Supplemental questionnaire II Senior Legal Clerk by yT26M1


									                                 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA
                                      COUNTY OF MADERA

                                          SENIOR LEGAL CLERK

                                 SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE

Please answer each question below with as much detail as possible. You may attach additional sheets of paper if
necessary. Please type or write your answers legibly and in ink. The supplemental questionnaire is required in
addition to the official application. Failure to submit this supplemental questionnaire will result in disqualification.

Name:_________________________________                                                      Date:_____________

1.       Describe any lead and/or supervisory experience you’ve obtained either through the
         Court or through another employer.

2.       A Senior Legal Clerk is considered a lead position, therefore you will be expected to
         perform and demonstrate job competencies at a higher level. Describe what this means to
         you and why?


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