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									                                         Northern Ireland

The ‘Back on Track’ project has been awarded development funding by the Big Lottery Fund under stage 1 of
the ‘Impact of Alcohol’ Northern Ireland wide funding programme to deliver a range of counselling, advice, family
and youth intervention services in the Belfast, South Eastern, Southern and Western Health & Social Care Trust
areas. This project aims to improve the quality of life of families affected by alcohol misuse and is a joint
partnership between Relate NI, Citizens Advice Northern Ireland and Extern. To support the project’s
development and to prepare a business plan for submission under stage 2 of the Big Lottery funding application
process, Relate who are the lead members of the project consortium and the employing body, now wish to recruit
a Project Development Co-ordinator for a fixed period of six months.
Project Development Co-ordinator
(Fixed term contract for 6 months, full-time for 35 hours per week)
Salary - £25,050 per annum (pro rata)

Based at Relate’s Belfast headquarters, the Project Development Co-ordinator will facilitate the project’s
development, growth and sustainability including the production of a business plan and the preparation of the
stage 2 funding application on behalf of the consortium. The postholder will undertake consultation processes
and develop partnerships with voluntary, community and statutory agencies working in the area of alcohol misuse
and support the monitoring and evaluation processes to be used in the implementation of the project.

Candidates must have at least two year's experience of project development and management in the community,
voluntary, private or statutory sectors, and a track record of successful fundraising which includes the production
of business/development plans. Experience of working with clients addressing the impact of alcohol misuse,
strong project co-ordination & development skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a keen
understanding of social inclusion issues are essential. A Secondment arrangement will be considered for this

An application pack can be downloaded from our website or by telephone 028 9026 0884 or by
writing to: Relate, 3 Glengall Street, Belfast, BT12 5AB. (CVs will not be accepted).

                  CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS – Monday 25 June 2012 at 5 pm
                       Interviews are scheduled for Thursday 5 July 2012

                     Relate NI is committed to diversity and equality of opportunity
                     and welcomes applications from all sections of the community
                                                            building better relationships   3rd & 4th Floor
                                                                                            Glengall Exchange
 Northern Ireland                                                                           3 Glengall Street
                                                                                            BT12 5AB
                                                                                            Northern Ireland
June 2011
                                                                                            Phone:     028 9032 3454
                                                                                            Fax:       028 9031 5298
Dear Applicant

RE: Post of Project Co-ordinator – Back on Track

Thank you for your enquiry in connection with the above position.

Enclosed in the job information pack is an application form, an equal opportunities
monitoring form, a job description, a person specification, terms and conditions of service
and a project briefing document. If any of these items are missing from your pack please
contact us immediately.

The closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 25 June 2012 at 5 pm.
Applications received after this deadline will not be accepted.

Please return your completed application form and monitoring information to Relate NI, 3
Glengall Street, Belfast BT12 5AB or if you prefer, please email your response to

Would you please note that we will only accept applications made on the enclosed
application form and that CV's will not be considered.

Please also note that shortlisting will be undertaken on the basis of the enclosed person
specification. You should therefore address all the criteria listed in the person specification
when completing the section "additional information" on the application form. The
Personnel Specification sets out both the essential criteria and the desirable criteria. You
should clearly demonstrate in your application form by reference to examples/evidence how
you believe you meet each individual element of the essential criteria and desirable criteria
as appropriate.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the work of the Back
on Track Project and on behalf on the project consortium members, Relate NI, Citizens
Advice and Extern, look forward to receiving your completed application form.

With best wishes.

