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                 Stomach and Small Intestine

•Carnivores have short intestinal tracts and colons ---- meat to pass through it
relatively quickly, before it has a chance to rot and cause illness.

•Humans, on the other hand, have intestinal tracts that are much longer than
carnivores of comparable size.

• Like other herbivores, longer intestines allow the body more time to break down
fiber and absorb the nutrients from a plant-based diet

            If the elders practice what they preach to the
            children, this world will become a heaven.
  Meat: Delicious or Disgusting ????
  •For good health, blood must be alkaline
  ( measured with Ph value- which is around 7.4 in human being)

  •Which can be maintain with vegetable very easily. But due to
  meat it increases drastically

  •To remove this extra acid from body extra load act on kidney
  and liver.

Don’t indulge in self praise. your good
deeds will speak for themselves
                              Meat: Delicious or Disgusting ?

•Meat is polluted by Bacteria, Antibiotics, Harmon & Chemicals. Which is
certainly not good for health.

•Fats and protein which is present in meats blocks the arteries.

•The non-vegetarian food is high in cholesterol.

•Uric acid in non-vegetarian food is harmful (causes joint pain in the age of 40-50 years)

                 He alone lives a worthwhile life who has a cool
                 head, warm blood, a loving heart &zest for life.
          Meat: Delicious or Disgusting ????

Non-vegetarian is the cause for several diseases:

According to the WHO report non-vegetarian food causes 159 different types
of diseases.

The most common diseases caused due to it are heart diseases, high blood
pressure, kidney problem, gall bladder problems, wounds in arteries, eczema,
paralysis, tuberculosis, constipation, pains, arthritis, hysteria etc. in comparison
to it the vegetarian food is totally harm less, beneficial and cures diseases.
          Meat: Delicious or Disgusting ????

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America according to the
American Heart Association, and medical experts agree that this ailment is the result
of the consumption of animal products.

We consume twice as much protein as we need when we eat a meat-based diet, and
this leads to osteoporosis and kidney stones.

According to one Danish study Eating meat can also have negative consequences
for stamina.

               Not riches but nobility of character & honesty
               are the true touch stone of greatness.
                          Bad effects on Health:

•The American Dietetic Association puts a strong stamp of approval for the
vegetarian diets for all the lifestyles and stages of life.

• Vegetarian diets have come under strong consideration not only for health but also
to save environment, as meat industry carries an order of higher carbon footprint
than the vegetables.


•ScienceDaily (July 3, 2009) — The American Dietetic Association has released an
updated position paper on vegetarian diets.

               Every aspect in life has its two sides- good and
               bad; we become the one we keep our focus on.
"Although we think we are one, and we act as if we are one,
human beings are not natural carnivores. When we kill animals
to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which
contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for
human beings, who are natural herbivores."

-- William C.Roberts, M.D., editor, American Journal of

           The secret of longevity is not to
           eat until one is really hungry.
       Meat: Delicious or Disgusting ????

"In the next ten years, one of the things you're bound to hear is
that animal protein...is one of the most toxic nutrients of all
that can be considered."

-- Dr. T. Colin Campbell, director of the Cornell-China-
Oxford Project on Nutrition, Health, and the Environment.

          Share all you have with the needy so that
          no one feels deprived and neglected.
                          Bad effects on Health:

• Dr Hague in his famous book “Diet and Food” says: “Power increases by vegetarian
food and non-veg food increases excitement. Meat leads to addiction similar to any
other intoxicating drugs. Therefore, those people who eat meat, have higher tendency
towards suicide and mental illness because it leads to depression.”

• US Dr Shirmate writes: “ Vegetarian people are rare victim of typhoid fever”.

• Dr Clardson says: “Those kids have non veg in their childhood; they grow to a lazy
personality. For kids Vegetarian food is the best.”

• As per Dr Menry Padro:”Vegetarians are less likely to get sick compared to non-

• Non-veg is one of the major reasons for Cancer, Arthritis, Lever problems,
Appendicitis etc.

                If man can begins to reform himself, he
                can reform the world very well.
                          Bad effects on Health:

• As per Dr H Chirtithan’ book “Physiological Economy”: “It is absolute wrong that
non veg has lots of protein. All the required proteins can be obtained from
Vegetarian food.”

• As per the research from Vegetarian Society of London done many vegetarian
and non-vegetarian people shows that veggie people live longer life, they can do
more work and are more intelligent as compare to non-veggies.

•According to Dr. Khar T Loder Braston non-vegetarian food does not give strength
and instead makes us weak it produces nitrogen's, which functions like poison for
the nerves.

•Dr. Arthur Underwood says that 85 per cent of the throat and intestines problems
are due to non-vegetarian food. On contrary the vegetarian food contains
substances, which can prevent cancer.

                 Begin each day a new and forgive
                 yourself for yesterday
Quality of food defines the quality of thoughts

•   Meat is considered to be TAMSIK. (TAMSIK food increases restlessness
    and anger.)

•   All the negative energy stored in the body of the animal comes along with
    the meat. And a person, who is consuming this, will get this along with the

•   At the time of kill, animal does not die at that moment, but dies after some
    time. This time is the worst time for this animal, and all the grievance of
    that animal come in a form of negative energy. How can a person afford
    to have this negative energy just for the sake of taste when he is striving for
    positive energy?

         Balance between judgment and actions is true
• Unlike natural carnivores, we are physically and psychologically unable to rip
animals limb from limb and eat and digest their raw flesh.

