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                                         Employee Training Addendum

Employee:                                         Supervisor’s Signature ____________________________

Month:                                 Year:

Please document training received outside of the MRCI facility as designated below. In-house in-services,
CPR/1st Aid courses, meetings, or video training that you have received a completion certificate or any
meetings where you have signed in need not be documented. Turn in to your supervisor for signature; then
route to MRCI-Training Coordinator at the end of each month. All information must be complete in order to
receive training credit.

College or Technical Courses

     DATE              Course Title               Location                Instructor           Hours

Public Workshops/Conferences/Seminars/Other Out of Center Training

     DATE                  Title                  Location                Instructor           Hours

Reading Files                  Reading Programs          Reading Misc. Video             Movie

         DATE                   Type                            Title                          Hours

Entered:                                                                Form # 80-40 Rev. 11/96

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