Yours faithfully

Dave Murphy
Chief Executive
                                           Northern Ireland

                  3rd & 4th Floors, 3 Glengall Street, Belfast BT12 5AB



                                                             Reference No:

Position applied for:        Development Co-ordinator – Back on Track

Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms              First Names :                       Surname (Block Letters) :
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Home Address :

Telephone Number(s) :
NI Vetting & Barring Reg:             YES / NO           National Ins. No.:
Current Driving Licence :             YES / NO           Own a Motor Car:            YES / NO
                                                         Valid Full Driving Licence: YES / NO
Currently Employed :                  YES / NO           Notice Required :
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence, other than a spent conviction under the
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 ?              YES / NO

     Dates              Type of school attended, e.g. Grammar /   Examinations taken, results obtained.
 From      To           Secondary (Do not name school attended)

     Dates            Name of College,      Subjects studied         Examinations taken, results obtained,
 From      To         University                                     subjects passed, scholarships and prizes

Please list all your work history since completing full-time education, beginning with your present or most
recent position.

         Dates          Name of employer,                Position held and salary           Reason for
  From           To     address, and nature of                                              leaving

Please use this space to address the criteria contained in the person specification
adding supplementary sheets as necessary:

Do you have any health/medical/wellbeing issues that may impact on your ability to undertake this training programme?

If you have answered yes, please describe: ..........................................................................................................................

How many days absence have you had in the past two years?                                     ………………….. Days


            Please use this space for details of any other information you consider relevant:

            Please give the dates, if applicable, of any holiday commitments:
            From: ……./……./…….                                 To: ……./……./…….
Please give the names of two referees, both of whom should be familiar with your work.

Name :                                                    Name :

Address :                                                 Address :

Tel. No. :                                                Tel. No. :

Occupation :                                              Occupation :

A candidate found to have knowingly given false information or to have wilfully
suppressed any material fact will be liable to disqualification, or, if appointed, to

Data Protection Act

I understand that the data contained in this application form and the “sensitive personal
data” on the attached monitoring form will be retained on file and may be processed by the
Company for use in connection with this application for employment, or to comply with any
requirement of statutory legislation in order for the Company to comply with its legal
obligations, and I hereby agree to any such processing by the Company. The Company will
ensure that I am safeguarded against the possible misuse of any personal information about
me that is kept on file by strictly controlling access and use. Such access and use will be in
compliance with the Data Protection legislation and will be on a “need to know” basis only.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief all the foregoing statements are true and complete.

Signature of applicant :                                                          Date :

                       CANVASSING WILL DISQUALIFY

    Relate NI is committed to diversity and equality of opportunity and welcomes applications from all
                                         sections of the community


                                                   Relate NI
                                                3 Glengall Street
                                               Belfast BT12 5AB

                                       Or by email to

                                       by 5pm on Monday 25 June 2012
                                       Northern Ireland

                                    JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:                Project Development Co-ordinator

PLACE OF WORK:            3 Glengall Street, Belfast

ACCOUNTABILITY:           Chief Executive

Context of the Job

To be responsible for the development, growth and sustainability of the ‘Back on Track’


1.1    Arrange and service meetings of the Strategic Project Management Group.

1.2    Co-ordinate the project's development including the production of a business plan and
       the preparation of the stage 2 application on behalf of the consortium to the Big
       Lottery Fund.

1.3    Co-ordinate and manage the linkages between the project consortium
       members to support the achievement of the Project’s objectives.

1.4    Undertake market analysis including desk and field research on existing alcohol
       misuse service provision.

1.5    Undertakes consultation events with voluntary, community and
       statutory agencies working in the alcohol misuse field in each of the 4
       designated Trusts areas i.e. (BHSCT, SEHSCT, WHSCT & SHSCT)

1.6    Undertake process mapping of client journey options & outcomes.

1.7    Develop formal partnership/referral protocol agreements with agencies in each of the
       Trust areas as a result of the consultation process.
1.8       Agree and implement appropriate measurement tool (s) for quantitative and
          qualitative evaluation purposes across the project consortium members.

1.9       Prepare a feasibility scoping paper on the use of various IT platforms, social
          networking and other ICT channels to market and facilitate access to the proposed
          services to be delivered by the Consortium.

2.        GENERAL

2.1       Represent and promote the aims, values and principles of the Back on Track Project,
          and its participating organisations, with particular emphasis on equal opportunities
          and attend and participate at conferences and seminars as required.