• Ask yourself:
1)When you see dead animals on the side of the road, are you tempted to stop
for a snack?

2) Does the sight of a dead bird make you salivate?

3)Do you daydream about killing cows with your bare hands and eating them

If you answered "no" to all of these questions, congratulations—you're a
normal human herbivore—like it or not. Humans were simply not designed to
eat meat.

           Prosperity is not attained by earning the money, but
           by building a good character and clean thinking.
• As per Manu Smriti:
“Anumanta VishSita Nihanta Kray Vikrayi. Sanskarti ChopHato cha swaad Kashyeti
Ghaat ka.”
Meaning: Preacher of Non-vegetarian, allowing the meat eating, one who trades
meat, one who cooks meat and eat meat, are all murderers, and share the same
level of sin.

•Jesus Christ has said, “ Don’t kill any one. Be with me like a human being.”

•Kuran, The holy Book of Muslim says,” Those who trade human being, kill animals
and have other’s woman, will be cursed by god. God will only bless them, who show
mercy on the animals created by almighty”.

            If you plant the seed and dig it up daily to see of it
               is growing, it will never take root. Be patient…
Eating eggs and meat is against the Vedas:

ya aamam maamsamadanti paurusheyam ca ye kavih
garbhaan khadanti keshavaastanito nashayaamasi
- Atharva Veda 8.6.23

In other words "I destroy the people who eat meat and
                             Eggs and Facts
Do you know that eggs have little amount of nutritional value?

Protein : Dals 22-25%; Eggs 13.3%; Milk powder 38%; Soybean 43.2%

Carbohydrates : Dals 56 - 60%; Eggs 0%; Soybean 22.9%; milk Powder 15%

Calorie : Dals 334-353; Eggs 173; Lobhia 327; Milk powder 357

Calcium : Dals 0.13-0.20%; Eggs 0.06%; Soybean 0.24%; milk Powder 1.37%;

Iron : Dals 8.4-9.8%; Eggs 2.1%; Soybean 11.5%; Roasted gram 8.9%;

Phosphorous : Dals 0.25-0.37%; Eggs 0.22%; Roasted peanuts 0.44%; milk powder
Mineral salts : Dals 2.1-3.6%; Eggs 1.0%; Soybean 4.6%; Roasted peanuts2.3%; milk
     powder 6.8%
                             Eggs and Facts
High Cholesterol
•Eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol, which causes high blood pressure and
kidney problems.
•Frying an egg increases its cholesterol level further.
•Heart specialist Dr. col. K.L.Chopda and Dr. K.K.Agarwal say that the yoke of egg
contains 220 mg cholesterol, which is dangerous for the heart.
•Nobel prize winner Dr. Brown and Dr.Goldstin have proved that eggs contain high
amount of cholesterol and hence increase the risk of heart attack.

•DDT poison:
•30 per cent of the eggs contain DDT poison. This causes cancer, this was discovered
by Lorida, America's agricultural department.

•The egg white contains Evidin, which causes eczema and paralysis.
                             Eggs and Facts

The eggs contain nitrogen and phosphoric acid, which produces acidic substances in
the body, which makes the person diseased.

•Egg generates kapha:
According to a German professor Egtur Burg:- Egg is responsible for generating 51.83
per cent of phlegm, which imbalance the nutrition's in the body and become the abode
of dieses.

•Eggs are not easily digestible:
Bile and pancreatic juices of egg are ineffective on egg white. Therefore 30 to 50 per
cent of egg is excreted without being digested. This is the view of Professor Akoda of
                              Eggs and Facts
Infectious bacteria:

The upper layer of the egg contains 15000 micro holes. The infectious bacteria
entering the egg through these pores - salmonella, shigola and Staphylococci.

Eggs are certainly shelter of bacteria and viruses, it is very difficult to maintain the
correct temperature.

The hens eat sputum, phlegm, nose secretions, worms, germs and other such filthy
things. The eggs are produced from these things. Can egg increase the mental and
intellectual quality of a person??????
How many human beings
 could be fed each year
    from the grain and
  soybeans that go to
  livestock in the US?
                1.3 Billion

    How many tons of
vegetable proteins do you
 need to produce one ton
    of animal protein?
           tons                 1 tons

Vegetable proteins            Animal proteins
         from Wegmann, 1997
 How many vegetarians
can live on the resources
needed to feed only one
       meat eater?
 1 meat
 eater          =        14

Wegmann, 1997
How many gallons of
 water are needed to
produce one pound of
   California beef ?
                                                  But only 5
                                                  for one pound
                                                  of wheat

University of California Agricultural Extension
Tranport account for              14%
of the global
greenhouse gaz

FAO, 2006 - (in CO2 equivalent)
How much for
livestock farming ?
              18% of the greenhouse
                        gas emission

FAO, 2006 -
37% of methane
   (CH4) emission

              FAO, 2006 -
 65% of Nitrous
Oxyde (N2) emission

                      FAO, 2006 -
 65% of Ammonia (NH )              3
              emission originate from
                 livestock production

FAO, 2006 -
All that means...
Air pollution
Soil pollution
Water pollution
Acid rains
FAO, 2006 -
In south america,70%
of deforested area has
been converted to
livestock pasture

FAO, 2006 -
All that is our
Inconvenient Truth
As a conclusion...
VEG or NONVEG ????
Or at least...

   ...eat less meat.
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 HUM BADLNGE                         YUG

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