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									Calling all artists who want to make it big –

Mayor Sheila Dixon and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts announce the
       Baltimore Mural Program Call For Artists
The Baltimore Mural Program is looking for artists to design and paint upcoming murals. The
public art program invites local artists to submit electronic images of their works for
consideration for its future mural commissions.

Commissions will generally pay the artist a $3,000 or greater honorarium depending on wall size
and detail of design. The Baltimore Mural Program provides the scaffolding and paint.
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

ELIGIBILITY: Artists 18 years of age or older who reside in the Baltimore Metro area are
eligible, excluding BOPA employees and their family members.

SELECTION PROCESS: A panel of administrators distinguished in the visual and/or
community arts review the submitted images and choose qualified artists for the Muralist
Registry. For each mural project, community representatives review the Muralist Registry and
choose their favorite artist. The program then invites that artist to work with the community in
choosing content and designing the mural.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Artists must submit the documents listed below. Applicants
who fail to submit all of these items may be disqualified.

1) Six electronic images, preferably in jpeg (.jpg) format, of existing work. If the artist cannot
   submit an image of a mural, it is recommended that he or she produce one sample design for
   a hypothetical mural that reflects the artist’s style and imagery, in addition to five electronic
   images of existing work. Images may be submitted on CD or via email.
2) A current resume.
3) A completed copy of the application form.

                Please submit this application or address related inquiries to:

                                   Community Arts Coordinator
                            Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts
                                 7 East Redwood Street, Suite 500
                                      Baltimore, MD 21202
                            Phone: 410-752-8632 / Fax: 410-385-0361

                                    APPLICATION FORM

Full name_______________________________________ Date _________________________

Mailing address_________________________________________________________________

City________________________________ State________ Zip __________________________

Day phone__________________________ Evening phone _____________________________

Email_______________________________ Website?__________________________________

For the questions below, please circle the correct response on the right.
Do you have experience:

1. Painting murals?                                                         YES        NO

2. Designing murals?                                                        YES        NO

3. Working with scaffolding?                                                YES        NO

4. Working with community organizations?                                    YES        NO

5. Working with the Baltimore Mural Program?                                YES        NO

6. Working with the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts,
Baltimore Office of Promotion, or Mayor’s Advisory
Committee on Art & Culture (MACAC)?                                         YES        NO

If you answered YES to question 6, with what project(s) or program(s)? When?

                                            Image List

1) Title ____________________________                4) Title ____________________________
   Date ____________________________                    Date ____________________________
   Medium _________________________                     Medium _________________________
   Dimensions ______________________                    Dimensions ______________________

2) Title ____________________________                5) Title ____________________________
   Date ____________________________                    Date ____________________________
   Medium _________________________                     Medium _________________________
   Dimensions ______________________                    Dimensions ______________________

3) Title ____________________________                6) Title ____________________________
   Date ____________________________                    Date ____________________________
   Medium _________________________                     Medium _________________________
   Dimensions ______________________                    Dimensions____________________________


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