2.2       Undertake such other duties and tasks as may be necessary to the effective co-
          ordination of the project.

2.3       Co-operate with other members of Relate NI staff and co-ordinate work programmes
          where appropriate.

2.4       Such other duties as the Chief Executive on behalf of Relate NI may from time to
          time determine and such other duties which are consistent with the grade of the post.


Salary:                           £25,050 per annum (pro rata)

Pension:                          There is a voluntary contributory pension scheme, into which
                                  both employer and employee pay 6% of salary.

Hours of Working:                 35 hours per week. On occasions the demands of the job may
                                  require work outside these hours. Arrangements to be agreed
                                  between manager and post-holder. These extra hours will be
                                  compensated by time off in lieu.

Holiday Allowance:                25 days per year pro rata.
                                  12 statutory days.
                                  The Relate NI holiday year runs from 1 April to 31 March.
                          PERSON SPECIFICATION
                         Back on Track Project Co-ordinator

Essential Criteria:


1.     A minimum of at least two year's experience of project development and management
       in the community, voluntary, private or statutory sectors.

2.     Successful track record of fundraising from statutory and voluntary agencies.

3.     A minimum of one year’s experience of managing and operating within budgetary

4.     Experience of working with clients addressing the impact of alcohol misuse.

5.     Successful track record in developing and sustaining new projects including the
       preparation of business/development plans.

6.     Experience and/or understanding of implementing good practice within a
       opportunities policy framework.


7.     Knowledge and understanding of the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland.

8.     An understanding of the role of the voluntary and community sector in Northern
       Ireland and the environment in which they operate in.

9.     Knowledge of social media channels to facilitate access to public services.

10.    Knowledge of the issues around the impact of poverty and social exclusion in the
       community and the implications of government policy in Northern Ireland.

Skills and Abilities

11.    Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing for internal and external

12.    Ability to manage information effectively by seeking, organising, evaluating and
       analysing information to facilitate decision making and problem solving, and to
       influence others.

13.    Ability to prepare and deliver briefing/information events.
14.    The ability to demonstrate a strong client and service delivery focus.

15.    Ability to work effectively as part of a team.

16.    Highly developed administrative and organisational skills and the ability to use
       computer software. e.g. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

General –

17.    Willingness to work unsociable hours at times and to attend evening and occasional
       weekend meetings.

18.    Willingness to work on a Northern Ireland wide basis.

19.    Access to a car and a valid driving licence by the job closing date


       otherwise able to fulfil the mobility requirements of the post.
Desirable Criteria:


1.      Third level education with a minimum of three years experience of project
        development and management in the community, voluntary, private or statutory

2.      Experience of counselling/social/youth work/ advice and information work and/or
        rural development issues.

3.      Experience of producing and publishing information/resources materials.

Knowledge –

4.      Knowledge of research methods including using a range of data collection methods.

Skills and abilities

5.      Interviewing and group work skills.


Applicants will be shortlisted using criteria numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, and 19.


Candidates will be assessed using all essential criteria. The panel may also utilise
desirable criteria at both the shortlisting and interview stages.
                                                                                     Ref No: DCO/June 12/

                                           ‘building better relationships’



                                    MONITORING QUESTIONNAIRE


Relate NI is fully committed to Equal Opportunities. We aim to provide equality of opportunity to all
persons regardless of their religious belief; political opinion; sex; race; age; sexual orientation; or,
whether they are married or are in a civil partnership; or, whether they are disabled..

In this questionnaire we will ask you to provide us with some personal information about yourself.
We are doing this to demonstrate our commitment to promoting equality of opportunity. The
information that you provide us will assist us to measure the effectiveness of our equal opportunity

Your identity will be kept anonymous and your answers will be treated with the strictest confidence.
The information provided will not be made available to those considering your application.


