices, as determined by seniority within term, concluding with various
appointments and designations. The current Board Vice-President Paula Freund presides
until new officers are elected then the new Board President becomes the presiding officer.
The reorganization portion of the meeting immediately follows.

Oath of Office administered to the newly elected Trustee, Warren Vegh.

Election of Board Officers:
       Based on the seniority principle adopted by the Board in 2005, the officers of the
Board for 2012-13 should be as follows:
       President              Paula Freund
       Vice-President         Ira Grushack
       Secretary              Kathleen Dwyer
       Trustee                Carol Arnone
       Trustee                Warren Vegh

The annual schedule of meetings, contingent upon school vacations, is as follows:
       Wednesday, September 19                       Wednesday, February 27
       Wednesday, October 17                         Wednesday. March 27
       Wednesday, November 28                        Wednesday, April 17
       Wednesday, December 19                        Wednesday, May15
       Wednesday, January 16                         Wednesday, June 19

Appointment of Board Professionals:
        There are three professionals, with their budgeted fees for the year, who report
directly to the Board, as follows:
        Accountant             Robert Feldman with the annual fee of $4,000
        Attorney               David Baram with the annual fee of $5,000
        Auditor                Arthur Venezia with the annual fee $6,750
Other professional services include the asset inventory update performed by Professional
Underwriters at $500 and the GASB 45 calculator provided by Milliman Accounting at
$2,500 for two years. All these services have been planned and budgeted. Other third
party administrators are designated separately.

Appointment of Board Secretary and Records Officer:
        As in years past, it is recommended that the Administrative Assistant be
appointed the Board’s recording secretary and the Records Officer.

Appointment of Investment Officer:
        New York State law permits the investment of fund balances in specified
commercial bank and governmental securities. To manage these investments, an
investment officer is required; consequently, it is recommended that the current officer,
the Library Director, continue.

Appointment of ALIS Voting Representative:
        Pursuant to the ALIS Bylaws and Users Agreement, each member library must
designate one voting representative for that Library and that is
usually the Library Director. To that end, it is recommended the Library Director be
designated the voting representative and the Assistant Director be designated the

Designation of the Payroll Certifying Officer:
          Pursuant to Civil Service Law, an officer to certify the payroll is required. Since
this is usually an administrator, it is recommended that the Director continue as the
designated officer, with the Assistant Director, when appointed, as the alternate.

Authorization of the Signature Plate for Checks:
          The Library uses a signature stamp, with the names of two (2) Trustees, for all
vendor and payroll checks. It is recommended that Trustees Arnone and Dwyer be on the
stamp, which has already been cast, as those are the Trustees with the longest terms of

Designation of the Official Newspaper:
          To save taxpayers dollars, the South Shore Tribune has been the official
newspaper for legal advertisements and is again recommended for designation. As the
official newspaper, the Tribune receives the legal notices for the Board meetings;
however, if there is any bidding or any other important matter requiring legal advertising,
the Long Beach Herald will be and has been also employed.

Bank Designations:
          Currently, the Library uses Capital One, CitiBank, First National Bank of Long
Island and HSBC for its accounts and certificates of deposit; consequently, it is
recommended that these banks be designated for this fiscal year. Bank of America, J.P.
Morgan Chase Bank and TD Bank should also be designated for investment should the
rates turn upward and become competitive.

Designating of Worker’s Compensation Administrator:
          The third party administrator for worker’s compensation is the Public Employees
Risk Management Association (PERMA), which saved premium expenses when
compared to the New York State Insurance Fund. Since PERMA is responsive, provides
suggestions on worker health and safety to reduce the risk of accidents and processes

claims expeditiously, it is recommended that they continue as the third party

Designation of the third party administrator for the IRS Section 125 Plan:
       By contract, the Library has a flexible benefits plan that is currently administered
by a third party, the Preferred Group Plan, Inc. of Albany, New York. Preferred pays
claims quickly, is used by the school district for their employees, costs the Library $360
for the year and is recommended to continue as the administrator for this benefit.

Designation of third party administrator for the 403B retirement plan:
       OMNI, currently utilized as the third party administrator for the employees’ 403B
plan, is also used by the school district, will cost the Library $1,824 and is recommended
to be continued. The cost is reduced from the previous year’s budgeted amount of $3,200.

Authorization of Certain Payments between Board Meetings:
       Administration seeks approval to pay the following bills and expenses between
Board meetings in order to meet date due requirements and avoid interest charges for the
credit card, insurance premiums, utilities, lease payments, payroll and associated tax and
benefit expenses. Program payments less than $650 for providers who have rendered the
contracted service are also suggested for payment because many of these performers are
dependent on prompt payment.

