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									State Pay Task Force
Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2008
10:08 a.m. – 12:34 p.m.

Members Present: Janet Kelly, Department of Administration; Dore Schwinden,
Department of Labor and Industry; Jim Currie, Department of Transportation;
Julie Sanders for Jeff Hagener, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Amy
Sassano, Office of Budget and Program Planning; Larry Fasbender, Department
of Justice; Tom Livers, Department of Environmental Quality; Kathy Bramer,
Department of Public Health and Human Services; Ann Bauchman, Department
of Natural Resources and Conservation; John Chappius, Department of Public
Health and Human Services; Dick Clark, Department of Administration; Mike
Ferriter, Department of Corrections

Members Absent: Peggy Davis, Department of Administration

Guests: Kent Rice; Esther Schneiter-Fantry

Staff: Paula Stoll, Department of Administration, Renee’ McDaniel, Department
of Administration, Joe Hamilton, Department of Administration

Facilitator: Chris Christensen

Minutes: Bonnie Shoemaker

Agenda Item I: Call to Order

Paula Stoll called the meeting to order for Janet Kelly at 10:08 a.m.

Agenda Item II: Review Agenda & Introductions

Chris Christensen reviewed Janet’s charges for the task force and the agenda,
and then introductions were made.

Agenda Item III: Approve Minutes from March 20, 2008

The minutes from March 20th were reviewed. The committee agreed with Dick
Clark’s motion to approve the minutes as written, seconded by Ann Bauchman.
The approved minutes will be posted on the website.

Agenda Item IV: New Business

Potential centralized retention Broadband Pay Plan metrics were presented by
Paula Stoll for the following subjects:
   1.      The overall turnover rate

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   2.       Where employees go when they leave
   3.       Why employees change jobs
   4.       How many employees leave voluntarily, and how many are discharged
   5.       Employee turnover in relation to their years of service

The task force agreed with Paula’s proposal that the State Human Resources
Division (SHRD) centrally track the overall turnover rate and the employee
turnover in relation to their years of service through the SABHRS reporting
system. This would require additional training by SHRD for payroll clerks and HR
staff regarding proper use of action reason codes. The task force also agreed
that SHRD will create a centralized exit interview with input from agency Human
Resources Officers. SHRD will distribute surveys to transferred and terminated
employees who will respond anonymously. Once the exit interview is created
and approved, it will also be distributed to employees who have left their jobs
within the previous calendar year. The task force also agreed not to pursue
centralized metrics for involuntary terminations. Paula will research ways to
share information for reference checks.

Paula also presented the following potential centralized metrics for tracking
recruitment efforts in the broadband system:

   6.       the number of applicants for each recruiting effort
   7.       the number of times an agency recruits for specific positions
   8.       the amount of time to hire with advertising time
   9.       the amount of time to hire without advertising time
   10.      where and why applicants fall out of the screening process
   11.      demographics for applicants who fall out of the screening process

Paula proposed that all of these items could be tracked using the report features
of the new on-line application, if all agencies were required to use the on-line
process. The task force agreed with Paula’s proposal to eventually mandate use
of the on-line application in all agencies, to centrally track all of the listed
recruitment metrics.

Agenda Item V: Public Comment

         There were no public comments

Agenda Item VI: Meeting Wrap-up

   A. Commitments Made
         1. The task force shall extent the number of scheduled meetings to
            end in September, instead of ending in May.
   B. Parking Lot – the parking lot was reviewed.
         1. Principles of control, internal controls – DOA role, removed.
         2. Metrics to measure success, removed

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          3.Work force development, other than pay, retained
          4.Communicating with employees, retained
          5.Look at long term effect on the pay increases, retained
          6.Look at longevity, retained
          7.Look at entry level and should it be more consistent, will look at
            during next meeting, retained
        8. Look at merit, retained
        9. Location pay, retained
        10. One employer concept, added
        11. Is there a long term role for this task force, added
        12. Should state government lag, lead, or be at market, added
        13. What is the strategic plan for state government pay, added
   C. Next Meeting
        1. Draft market data will be presented May 7th.

Agenda Item VII: Closing Remarks

Janet R. Kelly thanked everyone for attending. The meeting was adjourned at
12:34 p.m.

The next meeting will be held May 7th, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in
the Metcalf building, 1520 E Sixth, room 111.

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