MTRL Student and Employee Training Checklist by G26JqXFe


									Original Date: 2008-02-22                      Revision No. 3.0                            Date Revised: Feb. 6/12

MTRL Student and Employee Safety Training Checklist
For more information on the safety program requirements see also:
Your name:
Supervisor name:
Complete the required forms and work in consultation with your supervisor or someone designated by your supervisor.
The completed form and associated safety training documentation may be handed in to Mary Jansepar, room 309. Keep
copies for yourself. The intent of this is to verify that research students and staff meet minimum requirements for training
at the University and Departmental levels and that the supervisor has provided for training at the laboratory level. This
document applies to all research personnel. This document is required for validation of your safety passport.

Part I – Department Level Responsibilities
The following training is required for all research personnel. Indicate date training was completed, or
estimated future date when training will be taken*.
                                                                               or expected date   Student/staff
UBC/Departmental Training                                     Date taken
                                                                                  to be taken         initials
Complete Personal safety orientation worksheet: safety
orientation worksheet rev 6.doc
Complete HS&E Laboratory chemical safety course
Complete the dept. safety orientation seminars:
         General safety orientation seminar
         Gas cylinders safety seminar
         Project planning sheets seminar
         WHIMS training seminar
         TA safety orientation seminar (for grad
         students who will be teaching assistants)
* Some training courses may not be immediately available. Department safety seminars are generally offered in
Sept., Jan. and May. Availability of Risk Management safety courses can be checked at: .If the departmental safety seminar is not available at this time,
indicate the date (month/year) when it is expected to be available. For interim training resources see:

Part II – Group-Specific Training
Group-specific training is for laboratories, procedures etc. that are specific to individual research groups. The
supervisor is responsible to ensure that suitable training is provided prior to work commencing.
                                                                                Date completed
                                                                                                        staff initials
Complete group specific training
%20safety%20training.doc (use applicable sections)
Complete Project planning sheets for current project
Complete other required RM courses (e.g.radiation, laser safety)
%20Safety%20Program%20Rev%202.pdf page 4 (enter N/A if not

Student/employee signature
(indicates all training outlined above in part I and II has been taken or will be taken when available)

Training provided by: print name and sign
(indicates all required group-specific training necessary to commence work has been provided.)

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