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									                                       Gwinnett County Public Schools
                                    Guidance and Counseling Competencies
                                                Grades 9-12
The student competencies below describe by grade level what students need to know and be able to do as a result of participating in a
developmental guidance program.
Guidance programs facilitate student development in three broad content areas. These are identified as follows: Academic
Development, Career Development, and Life Skills Development. Academic development is comprised of strategies and activities
that support and maximize student learning. Career development provides the foundation for acquiring the skills, attitudes, and
knowledge that enable students to make successful transitions from schools to post secondary choices. Life Skills development
provides the foundation for personal and social growth that contributes to educational and career success. These competencies are
linked to Gwinnett County’s Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS), the State Department of Education’s “List of Values and
Character Education” (CE) and Quality Core Curriculum (QCC) as well as the American School Counselor Association National
Standards (ASCA).

Goal: Academic Development: Academic Achievement, Educational Attainment and Lifelong Learning

Standard 1.A.
  - Acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to school success and learning across the life span.
Standard 1. B.
  - Complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of post-secondary education and career
Standard 1. C.
  - Make plans for successful transition and attainment of educational and career goals.

Goal: Career Development: Awareness, Exploration, and Planning

Standard 2.A.
  - Acquire skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.
Standard 2.B.
  - Employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction.
Standard 2.C.
  - Understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work.

Goal: Life Skills: Personal and Social Development

Standard 3.A.
  - Acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to understand and respect self and others.
Standard 3.B.
  - Make decisions, set goals, and take necessary action to achieve goals.
Standard 3.C.
  - Develop safety and survival skills.

Ninth Grade Competencies:

Goal: Academic Development (Standards 1.A., 1.B., 1.C.)
    1.   Demonstrate study skills and habits that can be used in various educational settings (i.e., time management, test-taking
         skills, note-taking, attendance, etc.). (A) (LA09_G1998-65) (ASCA:A:A2.1, A:A2.2, A:A2.4, A:B1.1, A:B1.2, A:B1.3,
         A:B1.6, A:B1.7, A:C1.1, C:A1.7, C:A1.10, C:A2.9)
    2.   Develop a plan to obtain high school diploma, taking into account the value and life/social significance of all courses and
         the opportunities for future career success. (A) (ASCA:A:B2.1, A:B2.2, A:B2.3, A:B2.4, A:B2.5, A:B2.6, A:B2.7, C:B1.1,
         C:B1.2, C:B1.3, C:B2.1, C:B2.2, C:B2.4)
    3.   Identify school rules and student responsibilities and how they contribute to a positive educational environment. (A)

Revised 2/2009
                                        Gwinnett County Public Schools
                                     Guidance and Counseling Competencies
                                                 Grades 9-12
         (CE.Citz.Respect for and Acceptance of Authority) (ASCA:A:B2.6)
Goal: Career Development (Standards 2.A., 2.B., 2.C.)
    4.   Explain the relationship between honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness, fairness, good sportsmanship, and patience to life
         choices. (C) (CE. Respect for Others. Integrity) (ASCA:A:A1.5, A:A3.2, C:A2.1, C:A2.5, C:A2.8, PS:A1.2, PS:A2.2,
         PS:A2.3, PS:A2.4, PS:A2.5, PS:B1.7)
    5.   Use information from the GCPS Choice Book, the Career Center, as well as information gained from other resources
         within the community to explore future career choices. (C) (ASCA:A:B1.4, A:B2.7, A:C1.5, C:A1:1, C:A1:2, C:A1:3,
         C:A1:8, C:A1:9, C:A2.3, C:B1.1, C:B1.2, C:B1.3, C:B1.4, C:B1.5, C:B1.6, C:B1.7, C:B2.1, C:B2.2, C:B2.4, C:B2.5,
         C:C1.3, C:C1.4, C:C1.6, C:C2.3, PS:B1.11)
Goal: Life Skills (Standards 3.A., 3.B., 3.C.)
    6.   Analyze how personal restraint and self-discipline can impact personal and social goals, educational opportunity, and
         career choices (includes high risk behavior such as alcohol use, sexual activity, violence, and environmental
         influence).(P/S) (ASCA:C:A1.6, C:C2.2, C:C2.3, PS:A1.8, PS:C1.8, PS:C1.10, PS:C1.11)
    7.   Develop skills to recognize depression and its potential risks, including the identification of possible signs of suicidal
         behaviors. (P/S)(HL09_E1998) (P/S) (HL09-H1998-19) (CE. Respect for Self. Accountability. Commitment)
    8.   Identify and appreciate personal strengths and weaknesses and list strategies to make adjustments to behavior with the
         understanding that the belief in one's self enhances academic performance. (P/S) (CE. Respect for Self. Self Esteem)
         (ASCA:A:A2.4, A:A3.3, A:B2.4, A:C1.2, C:A1.3, C:A1.9, C:B1.2, C:C1.7, C:C2.4, PS:A1.1, PS:A1.5, PS:A1.7,
         PS:A1.10, PS:B1)
    9.   Identify and practice strategies to solve conflicts, manage anger, and/or prevent violence. (such as suicide, threats,
         aggression, etc.). (P/S) (HL09_G1998) (ASCA:C:A1.4, C:A2.1, C:C2.2, C:C2.3, PS:A2.6, PS:A2.7, PS:B1.6, PS:C1.10,
    10. Identify behaviors that constitute sexual harassment and procedures which address those behaviors. (P/S)
        (ASCA:A:PS:A1.7, PS:C1.2, PS:C1.3, PS:C1.4) (ASCA:A:PS:A1.7, PS:C1.2, PS:C1.3, PS:C1.4)