Re-adoption of all policies in effect during the previous fiscal year:
       It is recommended that the Board readopt all policies currently in effect.
This concludes the reorganization portion of the meeting and now on to the business

       During this period, the fourth annual Barrier Beach Blues Festival was scheduled,
with all night performances conducted in the Library. This year, the daytime
performances were held in the Plaza along with the Farmers Market and the art
exhibition. The extremely hot weather kept the outdoor audiences down and probably

impacted Library attendance, as 244 attended the four sets on Friday and Saturday nights.
In addition to the Festival, official notification was received regarding the award of
$10,000 in Bullet Aid from Senator Skelos, which will be distributed through the State
Education Department. This probably means that grant forms and narratives will be
required, resulting in the receipt of a portion of the grant at the outset and the remainder
after all funds have been expended. Thus, the Library will “front” the funds necessary to
complete the grant. The grant funds will be devoted to some budgeted items; the
Assistive Loop System, laptop and desktop computers and a bar code scanner, saving
$3,340 in tax monies. Additional items contemplated for purchase are:
               * Two-three additional wireless access points to expand the coverage of
               the wireless system.
               * One (1) additional laptop computer, as our current laptop is several years
               *      One    (1)   additional       desktop     computer   for   staff   use
               * One (1) digital camera for public relations and one (1) to record patrons
               for                    the                     computer               system.
               * Five (5) Apple iPads for the Youth Services Department
               * Four (4) ergonometric staff chairs.
               * One (1) multimedia projector to replace the current, older until in the
               * Four (4) bar code scanners to scan patron identifiers on smart phones to
               facilitate borrowing for those patrons who forget their library cards.
               * Five replacement patron lounge chairs in the Youth Service Department
               for units with torn upholstery
At this juncture, the requisite paperwork is awaited from the State. In a further sign that
budgeting starts earlier and earlier, the New York State Comptroller’s Office has
scheduled a tax cap webinar to review the first year’s implementation, common mistakes,
tips to avoid those errors and a demonstration of the Comptroller’s Office multiyear
financial planning tool. With respect to the agenda, there is only one item and that is the
annual Irish Day Parade.

Irish Day Parade:
       On Saturday, October 6th, Division 17 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians will be
celebrating the twenty-third anniversary of their St. Brendan the Navigator Irish Day
Parade and Festival. The Grand Marshal is Veronica Danca, Principal of Long Beach
Catholic School. Many civic, veteran, ethnic and religious organizations are expected to
participate in the parade, as thousands of spectators are expected to line the West Beech
Street parade route. In the past, the Library has followed the lead of the school district,
which had not participated due to the omnipresent consumption of alcohol. Since the
district is again not involved, what’s the Library Board’s pleasure?

       Regarding previous Board actions, please note the following. The annual carpet
cleaning of Main and Point carpeting is scheduled for the weekend of July 28th.
Parenthetically, administration added adult chair upholstery cleaning, as this has never
been done and as a gentle reminder, Trustee Dwyer indicated an alternate chair
manufacturer; however, a contact is needed. The on-site wireless firewall has been
configured and is scheduled for installation Tuesday, August 1st. The West End book
drop has been installed. Library logos had to be purchased separately and were installed
on the sides. It has been located at the same location, Maryland and Beech Street on the
northeast side but somewhat north of the curb to protect against snow plowing. With
respect to the 22-inch Random Square chandeliers, we are now on the second electrical
supplier, as the first one in Farmingdale has not responded to several calls. Interestingly,
the renovation architect supplied the manufacturer, who supplied the quantity in stock
and the wholesale price but was not able to make a sale. They supplied a Manhattan
based distributor, who was also not able to make a sale but make a referral to an electrical
supply house and that is where the process stops; however, we persist. Finally, the
relamping project with UR Energy still awaits LIPA approval.

News and Information:
       On Thursday, July 26th, the Director and Superintendent of Schools met to discuss
techniques to encourage use of the online homework help service,, the cost of

