1. From the main menu select Maintain or Add/Disc Increments – HR


  2. Enter Employee number or Name on Employee Selection Screen and

  3. Select Employee Current Post Holding Screen from the screens icon or
     tabs along the top (choosing Add/Disc Increments –HR will take you
     straight to the current post holding screen)
4.      Window in on Detail.

     5. Select the Grade Tab

     6. Window in on Pay Grade field
   As the new point is going to be a discretionary point, the bar
    point will need to be removed from the discretionary points of
    the salary scale. This is done as follows:

   Window in on Bar Point

   Enter removed date into the ‘Removed’ field

   Select a Reason into the ‘Reason’ field and tab to end of line

   Click <Exit> back to Employee Spinal Grade History
   Close the existing grade by entering an end date into the ‘end
    date’ field.

   Open a new grade with the start date of the Discretionary

   Select new point in the ‘Point’ field.

   Consider the current increment date and whether any changes
    need to be made. Although the employee may be at the top of
    their scale you should still enter the appropriate increment date.

    Step = the number of points to increment by when the
    incremental date takes effect

    Carry Forward = where marked ‘Y’ this will ensure that the
    incremental date updates to the next grade line following an
    automatic increment. For all other occasions where a grade line
    is updated manually the incremental date will need to be
    manually carried forward.
         <Exit>

         <Commit>

The process then transfers to Payroll and Pension Services for the Pay
Elements to be reviewed and authorised.

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