H-1B Employer Questionnaire by iu85Q5Yw


									                                    H-1B Employee Questionnaire

                                       EMPLOYEE INFORMATION
Employee Name

Social Security # (if applicable)

Complete U.S. Address:

Foreign Address:

Nearest U.S. Consulate/Embassy in country of
Phone #s (home and cell)

Email Address

Date of Birth

City and Country of birth

Current nationality (if different from place of

Marital status

Is your spouse/child accompanying you?

Do you have any criminal convictions? If yes,
please provide details of each conviction and
certificates of disposition.

Have you ever been denied for a U.S. visa? If so,
please state the type of visa and the number of
                                         DOCUMENTS REQUEST

Please provide the following documents:

Most recent Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (fully detailed)
Copy of degrees, diplomas and transcripts as well as credential evaluation and English translations for
foreign education documents (if applicable)

Copy of letters of experience (if applicable)

Copy of Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, front and back side

Copy of entire passport (except blank pages)

Copy of all Form I-797 Approval Notice(s) (if applicable)

Copies of all visa petitions filed on your behalf (if available)
Copies of two most recent pay statements (if currently maintaining H-1B visa status)

If you have previously maintained F-1 (Foreign Student) status in the U.S., please provide a copy of all
Form(s) I-20 and a copy of your Optional Practical Training, Employment Authorization Document
(EAD card)

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