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									                            DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY
                           MONTHLY EXCEPTION REPORTING

Monthly Exception Reporting (Commonly known as timesheets)

Monthly exception reports are required of all Administrative and Professional (A&P) staff,
except Post Doctoral Researchers, Lecturers, Visiting Scholars, and Graduate Students. All
reports must have the employee’s first and last name, employee’s ID, correct month of the pay
period covered, and appropriate signatures. Reports are to show only exception hours, e.g.
vacation or sick leave taken. Reports are located on the department’s website.

Due Dates

Monthly exception reports are due in the personnel office on the 5th working day of each month.

Leave Requests and Forms

Application for Leave Forms are required when absent from any regular scheduled day or time.

Sick Leave usage is governed by University policy, including valid reasons for use and a list of
“immediate family members.” Application for Leave Forms requesting the use of sick leave
must include all required information to allow for informed approval or disapproval of the
request and possible designation as Family and Medical Leave. Required information includes a
description of the illness, injury, or symptoms if the request is for illness/injury of the employee;
relationship of the “immediate family member” and a description of the illness or injury if the
request is for an immediate family member, or; relationship of the deceased immediate family
member if the request is due to death. Additional documentation may be required.

Paid time off usage – vacation or sick leave – is limited to the amount of time shown the last pay
check stub.

Employees may request unpaid leave. Approval of requests for unpaid time off is at the
discretion of the Administrative Manager or the appropriate supervisor.

Application for Leave Forms for Military Leave or Jury Duty must be accompanied by
appropriate documentation – military orders or a jury summons. In order to be paid for court
related absences, the employee cannot be a party of the case.

A Leave Request Form may contain multiple types of time off – i.e., vacation and sick leave may
be on the same form. However, a Leave Request Form may not cross pay periods – if the time
off requested falls in two different pay periods, two different forms must be submitted.

Application for Leave Forms must match the timesheet submitted for the same period of time.

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