Tenth Grade Competencies:

Goal: Academic Development (Standards 1.A., 1.B., 1.C.)
    1.   Demonstrate effective study skills and habits (i.e. attendance, time management, test taking skills, note taking, etc.) and
         utilization of necessary resources to achieve success. (A) (ASCA:A:A2.1, A:2.3, A:B1.3, A:B1.4, A:B1.5, A:B1.6)
Goal: Career Development (Standards 2.A., 2.B., 2.C.)
    2.   Complete a career interest inventory and evaluate results as they relate career decision making. (C) (ASCA:C:A1.3,
         C:A1.8, C:B1.1, C:B1.2, C:C1.3, C:C2.1)
    3.   Document employability skills developed through volunteer experiences, part-time employment, or apprenticeship
         programs on a student resume. (C) (CE Respect for Self. Respect for Others, Altruism, Work Ethic) (ASCA:A:C:A2.1,
         C:A2.6, C:B2.3, C:C2.4)
    4.   Understand the importance of responsibility, dependability, punctuality, integrity, the need to avoid stereotypes, a drug-free
         life style, and the impact of gender bias in the workplace. (C) (CE.Citz.Tolerance, Respect for Self. Work Ethic)
         (ASCA:A:A3.1, C:A2.3, C:A2.4, C:A2.8, C:C1.6)
    5.   Use a range of career information resources (i.e., career lab, career materials, labor market trends, etc.). (C)
         (LA10_G1998) (ASCA:C:A1.1, C:B1.5, C:B1.6, C:B1.8)
Goal: Life Skills (Standards 3.A., 3.B., 3.C.)
    6.   Identify ways to communicate feelings, reactions, and ideas in an appropriate manner as an individual and for the mutual
         benefit of others. (P/S) (CE.Respect for Self, Self Esteem, Self Control)(HL08_G1998 (A:PS:A1.5, PS:A1.6, PS:A2.7)
    7.   Recognize diversity within the context of the world in which we live. (P/S) (CE.Citz. Tolerence) (A:C:A2.5, PS:A2.2,
         PS:A2.3, PS:A2.4)
    8.   Identify and demonstrate decision-making steps and goal setting strategies and make plans for achieving stated goals. (P/S)

Revised 2/2009
                                        Gwinnett County Public Schools
                                     Guidance and Counseling Competencies
                                                 Grades 9-12
         (ASCA:A:A3.4, A:B1.4, A:B1.5, A:B2.1, A:B2.3, A:B2.5, A:C1.4, C:A1.5, C:A1.6, C:A2.1, C:B1.1, C:C2.1, PS:A1.2,
         PS:A1.3, PS:B1.1, PS:B1.2, PS:B1.3, PS:B1.4, PS:B1.5, PS:B1.8, PS:B1.9, PS:B1.10, PS:B1.11, PS:B1.12, PS:C1.7,

Eleventh Grade Competencies:

Goal: Academic Development (Standards 1.A., 1.B., 1.C.)
    1.   Identify and demonstrate skills which are transferable from the educational setting to home and work. (A) (CE.Citz.
         Respect for Self, Respect for Others) (HL09_e1998-8) (ASCA:A:C1.3, C:A2.1, C:C1.3, C:C2.1, C:C2.2, C:C2.3, C:C2.4)
    2.   Identify study skills necessary for success in various testing situations and the value of the assessment (classroom, state,
         occupational and college placement testing). (A) (ASCA: A:B1.3, A:B2.2, A:C1.6)
Goal: Career Development (Standards 2.A., 2.B., 2.C.)
    3.   Develop a student resume and understand effective job interviewing skills. (C) (LA11_A1998) (ASCA:A:C:A2.6)
    4.   Explain the need for lifelong learning to retain and upgrade employee skills. (C) (ASCA:A:C1.4, C:C1.4)
    5.   Research career options, weigh alternatives, and develop a tentative plan for post high school pursuits. (C) (ASCA:A:B2.7,
         C:A1.2, C:B1.1, C:B1.5, C:B1.6, PS:B1.12)
    6.   Identify resources and processes for securing entrance and financial assistance into college, technical school, or other job
         training programs. (C) (ASCA:A:B1.4, A:B1.5, A:B2.3, A:C1.6)
Goal: Life Skills (Standards 3.A., 3.B., 3.C.)
    7.   Demonstrate effective communication skills in handling stressful situations including harassment, personal, and professional
         relationships. (P/S) (ASCA: PS:A2.1, PS:A2.6, PS: A2.7, PS:B1.3, PS: B1.4, PS:B1.5)

Twelfth Grade Competencies:

Goal: Academic Development (Standards 1.A., 1.B., 1.C.)
    1.   Develop and practice effective communication skills (including refusal skills, conflict resolution, and decision-making
         skills) which would affect personal relationships, career goals, and academic success. (A, P/S) (LA12_A1998-2) (HL09_G)
         (ASCA:A:A1.5, A:A3.2, A:B2.5, C:A2.1, C:A2.5, C:B1.1, C:2.6, C2.1, C:C2.2, PS:A1.6, PS:A2.6, PS:A2.8, PS:B1.1,
         PS:B1.4, PS:B1.5, PS:B1.6, PS:B1.12, PS:B13, PS:B.17, PS:C1.9, PS:C1.10, PS:C1.11)
    2.   Identify and complete necessary steps for the transition from high school to the next educational setting or the world of work
         and understand the differences in expectations in these settings. (A) (ASCA;A:A.13,A:C1.4,A:C1.5,A:C1.6,
         C:A1.2,C:A1.3,C:A1.7, C:A1.8,C:A1.9, C:A2.2, C:A2.3, C:A2.6, C:B1.2, C:B1.4, C:B1.7, C:B1.8, C:B2.3,C:B2.4, C:C1.1,
         C:C1.3, C:C1.4, C:C1.5,C:C2.3, C:C 2.4, PS:A1.2, PS:A1.10, PS:C1.6)
Goal: Career Development (Standards 2.A., 2.B., 2.C.)
    3.   Identify resources and processes for securing entrance and financial assistance into college, technical school, or other job
         training programs. (C) (LA12_G1998-61) (ASCA:A:B1.4, A:B1.5, A:B2.2, A:B2.7, A:C1.3, C:A1.1, C:A2.7, C:B1.5)
Goal: Life Skills (Standards 3.A., 3.B., 3.C.)
    4.   Determine personal stresses as they apply to all aspects of health, wellness, academics, decision making, goal setting and
         career choices. (P/S) (ASCA:A:B1.3, A:C1.2, C:A2.9, C:C1.1, C:C1.2, C:C1.7, PS:B1.8, PS:B1.11, PS:C1.7)
    5.   Identify behaviors that constitute harassment and procedures which address those behaviors including the relationship
         between potential risks, rules, laws, and the protection of an individual’s rights. (P/S)(CE.Citz, All) (ASCA:A: PS:A1.5,
         PS:A1.7, PS:A1.8, PS:A1.9, PS:A2.1, PS:A.2.2, PS:A2.3, PS:A2.4, PS:A2.5, PS:B1.7, PS:C1.2, PS:C1.4, PS:C1.5,
         PS:C1.8, PS:C1.11)

Revised 2/2009

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