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									Child Care Eligibility Documentation                                     Volume VI: Operational
                                                                         Section 3: Child Care
                                                                         Policy No. 3.26, Change 5
                                                                         Effective Date: June 22, 2012
Rescissions: Policy No. 3.26, Change 4, Vol. VI, Sect. 3

Purpose           To establish policy regarding documentation requirements when performing
                  eligibility determination for families seeking child care services through the
                  Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande system to ensure compliance with Texas
                  Workforce Commission Child Care Rule §809.72.

              1. Eligibility documentation will be required to verify that child care is provided to
                 children under 13 years of age (or under 19 years of age if children meet the
                 criteria for children with disabilities); families do not exceed the established
                 income guidelines; and, the parents meet the required participation hours in
                 employment and/or an education or training activity.

                  To verify income and weekly participation in employment, a minimum of the
                  family’s pay stubs for the last four (4) weeks or an employer verification of
                  income and hours for the past four (4) weeks is required.

                  Bonuses and overtime will be calculated based on the year-to-date statement on
                  the pay stubs and prorated to capture monthly earnings. If current pay stubs
                  indicate bonus or overtime but no year-to-date statement appears on the pay stubs,
                  additional months of pay stubs or an employer statement attesting to the year-to-
                  date bonuses and/or overtime will be obtained. When documentation supports
                  a one-time only bonus payment, the payment will be divided by 12.

                  An average of the last three six months of child support will be used in calculating

              2. Failure to submit required documents by the due date will result in the denial or
                 termination of child care.

                  If required documents are received within the 15 calendar day period required by
                  TWC to allow parents the opportunity to make other child care arrangements, the
                  CCS contractor shall reinstate or re-determine eligibility, as appropriate.

                  Referred Families
                     CCS staff will arrange child care for families referred by Child Protective
                     Services and Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande staff.
                      Child Protective Services (CPS) contractors or caseworkers will authorize
                         child care for CPS families. Authorization will be communicated via a
                         Child Protective Service Authorization Form. The length of time

Upper Rio Grande Workforce Development Board, Inc.
Child Care Eligibility Documentation                                                    June 22, 2012

                         authorized for care will be determined by CPS but will not exceed six
                         months at a time.
                        Career Center staff will authorize child care for Workforce Investment Act
                         (WIA),     Temporary       Assistance     for    Needy    Families/Choices
                         (TANF/Choices), and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
                         Employment & Training (SNAP E&T). Authorization will be
                         communicated via a Notification of Child Care Authorization (Form
                         2510). The length of time authorized will be determined by the
                         caseworker but will not exceed six months at a time.

                        CCS staff will determine eligibility when career center staff indicates on
                         the Form 2510 referral that the CCS is to determine eligibility.

                 B. Self- Referred Families
                     CCS staff will determine eligibility for families who are not receiving
                        other workforce center program funding or Texas Department of Family
                        Protective Services funding.

                        CCS staff will follow TWC Child Care Rules, to include §809.72,
                         §809.41, §809.42 and §809.44 and review documentation, such as, but not
                         limited to, most recent IRS tax return, Form 1099, pay stubs, letters of
                         employment, business records, ledgers, receipts, public assistance records,
                         retirement benefit payments or self-employment records/ledgers to
                         determine income eligibility for child care services.

                        CCS staff will ensure any ledger or record used for self-employment
                         verification includes, but is not limited to, the date, location, services
                         provided, amount received for the service and name of the customer (if
                         known or available). In accordance with WD Letter 53-07, CCS staff may
                         calculate self-employment participation hours by dividing the customer’s
                         self-employed income by the federal minimum wage. CCS staff will
                         calculate hours this way when a customer cannot provide verifiable
                         documentation of work hours but can provide verifiable income

                        CCS staff will ensure that no children of military parents in military
                         deployment have a disruption of child care services or eligibility because
                         of military deployment.

                        Government-funded programs may be a source of information to verify
                         employment income. If the applicant is transitioning from any TWC
                         funded programs and verification documentation mentioned above is
                         available through these records, this information can be used to determine
                         eligibility for CCDF funds, provided that such data is current; within the
                         past four (4) weeks.

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Child Care Eligibility Documentation                                                   June 22, 2012

                 C. Additional Children of Families Receiving CCS
                    CCS staff will place additional children of eligible families in care, if funds
                    are available, by immediately placing additional siblings in care once
                    eligibility requirements are met. To clarify, this provision is to be used when
                    an additional child is added, through birth, adoption, when a parent assumes
                    responsibilities as “in loco parentis” or when a previously ineligible child
                    meets eligibility requirements, to a family with children enrolled in CCS. The
                    eligible child may be immediately enrolled into child care if funding is

                 D. CCS staff will obtain the number of pay stubs to ensure the past four (4)
                    weeks of employment is reviewed. If a family member has not been
                    employed for the full four (4) weeks, paystubs for the length employment time
                    will be obtained and reviewed. CCS staff may use employer verification as

                 E. Designated CCS staff may waive the four (4) weeks of pay stubs requirement
                    on a case-by-case basis, if the parent does not have all four (4) weeks of pay
                    stubs (but has at least one pay stub), and CCS staff has verified with the
                    employer that an employer verification form cannot be completed due to
                    company policy, etc. CCS staff will document the results of the employer
                    contact in the case file prior to requesting the waiver. Designated CCS staff
                    will provide a written determination to the waiver request that will be
                    maintained in the case file.

                 F. CCS staff may use employer verification of overtime and/or bonus payment as

Approval         ______________________________
                 Lorenzo Reyes, Jr.
                 Chief Executive Officer
Adopted          June 21, 2012
Effective        June 22, 2012
Review           June 2014
Inquiries        Workforce Resources
                 (915) 772-2002

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