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					CIS 612                         Final Project
Spring 2005                     Microsoft VB.NET, Oracle, ASP.NET and ADO.NET


In this example we assume familiarity with the ORACLE held COMPANY database, sketched below:
EMPLOYEE (fname, minit, lname, ssn, bdate, address, sex, salary, superssn, dno) KEY: ssn
DEPARTMENT (dname, dnumber, mgrssn, mgrstartdate)                             KEY:   dnumber.
PROJECT (pname, pnumber, plocation, dnum)                                     KEY:   pnumber.
WORKS_ON (essn, pno, hours)                                                   KEY:   (essn, pno)
DEPENDENT (essn, dependent-name, sex, bdate, relationship)                    KEY:   (essn, dependent-name)

ASP.NET Development
Write a Microsoft VB.NET application - similar to the previous assignment (Hwk6) -to accomplish the
following design specifications.

    1. The application displays a login form asking for user-name and password. Use Fname/SSN
       (Employee table) as valid combinations.
    2. Display a second form called Main Menu. The menu form holds three buttons.
           a. Show Employee data
           b. Print Employee data
           c. Exit Application
    3. If the user clicks on “Show Employee Data” a new screen appears displaying
           a. Employee’s first and last name, SSN, Salary, and his/her department Name
           b. All the employees assignments (project name and hours) (use a ListBox or DataGrid)
           c. Each of his/hers family members (if any!) (use a ListBox or DataGrid)
           d. “Next” button to show next employee.
    4. If a report is selected you should print a datasheet view of the employee records displaying
       personal data and the assignments (Pname, Hours) of each employee (use CrystalReport).

Design Restrictions

 Use the ASP.NET platform.
 Use -at least once- the Connection, Command, and DataReader objects (either System.Data or
 Use –at least once- the Connection, DataAdapter, and DataSet objects (either System.Data or
 For step 4 (report printing) use the Crystal Report facility. Employees will be listed in ascending
  sequence of SSN values. For each employee include his/her assignments (Project name, individual
  number of Hours, at the end provide a final sum of hours for each employee).
 Include a grand total of Hours for all employees.

Please. Bring all your VB.NET code and Oracle scripts in a floppy
disk (use ZIP compression if needed). Add to the disk each of your
previous Homeworks.

Organize the disk as eight sub-directories, the first is your name,
the second should be named: Homework1, then Homework2, and so
on. The last entry should be labeled Final Project.

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