Please indicate the community to which you belong by ticking the appropriate box below:

        I am a member of the Protestant community:

        I am a member of the Roman Catholic community:

        I am not a member of either the Protestant or the
        Roman Catholic communities:


Please indicate your sex by ticking the appropriate box below:


Please state your date of birth:

Date of Birth               _____________________________________________


What is your ethnic group? Choose one option which best describes your ethnic group or background:

White                                         Chinese

Irish Traveller                      Indian

Pakistani                                     Bangladeshi

Black Caribbean                      Black African

Black Other

Mixed ethnic group (write in):                _________________________

Any other ethnic group (write in):            _________________________


My sexual orientation is towards:

         Persons of a different sex to me:

         Persons of the same sex as me:

         Persons of both sexes:


Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 a person is deemed to be a disabled person if he or she has a
physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry
out normal day-to-day activities. Please note that it is the effect of the impairment without treatment which
determines whether an individual meets this definition.

Do you consider that you are a disabled person?

Yes:                                 No:
 If “yes”, please indicate the nature of your impairment below:



 Are you married or in a civil partnership?

          Yes:                       No:


 Do you have dependants, or caring responsibilities for family members or other persons?

          Yes:                       No:

 Are your dependants or the people your look after?
 (Please tick the appropriate box or boxes):

          A child or children:

          A disabled person or persons:

          An elderly person or persons:


 If “Other”, please specify: ___________________________________

 Please indicate by ticking the appropriate box(es) below how you became aware of this vacancy

Belfast Telegraph

Sund Relate NI Website

NICVA/Community NI Website .

Other (please specify)

                                   Thank You for Providing this Information

                                 Closing Date: 5pm on Monday 25 June 2012
                                 Northern Ireland

                 Back on Track – Background Information

The Back on Track project has been awarded development funding by Big Lottery
Fund under stage 1 of the ‘Impact of Alcohol’ Northern Ireland wide funding
programme to deliver a range of counselling, advice, family and youth intervention
services in the Belfast, South Eastern, Southern and Western Health & Social Care
Trust areas. This project aims to improve the quality of life of families affected by
alcohol misuse and is a joint partnership between Relate NI, Citizens Advice
Northern Ireland and Extern. To support the project’s development and to prepare a
business plan for submission by 13 January 2013 under stage 2 of the Big Lottery
funding application process, Relate who are the lead members of the project
consortium and the employing body, now wish to recruit a Project Development Co-
ordinator for a fixed period of six months.

Proposed Service

Back on Track proposes to address the issue of inappropriate use/misuse of alcohol
among families by working with parent (s), children, young people and the extended
family. Relate’s systemic family counselling approach and Extern’s youth and family
support services can work with all family members including extended family
members. Back on Track will provide a range of complementary services aimed at
improving the quality of life for our clients affected by alcohol misuse and facilitate
access to social security benefits, debt advice and other practical assistance by
referring them to local Citizens Advice Bureaux. The partnership between Relate,
Extern and CAB will operate on a referral basis between the three consortium
members and facilitate access to a range of youth and family support services and
practical advice and assistance for clients experiencing financial hardship as a result
of alcohol misuse. Back on Track will meet the needs of all those who have been
affected by the misuse of alcohol by someone to whom they have a close
relationship with. This may be a partner, a parent, a child or a sibling. The aim of
the counselling and youth and family support services will be to repair and rebuild
relationships at the individual, family and community level. This will be accomplished
through offering services that will promote communication, understanding, respectful
attitudes, solution oriented approaches to issues, the management of conflict and the
building of resilience as a basis of going forward.

Consortium Members

Relate NI

Relate Northern Ireland is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.
The organisation was established in 1947 and in the last financial year 2011/12,
counselling services were provided to over 3,000 people through 9 centres in
Belfast, L’Derry, Portadown, Newry, Downpatrick, Coleraine, Cookstown, Ballymena
and Irvinestown.

Relate’s services are open to anyone seeking help to deal with relationship issues:

- Married.Co-habiting, separating, divorced and LGBT couples
- Family groups
- Young People
- Individuals
- Victims/perpetrators with regard to domestic abuse
- Couples preparing for a committed relationship

Relate also provides a range of life skills training such as Developing Healthy
Relationships, a pre-commitment programme and Surviving the Break Up.

