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									10.06A Visa Requirements
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You should contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (refer to obtain information about applying for a visa which will
allow you to take up this position. The sponsorship that the university undertakes on
your behalf is independent of the process that you need to undertake to apply for the
necessary visa.

Could you please provide the following information for yourself, and all members of
your family who will be accompanying you to Australia, so that the University can
commence the sponsorship process:

   full name
   date of birth (day/month/year)
   residential address, business and home phone numbers
   sex
   current citizenship
   current visa held
   relationship to you of family members accompanying you
   country of birth
   where will you apply for the visa (for temporary visa applicants)
   proposed date of arrival in Australia (for temporary visa applicants)

Please email or fax this information to Human Resource Services as soon as
possible so that we can commence the University’s sponsorship process on your
behalf. The University will normally use the Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme
(RSMS). However, the University cannot commence the sponsorship process until
your formal acceptance of this appointment has been received.

You must not lodge your visa application with Department of Immigration and
Citizenship (DIAC) until after the University has lodged the employer nomination for
sponsorship. The University will advise you both when the University’s employer
nomination has been lodged and approved.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has advised that the visa process
will take many months once our sponsorship has been approved. You will therefore
need to give this matter priority, including providing all the accompanying
documentation with your visa application, to prevent undue delays. You should keep
both your supervisor and Human Resource Services informed of progress with your
visa application throughout the process so that we can plan around your expected
commencement date and provide information and advice in relation to your move to

All costs associated with obtaining your visa (such as medical examinations, visa
lodgement costs etc.) must be met by you.

Travel arrangements must not be confirmed until the visa process is complete and
you receive formal approval from the DIAC.

If you obtain a temporary visa the University will require evidence that you have
reciprocal health cover with Australia or have obtained private health insurance for
the entire period of your stay in Australia.

Additional information for overseas appointees can also be found at: .

         Human Resource Management Handbook                            13 September 2012

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