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The best celebrity sunglasses for 2012

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									Kourtney Kardashian in Marc Jacobs MJ 017

The features
resin frame
glass lens
Lens width: 60 millimeters
Gender: Unisex

Here Kourtney Kardashian is wearing the old school Marc Jacobs . They are kind of narrow vertically
but are quite the looker for both guys and gals.
You ca get these Marc Jacobs for about $300 in regular stores. However you can get them for about
half that online. See list of best prices below.
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                  Marc Jacobs 017 Sunglasses Color E7EBH                                     $140.99
                  Marc Jacobs 017 is Shield style Unisex Sunglasses
                  design. These Sunglasses are comfortable to wear more...
                  MARC JACOBS 017 color E7EBH Sunglasses                                     $152.00
                  This MARC JACOBS 017 color E7EBH Sunglasses
                  item is GUARANTEED 100% Authentic. more...

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