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									                               GERALD CAPLAN
                          Pacific/McGeorge School of law
                              University of the Pacific
                                 3200 Fifth Avenue
                              Sacramento, CA 95817

Professor of Law, University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law (1992-     )

1992-present   Dean and Professor of Law, University of Pacific, McGeorge School
               of Law (Dean, 1992-2001)
1991-1992      Deputy Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade
               Commission, Washington, D. C.
1977-1992      Professor of Law, National Law Center, George Washington Universi-
1986-1987      Director, Philadelphia Police Performance Study Commission (Chaired
               by Dean Robert McKay, New York University Law School)
   1982        Acting President, Legal Services Corporation (staff complement of
               200; annual budget of $240 million)
1973-1977      Director, National Institute of Justice, U.S. Dept. of Justice (staff
               complement of 100; annual budget $40 million)
1971-1973      Professor of Law, Arizona State University
1970-1971      General Counsel, District of Columba Police Department
   1969        Senior Researcher, Law Enforcement Group, Urban Institute, D.C.
1968-1969      General Counsel, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, U.S.
               Dept. of Justice
    1968       Executive Assistant, Director of Public Safety, District of Columbia
    1967       Staff, White House Task Force on Crime
    1967       Chief, Planning and Research, Legal Services Program, Office of
               Economic Opportunity
1965-1967      Staff Attorney, President's Commission on Law Enforcement and
               Administration of Justice
1964-1965      Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia
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Undergraduate: Northwestern University, B.A. (1959)
Graduate:       Northwestern University, M.A., Political Science (1960)
                Northwestern University, J.D. (1963) (Honors: Order of the Coif;
                Editor, Law Review; Hardy Scholar; Lowden-Wigmore Moot Court
                Falk Fellow, Yale University, Political Science Dept. (1963-1964)
                Senior Guggenheim Fellow, Yale Law School (Spring semester, 1984)

Admitted Illinois, Florida, and D.C. Bars
Member, Criminal Justice Council, American Bar Association (1972-1976)
Director, Law Enforcement Rulemaking Project (Ford Foundation funded, 1972-1974)
Vice-Chair, American Bar Association Task Force on Crime Control (1981-1985)
Board of Trustees, Vera Institute of Justice (1979-87)
Consultant, U.S. Department of Justice (evaluated police use of deadly force in Los
   Angeles County (1979-1980)
USIA Consultant on Corrections Policies, Argentina (March, 1980)
Reporter, Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards, American Bar Association (1981-
American Ass’n of Law Schools: Chair, Governmental Relations Committee, (1988-89)
Reporter, Standards for Issuance of Search Warrants, American Bar Association (1988-
Member, U.S. Court of Appeals Merit Screening Committee to Select D.C. Federal
  Public Defender (1989-90)
Member, Board of Directors, Council for Court Excellence, Washington, D.C. (1991-
Member, Advisory Committee, ABA Special Committee on the Drug Crisis (1991-92)
Advisor, Albanian Parliamentary Constitutional Drafting Commission, sponsored by
   American Bar Association & U.S. Information Agency (1991)
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University of the Pacific: Member, Presidential Search Committee, 1995; Vice-Chair,
   Provost Search Committee, 1995; Chair, Search Committee (for Chief Financial
   Officer), 1996-97; Chair, University Handbook Committee, 1996-98; Member,
   Presidential Commission on Student Life, 1997-98; Chair, Search Committee (for
   Chief Information Officer), 1998