which is evenly divided between the two organizations The Library provided a flier and
brochure, which the district will reproduce for all students and send with the summer
mailing and after the first, second and third quarter report cards.
       In late June, the Library received a check in the amount of $2,484 from PERMA,
the workers’ compensation carrier, due to a reduction in the anticipated payroll. In a
related development, the Library received an addendum to the Huntington Arts Council
grant awarded last year for an additional $725 resulting in the addition of two programs
to the Its Eclectic Too program. Finally, the Library received an E-rate reimbursement of
$7,779.75 for the ALIS data circuit provided by Verizon for the fiscal year 2010-11. The
telephone reimbursement (POTS) is awaited. On the expense side, the unemployment
claim for former employee Rima Pruitt for the second quarter of 2012 was $4,050. There
has been no claim as yet for former clerk Candice Herman, but it’s probably too early.
       Pursuant to past practice, JASA listed the Main Library and its Branches and six
other locations as cooling centers “should your home reach dangerously high temperature
       Regarding Library activity in June and the fiscal year, please note the following
highlights. For the month of June, borrowing totaled 27,287 down from last year’s
28,225, Point Lookout borrowing was 1,429 compared to last year’s 1,481 and West End
was 583 contrasted with 2011’s 628. Total annual borrowing to 327,654 compared to last
year’s 357,247. For the month, the outstanding category was ebook borrowing at 868
compared to last year’s 297; for the year ebook borrowing was 7,305, up from the
previous year’s 2,315, hold filled dropped off a bit to 2,921 from 3,005, holds placed
remotely were also off 2,344 compared to 2011’s 2,748 but remote renewals were up
1,896 to 1,762. Similarly, public computer use was 1,478 users producing 4,672 sessions
compared to last year’s 1,501 users and 4,697 sessions; however, children’s computer use
was 338 users compared to 2011’s 259. At the branches, computer use was 61 at Point
and 64 at West. Interestingly, for the month, program attendance was up 4,739 compared
to last year’s 4,154 and that increase was recorded for all age categories. Traffic through
the libraries was 22,911 at the main building, 1,054 at Point and 356 at West. For the
year, program attendance totaled 50,941 from 1,891 programs compared to last year’s
47,967 from 1,802 programs. Adult attendance was 25,249, juvenile 21,811 and young

adult 3,881. Only young adult was off and that by only 259, while adult rose 1,911 and
juvenile 1,322. For the year, branch borrowing at Point totaled 17,693 while at West
the total was 6,062. Thus, for past three years, branch borrowing was as follows:
              Point Lookout                                               West End
2011-12           17,693                                                     6,062
2010-11           17,100                                                     7,091
2009-10           24,031                                                     8,128
Viewed another way, hourly circulation for 2011-12 at main approximated 88.97 items,
while at Point it approximated 17.43 and West’s 5.97.
       From the adult librarians, Ms. Buss notes that the June book exhibit on bird
watching was not successful, despite positive feedback on the topic from several patrons.
The July topic focuses on the Olympics and London. Ms. Heft reports that the ten
attendees for the June book discussion engaged in lengthy and heartfelt discussions on
the book, Until Tuesday, which describes the relationship between an Iran/Afghan
veteran and his service dog, Tuesday. For the July discussion, the library leaders will
present such online resources as Novelist, Shelfari and others while also briefing the
group on the Overdrive service and its interface with iPads/phones, Kindles and Nooks.
To appropriately weed the Spanish Collection, a Spanish Collection borrower’s card was
established, which provides circulation statistics on items used in the Library. Related
thereto was the receipt of a new collection of Russian language books from Hempstead’s
World Language Collection. Ms. Pollis proctored three (3) exams from Penn State, Ohio
University and Career Web School during this period and assisted an inmate, former
Long Beach resident, imprisoned over 26 years with his FOIL request. Mr. Simon
attended the Book Expo at the Javitz Center and had some interesting discussions with
our book/audio-visual vendor Baker & Taylor. Finally, Ms Yonish reported that Daniel
Okrent from the Senior Citizen Law Project spoke at the last Interagency Council on the
Aging updated the group on the latest changes in Medicare services, which are still
evolving and complicated. Her book discussion on the Thirty-First of March, an intimate
portrait of Lyndon Johnson’s final days in office, had six participants. For July and
August, Yonish plans film discussions. With respect to June’s programs, please note the
following highlights:

                 * Songs that won Academy awards, piano concert                     190
                 * Argentine Cultural Center presents folklore and the tango        185
                 * Meet the author, Jeffrey Lyons                                   100
                 * Salsa is Nuyorican, multimedia lecture                            85
                 * Fine Arts Festival with the City of Long Beach, Country Line      80
                 * Fine Arts Festival with the City of Long Beach, Steve Adelson     75
                 * Jewish Genealogy, lecture                                         65
                 * Fine Arts Festival, Benoir and the L.B. All Stars                 60
                 * From 1880’s Sandbar to a 1922 City, lecture                       60
                 * Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, film                                55
                 * The Story of My Father’s Place, Eppy Epstein and David Baram 50
                 * J. Edgar Hoover, film                                             48
                 * War Horse, film                                                   41
                 * Current Events, discussion                                        40
Other featured organizational programs that the Library partnered with included the
Senior Information Fair, which attracted over 250, the Avanti Society’s scholarship
program drew 37, as did the Art League, the Tea Party Patriots meeting had 31, while the
Sea Breeze Condo meeting attracted 30 and the peace in Jerusalem Study Group drew 23.
In a related development, the Library will be cooperating with the City, the Surf Club and
others presenting two films; Soul Surfer and A Dolphins Tale, in Kennedy Plaza at the
end of August.
       As chair of the Cooperative Purchasing Committee, your Director has arranged an
October presentation by the New York State Office of General Services on the use of
state contracts to be provided to the Directors of Nassau and Suffolk public libraries.
Further, another presentation at the end of November is in the offing regarding facilities
management, budgeting, maintenance and planning. Further, your Director has joined the
Reinventing Your Library Committee, which is an attempt to reposition libraries in this
ever-changing technological world.
       Finally, as the Library approaches its initial email newsletter, there have been less
than two handfuls of complaints that have come to the attention of the Director. Those
patrons suggest they would pay to receive a hard copy; however, it may too labor

