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									         Summer Jobs Service with the YMCA
The Summer Jobs Service (SJS) at the YMCA Peel Employment and Community office
is a program designed to assist youth between the ages of 15 and 30 who are planning to
return to school in the fall, find, secure, and be successful in full time or part time
summer employment. The program also assists a broad range of employers from across
Mississauga access students who are ready and willing to work in the summer.

SJS will support summer employment for students by providing:
    Students with information, knowledge and skills to find a job on their own
    Support for students to access jobs that provide a rewarding work experience
    Jobs search workshops that inform students about the workplace and employers’
      rules expectations, including workplace health and safety
    Employers with access to students who are ready and willing to work in the
    Employers with a $2.00 per hour hiring incentive to hire youth in the summer

Students and employers are required to meet eligibility criteria to be able to
participate in the SJS program.

Highlights of the program for employers and students:
    The process to register, for both employers and students is easy and facilitated by
       YMCA staff
    Financial reimbursement is available to employers; the subsidy is $2 per hour (the
       program does have both hours per week and length of weeks maximums)
    A strong effort is placed on carving new and exciting opportunities in various
       sectors for students
    Staff pre-screen resumes to ensure an effective and appropriate “fit” between
       employer and student (employers post summer employment opportunities with
       the SJS program)
    Recruiters work with students on all aspects of pre-employment to increase
       employability skills and prepare them to enter the labour market including health
       and safety

If you are an employer looking for summer students or a student looking for summer
employment please contact the YMCA at 905-276-9322 and ask for SJS; or checkout our
website at

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