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									                                           5 Tools for Rapid Reemployment

                 Process: Find Employment in a Related Industry
                 WorkSource staff should use labor market information to help job seekers with finding
                 employment. The Employment and economic information website from LMEA can be used to
                 find employers in a related industry. This should be done when a job seeker has known work
                 skills and recent experience and is willing to do similar work in a related industry.

                 Process Steps:

                 1. Search the Employment and economic information website using the name of the job
                    seeker’s most recent employer.
                 2. Get the first four digits of the previous employer’s NAICS (North American Industry
                    Classification System) code from the employer details screen.
                 3. Search for other employers using the NAICS code.
                 4. Narrow down the search to a specific geographic area.

                 Detailed Steps for this Process:
                 1. Open your web browser and type the following URL address:
Detailed Steps

                 2. The employment & economic information website displays. There are two drop down
                 3. Select I am: a job seeker (Fig. 1).
                 4. Select the Looking for… drop down menu.


                       3. Select a Job            4. Looking for...

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                                     5 Tools for Rapid Reemployment
       5. Choose employer contact information (Fig. 2).

(Fig. 2)

             5. Employer Contact

       6. The Find Employers page displays (Fig. 3).
       7. In the Employers by Name field, enter the name of your most recent employer.
       8. Select GO.

  (Fig. 3)

                 7. Enter employer
                   name                                            8. Select

       9. All the areas the employer has a location appear (Fig. 4).
       10. Select an Area to search.
       11. Select Search.

 (Fig. 4)
                                            10. Select area

                                           11. Select

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                                  5 Tools for Rapid Reemployment
      12. A list containing the “employer name” appears (Fig. 5). You may have to scroll down to see
          them all. Select the employer name you wish to see the details for.

(Fig. 5)

                                 12. Select

                                  12. 6) screen displays. At the bottom of the screen is the North
      13. The Employer Details (Fig. Select
          American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. All companies in a specific industry
          have the same NAICS code. Companies in related industries have the same first 4 numbers.
      14. Highlight the first 4 numbers of the NAICS code and right mouse click on the code to copy.
      15. Press the New Search button.

                                                          15. Press
(Fig. 6)                                                  Select

                                                     14. Highlight
                                                         and Copy

      16. The Find employers screen will appear (Fig. 7). Press Go in the Employers by Industry box.

 (Fig. 7)

                    16. Select

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                                    5 Tools for Rapid Reemployment
        17. Right click inside the “Enter and Industry Name or Code” and paste the NAICS code that
            you just copied.
        18. Press the Search button.

  (Fig. 8)                                  17. Right click and paste

                                                            18. Press

        19. The Select a NAICS Detailed Industry screen displays (Fig. 9). Select Detail Industries for a
            list of Related Industries.

  (Fig. 9)

                19. Select

        20. The Select a NAICS Detailed Industry screen displays (Fig. 10). Select an industry from the
        21. Press the Select Geography button. You may have to scroll down.

(Fig. 10)

                                              20. Select

                                                           21. Select

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                                                      5 Tools for Rapid Reemployment
                         22. You now need to narrow the search down to a specific area at the next screen (Fig 11).
                         23. Select either State of Washington or a specific county.
                         24. Press Search.

                  (Fig. 11)


                                                     24. Press
                         25. This gives a list of all employers in the related industry (Fig. 12) in the location that has
                             been selected in the Employer Search Results page.

             (Fig. 12)


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