Relate’s counselling services support parents, carers and families where there may
be a complexity of issues, including alcohol and drugs misuse, mental health
problems, joblessness, domestic abuse and family relationship difficulties. They may
also be affected by low self esteem and be poor decision makers due to complex
multiple issues. Relate counselling and therapeutic services helps parent/carer(s)
provide a safe, secure and supportive family environment for children where
parenting skills are increased, parental conflict is decreased and family relationships
are improved.

Relate receives revenue funding from the Department of Health Social Services and
Public Safety (DHSS&PS) and works in partnership with the Health and Social Care
Board (HSCB), the 5 Health and Social Care Trusts, the Northern Ireland Prison
Service (NIPS), the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) and a range of
statutory, voluntary and community organisations.

Relate employs 35 counsellors, each trained in a range of theoretical models such
as Psychodynamic, Systemic, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
All Relate’s counsellors are professional members/accredited by the British
Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)/Irish Association for
Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and supervised by accredited clinical

Relate’s counsellors receive monthly clinical supervision with appropriately qualified
and experienced supervisors. All counsellors are also required to attend a bi-monthly
Reflexive Supervision Group (RSG). The purpose of this group is to support
counsellors by creating a relational/collaborative space for the client, counsellor and
organisation. The RSG holds the client at the centre of any interaction that takes
place, thus ensuring Relate delivers a safe and professional service for our clients.

Relate also employs 22 other staff across Northern Ireland who provide
management, finance, administrative and reception services for the organisation.

Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice is the largest advice charity in Northern Ireland, working against
poverty and meeting the information and advice needs of some 92,000 people per
year and dealing with over 320,000 issues across a wide range of advice categories.
Advice is available to all communities from 31 main offices across Northern Ireland
and from over 100 other outlets. We also represent the public at some 1800 social
security appeal tribunals a year.

Citizens Advice helps people resolve their debt, benefits, housing, legal,
discrimination, employment, immigration, consumer and other problems and is
available to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, disability
or religion. Citizens Advice is linked to Citizens Advice England and Wales and
Citizens Advice Scotland thus making it the largest advice-giving network in the
United Kingdom with over 60 years experience.

Citizens Advice also works in partnership with the Citizens Information Board
(formerly Comhairle) in the Republic of Ireland to provide cross-border advice and
information and with them has developed the basis for an all-island advice service.

Each Citizens Advice Bureau is a registered charity reliant on trained advisers (both
paid and volunteer) and funded by money from local councils, the National Lottery,
charitable trusts, companies, individuals and others to provide and maintain a vital
service to local communities.

CAB Aims

To ensure that individuals do not suffer through:
    lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities;
    lack of knowledge of the services available to them;
    an inability to express their needs effectively;
    to exercise a responsible influence on the development of social services both
      locally and nationally.

CAB Values

The CAB Service:
    is committed to a socially just, tolerant and pluralist society;
    is opposed to all forms of discrimination;
    is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes the participation of ethnic
     and religious minorities at all levels of the organisation.
There are a number of different ways that CAB advisers can help people to resolve a
problem. Advisers do not tell clients what to do, but explain their options and the
possible outcomes of different courses of action. Clients are encouraged to make
their own decisions and act on their own behalf. We enable clients to manage their
own problems by focusing on their needs as individuals.

CAB advisers, all of whom are trained, can:
   interview clients face-to-face and by telephone to find out their problem(s);
   access our regularly updated electronic information database for up to the
     minute information;
   help clients to negotiate with companies or service providers such as creditors
     or to appeal against decisions, for example, social security benefit claims;
   write letters or phone companies and service providers on behalf of clients;
   help clients to prioritise their problems, for example, to sort out which debts
     are most important;
   help clients with form filling, for example, to claim social security benefits;
   represent clients in court and at tribunals;
   refer clients to CAB specialist caseworkers for complex problems or to other
     agencies when appropriate.

