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									               M.S. Education - Higher Education Concentration
                     California State University, Fullerton
                             EMPLOYER SUPPORT AGREEMENT
The M.S. Education - Higher education Concentration Program at California State University, Fullerton is
a partnership between the University and the higher education community. A close working relationship
in the governance of the program is critical to its success. As partners in this endeavor,
colleges/employers play a special role in supporting the candidates in the program as they engage in
research and develop and refine their skills to apply in the real world of educational leadership. The
support provided by the college/employer will prove mutually beneficial to the candidates and their
employer. We encourage you to assist and support your candidate in this educational process so that
both the candidate and your organization will realize the maximum benefit of the completed work.
                                                MS-Higher Education
APPLICANT NAME                                  SPECIALIZATION                      TERM OF APPLICATION

EMPLOYER NAME                                  NAME OF SITE                       LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT
                                   APPLICANT RECOMMENDATION
Your employee identified above is in the process of applying for admission to the M.S. Education -
Higher Education Concentration at California State University, Fullerton. Participation in this program is
a significant undertaking which will require support from the employer. Based on your knowledge of the
candidate’s leadership potential and intellectual capacity, please provide your recommendation
regarding admission of this applicant to this program.
Admission to the M.S. Education - Higher Education Concentration Program is:
             Strongly recommended             Recommended with reservations
             Recommended                      Not recommended
If you have additional information, you may provide any comments regarding the capacity of this
application to complete a M.S. Education - Higher education Concentration on the back of this form.
Or, you may contact our program director, Dr. Dawn Person at
Recommendation forms are available on our Web site at:

                                   DISTRICT SUPPORT AGREEMENT
 We will assist in the assignment of a mentor who has an advanced degree. This is
  a required element of the program.
 We will make every effort to assure that the employee can leave her/his work site
  in time for 4:00 pm classes on a maximum of two evenings per week.
 We will identify potential areas of research that will be of assistance in our work.
 We will explore other ways to support the applicant through the use of employee
  development funds (e.g. book scholarships, conference fees, travel, etc.)
 Other:

NAME OF EDUCATIONAL LEADER           SIGNATURE                             DATE

TITLE                                EMAIL ADDRESS                         PHONE

  Mail to: Educational Leadership - CP 520, P.O. Box 6868, Fullerton, CA 92834-6868,

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