intensive to maintain another mailing list, bill patrons for an annual subscription and
monitor such payments. Further, Rockville Centre, the newest library to transition to an
emailed newsletter does not providing any hard copies, while the Roslyn Library does
have copies available. To facilitate the process in Long Beach, the programmer
announces the transition at every program that she is available. The concluding remarks
are Long Beach has 11,440 email addresses in the ALIS system at the end of June, which
is second only to Port Washington’s 14,542. There are 10,546 adult addresses, 99 young
adult, 650 juvenile and the 145 remaining are miscellaneous. Because Constant Contact’s
pricing structure is $150 per month; $120 with the governmental discount for six
months prepaid, for 10,001 – 25,000 email addresses, the mailing will go to the entire
Long Beach list. Further and using Constant Contact, the community can be surveyed,
$150 for 10 – 25,000 surveys, and event blasts, $20 per month, can be generated.

       With the beginning of the new fiscal year and pursuant to civil service procedure,
the promotion of librarian-trainee Tanya Suarez to Librarian I, at the contracted starting
salary of $44,513, can be recommended. Ms. Suarez is one of nine candidates who
received a score of 100 on the Librarian I list that was established in December 2011. The
appointment will be effective August 3rd. Invariably, July and August, the busiest months
of the year, bring staffing issues and this year is no different. One part time circulation
clerk required emergency leave for a death in the family and had to go home to the
Marshall Islands. To address this shortage, part time page Joseph Santiago was appointed
temporary part time clerk, effective July 5th, at the beginning clerk wage of $13.88 per
hour. Further, another part time clerk may require surgery, second opinion being sought,
which may necessitate up to six weeks of recovery. Regarding the Assistant Director
search and as previously emailed to the Board, the selection committee interviewed six
candidates and recommended current staffer Michael Simon for a Board interview. A
date and time is required and prior thereto the Board will be supplied with his resume and
interview questions.

Executive Session:
       There are several Executive Sessions matters for the Board’s consideration and
they all relate to budget formulation for 2013-14, which has already commenced with
five wage scenarios. The Board must decide the following issues:
          Since the current labor management contract expires June 30, 2013, the Board
           should develop bargaining positions. Administration has developed a three
           and half page document of Contract Proposals; however, there are issues,
           which only the Board can determine. These issues relate to wages and
           benefits and more specifically annual increments and changes to employee
           health insurance contributions, which must be determined fairly soon to
           facilitate budget preparation.
          The Board must determine the fate of the Branches, as this also impacts
           staffing. If one or both of the branches are to be closed but the Board does not
           wish to terminate staff, such staff must be absorbed into Main. If a need for an
           additional clerk at Main develops in light of the declination of part time
           employment by one of the full time provisionals, the loss of ten (10) part time
           circulation staff hours to comply with the civil service definition of part time
           employment and the need to cover the West End Branch four (4) hours each
           week after Labor Day because that staffer did not pass the exam resulting in
           the loss of four hours at main, such need would be tabled pending the status of
           the branch staff. The loss of part time circulation staff hours totals fourteen,
           which is nearly the equivalent of one part timer.
Finally, the Director respectfully requests reconsideration of salary adjustments for the
Business Office staff. The Administrative Assistant and the part time bookkeeper form a
great team and work extremely well and closely with the Director. While the
Administrative Assistant was awarded a one percent (01%) adjustment and the
bookkeeper no change, it would be counterproductive to endanger their morale for a few
hundred dollars. If the Board were to award another 1% to the Administrative Assistant,
effective at the next payroll, which makes it less than 1% annualized, it would total an
additional $409.54 and if the Board were to award the bookkeeper 1%, effective at the

next payroll, which would also make it less than 1% annualized, it would total $143.94
for a total of $553.48. Please be reminded that one full time clerk and the associated
individual health insurance premium, estimated to be $35,075, will be saved; minus
unemployment payments, during the year and the Assistant Director’s salary accrues
$6,470.33 monthly.


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