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  1. Be on time – 5-10 minutes early!
          If you are unfamiliar with a location, it is a good idea to drive by a few days in advance so
             you know where the office is and how long it will take you to get there
          Keep in mind traffic patterns and account for delays like rush hour
          Always anticipate extra time for any parking situation. At some of our locations, you may
             be required to obtain a parking pass then return to your car to place the pass in the

  2. Dress appropriately for the interview – If you are not sure what the dress code is, ask.

  3. Firm handshake

  4. Research the company prior to the interview
         Have legitimate questions prepared
         Demonstrate what you know

  5. Use professional language and communicate clearly
         “Like, um, stuff” and other fillers detract from what you are actually saying
         Not only are employers looking at you as someone who they would want on their team,
            but also looking at you with a view of how a potential customer would react to you

  6. If you accept another offer, be sure to send notice to all employers who have met with you
           Don’t burn bridges
           If for some reason you cannot make to a scheduled interview, call them to let them know.

  7. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank-you note

  8. Most importantly – BE YOURSELF
         You want to be selected for a position because of who you are
         Know why you are the ideal candidate, and make sure to demonstrate these
         Smile and be confident with who you are
         After meeting with a potential employer, make sure to assess how the potential position
            fits in with your overall career objectives in addition to what the position entails. If there is
            a mutual fit, then it is most likely a good avenue to pursue.
   1. General Un-preparedness
          Late without notice and without good reason (good reasons include car accidents, not
             you woke up late)
          Inappropriate attire
          No knowledge of the company and/or position

   2. Lack of notice if unable to attend
          Sets the tone that you are unreliable

   3. Cell phone etiquette
           Turn off prior to entering interview
           If it does ring, politely say “excuse me” and turn it off. DO NOT ANSWER!

   4. Poor language skills/improper grammar

   5. Trash talking former employers and/or co-workers

   6. Not knowing your strengths and weaknesses

   7. Not having any questions regarding the position and/or company

              This is your opportunity to learn if this opportunity is right for you, ask the questions that
               will help you make an informed decision

   8. Not asking for clarification – It’s o.k. to ask someone to repeat a question
           If you don’t fully understand the question, then you are unlikely to give an appropriate

* Bonus tips:
     A common mistake is actually accepting a position you don’t really want. This is usually why
       people are not happy with their jobs!

      Ask for feedback. Regardless if you are hired or not, feedback can only help you along the way.

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