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                            Neuroscience Graduates
                                  Class of 2009
We would appreciate your participation in a survey of the goals and plans for the graduates of
the Department of Neuroscience. This survey will enable us to improve our undergraduate
program by providing us with information regarding the careers our students choose. We are
also soliciting specific feedback regarding how we might improve our program for future
graduates. We thank you for your participation.

Name (last, first, middle initial):

Permanent address where you can be reached:

Today's Date:                                Graduation Date:

How would you best describe your plans for the coming year?

Field:                                                   Health Related?         yes       no

Graduate or Professional School
Field:                                                   Health Related?         yes       no
Name of School:

Other, please describe:
Do you plan to pursue further education in the next five years?     yes       no
If yes, which choice best describes this education?
       Medical School
       Dental School
       Law School
       Graduate School     Health Related?         yes      no Field:
       Other, please describe:

How would you best describe your long-term career goal (i.e., 10 years from now)?
Medicine               Academic

Health Profession          Please specify:

Research                   Basic, University
                           Applied, Industry

Teaching               College or University
                           Elementary or Secondary


Government_______Please specify:

Private Sector         Please specify:

Other, please specify:
Note: If you wish to ensure that your answers to the following questions remain
      anonymous, please detach this sheet from the survey and submit separately.

For the following questions, please indicate your degree of satisfaction:

                 (1) - not very satisfied   (2) - satisfied   (3) - very satisfied

                                                        Satisfaction scale
Classroom Instruction
variety of courses                                      (1)     (2)     (3)
quality of courses                                      (1)     (2)     (3)

Learning Outcomes
(Did you learn what you needed for your future?)
amount learned                                                  (1)     (2)     (3)
usefulness of learning                                  (1)     (2)     (3)

Research Experience (if appropriate)
variety of research available                           (1)     (2)     (3)
quality of research experience                  (1)     (2)     (3)

Undergraduate Advising
availability                                            (1)     (2)     (3)
quality                                                 (1)     (2)     (3)

Please provide any specific feedback that you feel would be useful in improving the quality
of our program

                              Thank you for your participation.
               We wish you the best of fortune in all your future endeavors!

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