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									TECH 434

OSHA Recordkeeping

OSHA: What It Is
What Every Employer Should Know About Employee Rights

OSHA Makes Employers Responsible for Worker Safety
  • Recordkeeping
  • Complaints
  • Inspections
  • Informal Conferences
  • Abatement Dates
  • Review commission Proceedings
  • Modification of Abatement Date
  • Variances
  • Discrimination
  • Objective

OSHA Recordkeeping
   • How to Comply With OSHA’s Records, Reports and Notices
        – Hearing Loss Cases
        – Soft-tissue disorder
   • Official poster explaining rights and obligations
   • Annual summary of injuries & illnesses
   • Citations issued to employer
   • Amended citations
   • Employer’s contest of citations
   • Employee contest of abatement date
   • Variance applications
   • Request for recordkeeping exception

   • Employers must prepare two
        – BLS injury-illness statistics
        – Accident/fatality report

Notification Requirement
   • Tell OSHA if accident results in fatality or in-patient hospitalization of 3 or more
       workers in work-related accident
   • 1904.39 covers Ruling
   • Records required by 1904 kept according to a set of standardized rules
           – 1901.1020 gives employees access to records
           – OSHA 300 Log available to employees
Recordkeeping Requirements of Part 1904 & Section 1910.20
   Subpart A Purpose
   1904.0 Purpose
   • Employer record and report work-related injuries, illnesses & fatalities-not mean
      fault or OSHA violation
   • Subpart B: Scope-all employers covered by OSHAct are under 1904 regulations
   • 1904.1 partial exemption for employers w/10 or fewer employees
   • 1904.2 Partial exemption for establishments in certain industries
   • Basic Requirement:
          – Classified in specific low-hazard retail, service, finance, insurance or real
              estate industry not required to keep OSHA injury & illness records unless
              govt.. asks to under 1904.41 or 42
          – Must report under 1904.39
   • Implementation
   • Applies only to retail, service, finance insurance or real estate.
   • Business classified in agriculture, mining, construction, mfg.., transportation,
      communications, electric, gas & sanitary not exempt.
   • 1904.3 Keeping records for more than one agency
   • Subpart C: Recordkeeping forms and Recording criteria 1904.4
   • 1904.5 Determination of work-relatedness
   • 1904.6 Determination of new cases
   • 1904.7 General recording requirements
   • Implementation: work related injury or illness resulting in one or more: Death,
      Days away from work, Restricted work or Transfer to another job, medical
      treatment past 1st aid, Lose consciousness, Significant inj/ill by MD

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