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									Kourtney Kardashian in Chloe glasses style

These glasses are from K-Dash , owned by the Kardashians. This is everyone’s favorite the Chloe style

2119. In fact these glasses have been spotted with about 6 top celebrities.
It has a big over shape which is loved by many celebs, some detailing in the corners of the frame and
comes in as many as 10 colors.
It is a quality pair , the style is sleek .
The brown gradient lenses allow for clear vision and also protect your eyes from harmful rays and
extreme brightness .
The best place to buy is on Amazon they have better prices than regular stores and also fast and free
shipping. The go for $250 but Amazon has a 71% discount. Click here to see if this discount is still
available. In addition we have listed other vendors who sell these glasses are great prices below.
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                 Chlo? Ladies Sunglasses CL2119 C02 Retro Vintage
                 Style Eyewear, Navy Blue Frame with Metallic               $300.00
                 Details & Grey CR-39 Lenses
                 Chlo? Sunglasses CL2119 - Inspired by vintage Ted
                 Lapidus shades of decades past, Chloe CL more...
                 Chloe Sunglasses CL 2119 C03 Myrte
                 Chloe Designer Sunglasses
                 The Myrte line is remarkable for the precise assembly of
                 injected more...
                 These sleek fashion sunglasses from the Chloe 2010
                 collection feature smooth, cream-colored frames detailed
                 with more...

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