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									                                            State of New Hampshire
                                      Department of Administrative Services
                                             Division of Personnel
                                              State House Annex
                                               25 Capitol Street
                                        Concord, New Hampshire 03301

      LINDA M. HODGDON                                                          KAREN D. HUTCHINS
        COMMISSIONER                                                          DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL
         (603) 271-3201                                                            (603) 271-3262

                                      (Program Specialist IV)
                          Risk Management Unit
                          $44,752.50 - $53,137.50

SCOPE OF WORK: The primary responsibility of this position is to organize and implement wellness
offerings for state employees and retirees that are fully integrated with the state health benefit plans. This
position works with the Administrator of Risk and Benefits, the designated staff from the Division of Personnel
and such other designated staff, as well as the HBAC Wellness Workgroup to develop and manage a
comprehensive statewide employee and retiree health promotion and wellness program, through the deployment
of state government resources and procured services.

  Wellness Program Administration:
   Direct and perform organizational and implementation activities necessary to provide a statewide
    employee and retiree health promotion and wellness program. Provide ongoing monitoring and
    evaluation; recommend and implement changes and improvements. Identify and develop strategies to
    ensure that health promotion and wellness programming is effectively delivered in the most cost-
    efficient manner and consistent with an organizational vision.
   Research, develop and coordinate the delivery of high quality health promotion programs and seminars
    which effectively target and address the health and lifestyle risks of the employee and retiree population
    in coordination with the Health Benefits Advisory Committee Wellness Workgroup. Collaborate in the
    development of communication strategies and vehicles to aggressively promote health promotion
    programs and activities and maximize employee participation.
   Work collaboratively with the Administrator of Risk and Benefits, designated staff from the Division of
    Personnel and the entire DAS health benefits team, to integrate wellness and health promotion into plan
    design, cost containment, employee outreach and related health benefit plan activities and efforts.
   As part of a team, identify and evaluate potential vendors to provide all or some health promotion and
    wellness offerings, including but not limited to fitness assessments, preventive services, health and
    lifestyle improvement classes and health screening services. Monitor the performance of external service
    vendors in accordance with pre-determined service levels and standards.
   Provide on-site assistance and training to state agency Wellness Coordinators throughout state
    government, and organize and facilitate Wellness Workgroup meetings.
   Develop new pages, enhanced concepts and general content for, and maintain the content currency of,
    the state wellness website.

          Fax (603) 271-1422 - TDD Access Relay NH 1-800-735-2964 –
     Stay current with health promotion and education topics, attend trainings and disseminate appropriate
      information through the training of wellness coordinators; prepare reports as needed using criteria
      identified in Wellness Program Plan; and maintain physical and electronic records on wellness program
    Monitor health promotion program activity and expenses with an emphasis on cost management;
      provide input to the Administrator of Risk & Benefits on bi-annual budget requests, and coordinate
      production of annual State Employee Health Promotion and Wellness Program annual report.
    Oversee activities of medical administrator’s designated wellness staff to ensure all activities are aligned
      with Wellness Program goals.
    Work as needed on the additional projects for the Health Benefit Program.
    Satisfactorily complete any additional function or assignment made by the individual’s supervisor.

Education: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university with a major in Business, Public or
Healthcare Administration, Health Education or other related field. Each additional year of approved formal
education may be substituted for one year of required work experience.
Experience: Five years’ professional experience in employee benefits, health education or the health insurance
field, preferably with responsibility for direct service delivery and program planning, and with responsibilities
in program research, monitoring, and evaluation. Each additional year of approved work experience may be
substituted for one year of required formal education.
License/Certification: Eligibility for driver’s license required

Special Requirements: For appointment consideration, Program Specialist IV applicants must successfully
participate in a structured interview measuring possession of knowledge, skills and abilities identified as
necessary for satisfactory job performance by this class specification. The structured interview is developed
and administered, according to Division of Personnel guidelines, by representatives of the state agency in which
the vacancy exists.

For further information regarding this position, please contact Monica Ciolfi, Administrator Risk and Benefits
(603) 271-2059.

HOW TO APPLY: An official application for employment may be obtained from and returned to New
Hampshire Division of Personnel, 25 Capitol Street, Concord, New Hampshire 03301 (603) 271-3261 or 3262, and is available on the Internet at

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