Know Your Rights
Our trained advisers provide specialist information and advice on 14 different areas
of the law including consumer issues, employment legislation, social security
benefits, money advice, health, housing rights and other legal matters.

The Principles of CAB Advice
Advice is provided from 30 main offices and from over 120 other outlets and is:
    free - no-one has to pay for any part of the service we provide;
    impartial - we don't judge our clients or make assumptions about them. Our
      service is open to everyone and we treat everyone equally;
    confidential - we won't pass on anything a client tells us or even the fact that
      they have visited us - without their permission;
    independent - we always act in the interests of our clients without influence
      from any outside bodies.

Key Facts
   The work of Citizens Advice impacts on peoples' lives in many different ways -
      through advice giving, campaigns, free skills training for volunteers,
      individuals, increasing incomes and more.
   The constantly updated electronic information system used by our advisers is
      unrivalled for its breadth, depth and quality.
   The advice we give is the first in the advice sector to be audited for quality.
   Citizens Advice is a respected source of influence on both local and national
      policy by using evidence of our clients' problems to campaign for
      improvements to policies and services.
   We rely on volunteers to help deliver the high quality and impartial advice for
      which we are renowned. There are over 460 volunteers in a number of roles;
      as trained advisers, management committee members and administrators.
      Many of our volunteers move on to paid employment or full time education.
Extern and Extern Ireland work in partnership across the island of Ireland to enable
people who are vulnerable and marginalised within the community to change their
lives. Both organisations have a successful track record in developing innovative,
responsive services that meet the identified needs of children and young people,
adults and families, helping them to remain within their communities. Extern believes
that people have the potential to change and our services aim to build capability and
capacity for them to do so.

The organisation was created in 1978 in Northern Ireland and its initial work was with
adults who had been released from prison. The organisation developed services that
worked to tackle homelessness and the threat of homelessness with adults who
were on the edge of, and within the criminal justice system. Our services for adults
have since developed to include working to prevent homelessness, developing
vocational skills for work, and providing support to those who have returned to the
community after serving a prison sentence. Extern developed other community
based programmes and therapeutic services within a residential setting, working with
children and young people
in the early 1980’s. Since then a range of programmes have been developed
working with young people between the ages of 8 and 17, across Northern Ireland,
with models of practice that focus on individual work, group work and work with their
families or carers.

During the 1980’s services were provided to young people from the North West
region of the Republic of Ireland but it wasn’t until the late 1990’s the organisation
was commissioned to provide some of its services across a wider geographical area.
The demand for the specialist services that Extern provided for young people grew to
the extent that Extern Ireland was incorporated in 2004. This part of the group has
continued to grow and now provides services for young people in three of the four
Health Service Executive (HSE) regions, and contributes around 40% of turnover.
Extern delivers professional, high quality and valuable services through our
experienced and skilled staff, and in partnership with other agencies. During our last
corporate plan (2005-10) the organisational structure was reviewed and
improvements in governance and infrastructure implemented to support our
continuing service delivery and
underpin our sustainability. Through our work we will continue to help build safer,
stronger and more inclusive communities.

Vision, Mission and Values

Realising potential by valuing and supporting people who have complex

Extern is a charity working with partners, providing high quality,
innovative and community based services for people who have complex
     BEHAVING WITH INTEGRITY- our thinking and actions will be
      underpinned by honesty, trust, respect, accountability,
      transparency and professionalism.
     MAKING COMMITMENTS - we will do what we say we will do.
      regardless of individual differences perceived or otherwise.
     BUILDING RESILIENCY - we will enable people to recognise and
      develop their strengths.
     WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP - we will recognise that our
      contribution is strengthened when we develop positive working
      relationships with others.
     STRIVING FOR QUALITY - we will constantly monitor and share
      what we do to ensure continual improvement both internally and
      our practice and that of others so that we continue to be flexible
      and creative in how we respond.

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