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                   GreatPlaceJobs & NoWorkplaceBullies Join Forces
          Online job board featuring award-winning workplaces made available through
                          San Diego-based workplace bully consultant

SAN DIEGO, January 5, 2009: The average United States unemployment rate is 6.7%, with California
in the lead at 8.4%, reported the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics on December 19.

A recent Gallup poll found that approximately 77% of Americans hate their jobs, while academic research
continues to find that over 50% of Americans have suffered from bullying in the workplace.

These numbers seem pretty grim for the American workforce.

But there is a glimmer of hope. Job seekers who want to not only find a new job, but land a job with an
award-winning workplace, now have an online job board available to them thanks to GreatPlaceJobs and
San Diego-based consulting firm NoWorkplaceBullies.

GreatPlaceJobs offers a new kind of job search service dedicated to helping people find jobs at the best
employers, because everyone deserves a satisfying career. GreatPlaceJobs is the largest site featuring jobs
exclusively at companies across the U.S. that are certified great workplaces. Featured companies have
won awards from Gallup’s Great Workplace poll, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, and city-
specific business journals all across the nation.

NoWorkplaceBullies, a subsidiary of Catherine Mattice Consulting (, now
offers the co-branded job board on their website,

Catherine Mattice, owner of NoWorkplaceBullies, a firm that offers training, consulting and support
focused on helping organizations implement a bully free work environment, stated, “Taking just any job
can be unhealthy for your mental state if the company makes bad hires and lets tyrants run rampant.
Victims of bullying experience all kinds of problems including anxiety, stress, depression, sleepless
nights, and lost loyalty to the company. In extreme cases even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
can result.”

Mattice also stated that, “Companies concentrating on building civil work environments know their
bottom line is ultimately affected by cultural climate and employees getting along. Unhappy employees
mean unhappy work – with mistakes, absenteeism and over all reduced quality and production. Our
affiliation with GreatPlaceJobs is just one part of our crusade to help diminish workplace bullying.”

Asher Adelman, President of GreatPlaceJobs said, “I am excited about working with any organization
interested in promoting healthy workplaces as it is our mission to help people find satisfying jobs at great
companies. We feature approximately 100,000 jobs each month and are proud to highlight genuine, open
jobs at certified great companies. Job seekers should also have greater job security working for excellent
employers, which is especially important in these uncertain economic times.”

In fact, GreatPlaceJobs recent Great Workplace Study showed that of the companies recognized as great
workplaces only 35% of them conducted layoffs in 2008; opposed to the 73% of “regular” companies in
the sample set who conducted layoffs. In addition, the revenue growth rate at great workplaces in Q3
2008 was 27.4% higher than competitors, and the average stock price of the excellent employers was
close to 10% higher at the end of 2008 (compared to the beginning of 2008).

Another study published in the Journal of Organizational Excellence by Watson Wyatt, a global
consulting firm focused on human capital and financial management, showed that companies who focus
on effective internal functioning and communication enjoy a 57% higher total return, 19% higher market
premium, are more than 4.5 times more likely to have highly engaged employees, and are 20% more
likely to report reduced turnover, when compared to their competitors.

“I dealt with a bully for five years,” says Mattice. “I was both a target and the Human Resources Director,
dealing with not only my own drama but trying to help other employees resolve issues with their jerk of a
manager. The boss just wouldn’t fix it, he wouldn’t let the bully go or even reprimand him for his
behavior. As a result he lost a lot of great employees, including me, and we spent an awful lot of time
talking about how to deal with the bully instead of working.”

Certified great workplaces, those who have been publicly recognized as an excellent employer, may
advertise postings free of charge on the site.

Job seekers receive three months of unlimited access to view and apply to all jobs in the database for only
$20. This structure benefits members by saving them time from trolling through endless lists of low-
quality or irrelevant job listings on other free, but less-targeted boards. The membership fee serves as
insurance, or assurance, that the new job will be in a great workplace with less worry of future layoffs.

Kaiser Permanente, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cricket Communications, Qualcomm and Scripps Health are
but a few of the organization’s currently posting on GreatPlaceJobs’ job board.

Go to to start your search for a great workplace.

About NoWorkplaceBullies

NoWorkplaceBullies is a San Diego based firm focused on helping organizations become bully-free and
develop effective internal communication practices. Services include internal communication audits,
interpersonal and empathy skills training, management awareness training, anti-bully policies, and
strategic culture adjustments. NoWorkplaceBullies’ clients understand the value of internal relationships
and their positive impact on the bottom line; and they are willing to invest in employee success because
they know when people lose effectiveness companies lose customers.

About GreatPlaceJobs

GreatPlaceJobs offers the largest collection of job listings exclusively from companies that are officially
recognized as "great workplaces" and have received one of the prestigious "best employer" awards
granted each year. The database usually includes over 100,000 open jobs. GreatPlaceJobs' experts have
designated over 1,300 companies from across the U.S. as great employers.


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