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									Transformational Change
       via Moodle
      Michelle Kowalsky
  Whippany Park High School
        Whippany, NJ
• Tell the story of our school’s Moodle
  implementation (4 – 8 years in the making)
• Discuss ingredients for transformational
  change and situate them in our story
• “Good news” and the “Bad news”
     Good to Great by Collins
• “Good to Great” companies think
  differently about technology. . . In every
  case, he found technological
• Technology was an accelerator -- not a
  creator -- of momentum
                                         p. 148-161
    Improving Organizational Effectiveness
     through Transformational Leadership
               by Bass & Avolio

•   Idealized influence (followed by others)
•   Inspirational motivation (enthusiasm)
•   Intellectual stimulation (group solutions)
•   Individualized consideration (coaching)

                                             p. 8
    Leading Change by Kotter
• Establish a sense of  • Generate short term
  urgency                 wins
• Create a guiding team • Tell vivid stories of
• Communicate the         success
  change vision         • Anchor new
• Empower employees       approaches in the
                                            p. 21
 Leading Change by Kotter
• To make change stick, don’t rely on
  the boss, PIP hours as rewards, or
  anything but the culture to hold a big
  change in place.
• Tradition is a powerful force.
• Crossing over challenges our identity.
                                      p. 177
      Leading at a Higher Level
            by Blanchard
• Leadership is a transformational journey.
  – Self-leadership (know thyself)
  – One-on-one leadership (trust)
  – Team leadership (build community)
  – Organizational leadership (lead more than
    one team, value relationships and results)
                                             p. 199
     Leading at a Higher Level
           by Blanchard
                     Position Power

    Task Power
                                        Knowledge Power

Relationship Power
                                      Personal Power
      Leading at a Higher Level
            by Blanchard
     12 Reasons why change efforts fail:
1. Announcing change is not implementing it
2. People’s concerns with change are not
3. Those asked to change are not involved in
        Leading at a Higher Level
              by Blanchard
       12 Reasons why change efforts fail:
4.   No compelling reason to change
5.   Vision of the future not communicated
6.   Didn’t include resistors in conversation
7.   No pilot or beta testing
8.   Systems, initiatives not aligned w/ change
       Leading at a Higher Level
             by Blanchard
      12 Reasons why change efforts fail:
9. Leaders fail to prioritize (death by initiative)
10. People not enabled or encouraged to build
    new skills
11. Leaders not credible, mixed messages
12. Progress not measured
                                               p. 199
Innovation by Carlson & Wilmot
• Organizational alignment (shared vision,
  strategy, values & goals)
• Commitment to delivering the highest
  customer value
• Commitment to continuing improvement
• Transparency in staff communication and
                                             p. 258
Innovation by Carlson & Wilmot
• Create innovation organizational
  structures and processes with the
  appropriate staff
• Shared recognition and rewards
• Commitment by the CEO and senior
  management team
                                      p. 258
     Michelle Kowalsky
Whippany Park High School, NJ


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