2006-09-01: Students Awarded 2005-06 Isothermal Scholarships

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					Students Awarded 2005-06 Isothermal Scholarships
Scott Scheer, Public Information Officer
828-286-3636, Ext. 206
September 1, 2006

At Isothermal Community College, there are literally dozens of scholarships awaiting students annually.
                                           According to Financial Aid officials at the college, students need
                                           to be eligible and apply. If they meet the individual scholarship
                                           requirements, they have a chance at being awarded that particular

                                            Scholarship funds at two-year and four-year institutions are
                                            donated by organizations or private donors. Information on and
                                            applications for scholarships is available at the Isothermal Student
                                            Affairs office. This past week, college officials released the names
                                            of several students who were recently awarded scholarships for the
                                            2005-06 academic year. They include:

                                            State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Scholarship recipient Elvira
                                            Santibanez (center) is presented her scholarship by the Forest City Credit
                                            Union’s Kim Hollifield and Isothermal Community College President, Dr. Bill

Kappa Kappa Iota Pi Conclave Cynthia Watkins

Dr. Elliot Scholarship Teresa Wilkerson

Dr. J. F. Whisnant Amy Spain

Frank and Mabel West Scholarship Kimberly Harris

Gamma Beta of Delta Kappa Kimberly Proctor

ICC Alumni Casey Yelton

Jack Buchanan Memorial Dale Harris

James Monroe McDonald Scholarship Teddy Carson

Kate Moore Scholarship Terry Grant

Lou Anne Perkins Nelson Scholarship Angela Forney

Lovelace Nursing Scholarship Christina U. Kurkowski

Robert Spratt Scholarship Chasity Sims

Ruppe Sunday School Class Amy Spain

T. D. & Pinkie Carson Samuel Bailey
W.H. McDonald Scholarship Logan Hannon

Williams V. Lee Scholarship Nathan Hodge, Harry Kempster

Andrew Majors Scholarship Fund Billy Lee Bostic

State Employees Credit Union Elvira Santibanez, Eric Ryan Talley


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