Member, Sacramento Police Department Advisory Committee, 1995-97
Chair, Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate Animal Care at the Sacramento Zoo (appoint-
   ed by City Manager), 1996
Member, Advisory Board, Salvation Army (1996-98)
Member, Access to Justice Working Group, California State Bar Association (chaired
  by Justice Earl Johnson Jr.), 1993-97
Chair, Blue Ribbon Committee to Evaluate Selected Police Policies and Practices,
   (appointed by City Manager), 1998)
Chair, Reginald Heber Legal Services Book Award Committee, National Equal Justice
   Library (1998-99)
Member, Board of Directors, Children’s Law Center (responsible for representation
  inf Dependent Care litigation in Los Angeles and Sacramento,(2012- )
Member, Autism Advisory Task Force (created when Governor Brown signed Senate Bill
946 (SB 946) by Senator Darrell Steinberg. SB 946 requires the Department of Managed
Health Care (DMHC) to convene this Task Force by February 1, 2012 to develop recommen-
dations related to: 1) behavioral health treatment that is medically necessary for the treatment
of individuals with autism or pervasive developmental disorder; and 2) the qualifications,
training and licensure of providers who administer such treatment. The DMHC must submit a
report of the Task Force to the Governor and Legislature by December 31, 2012, at which
time the Task Force will cease to exist..)

Freedom from Political Association, 56 Northwestern Univ. Law Review 777 (1962).
The Making of "Natural Justice" in British Africa, 13 Journal of Public Law 120
Book Review: LaFave, Arrest, 80 Harvard Law Review 484 (1966-67).
The Police Legal Advisor, Journal of Criminal Law, Criminology and Police Science
   (1967), reprinted by the U.S. Department of Justice.
Career Inhibiting Factors: Problems of the Public Prosecutor and Defender, in the
   Politics of Local Justice, ed. by Klonoski and Mendelsohn (1970).
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The Case for Rulemaking by Law Enforcement Agencies, 36 Law & Contemporary
   Problems 500 (1971).
Reflections on the Nationalization of Crime, 3 Law & the Social Order 583 (1973).
Discipline, in Police Personnel Administration, ed. by Stahl and Stauffenberger (1974)
Criminology, Criminal Justice and the War on Crime, 14 Criminology 3 (1976).
Book Review: Kamisar, Police Interrogation and Confessions, National Law Journal
   p. 33 (Sept. 22, 1980).
Editor, ABSCAM Ethics: The Moral Issues and Uses of Deception in Law Enforcement
   (Ballinger: 1983).
Understanding the Controversy Over the Legal Services Corporation, 28 N.Y. Law
   Review 583 (1983).
The Facts of Life about Teenage Prostitution, 30 Crime & Delinquency 69 (Jan., 1984).
Miranda Revisited, 93 Yale Law Journal 1375 (1984).
Questioning Miranda, 38 Vanderbilt Law Review 1417-76 (1985) excerpted in Wasser-
   strom & Snyder, A Criminal Procedure Anthology 268 (1996).
Model Procedures for Police Interrogation (Police Executive Research Forum 1987)
  (Adopted by numerous law enforcement agencies).
Philadelphia and Its Police: Toward a New Partnership (195 pages) (1987) (Editor and
   Co-author with Professor Mark Moore).
Book Review: Miller & Bowman, Death by Installments, 57 George Washington Law
   Review 1643 (1989).
The Ethics of the "Unprofessional Profession" (Review Essay), 88 Michigan Law
   Review 1698 (1990).
Guidelines: Issuance of Search Warrants (82 pages) (American Bar Assn., 1990)
Fostering Integrity, Local Government Police Management (3d Ed. 1991) pp. 239-71.
   (Co-Author, Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy).
Criminal Justice in the Lower Courts: A Study in Continuity, (Review Essay) 89 Michi-
   gan Law Review 1694 (1991).
Searching for Holmes Among the Biographers, George Washington Law Review 769-
   805 (2002).
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The Making of the Attorney General: John Mitchell and Watergate Reconsidered, 41
   McGeorge Law Review311 (2009).
Legal Autopsies: Evaluating and Judicial Performance Through the Window of Leading
   Contract Cases, ___Albany Law Review___ (2009).
Medical Marijuana, A Study of Unintended Consequences, 43 McGeorge Law Review
  127 (2011).

House Subcommittee on Energy and Power on the Octane Display and Disclosure Act
   of 1991 (June, 1991).
Subcommittee on Crime, Judiciary Committee, House of Representatives (March 10,
Subcommittee on Domestic & International Scientific Planning & Analysis of the
   Committee on Science and Technology, House of Representatives (April 1, 1975;
   May, 1977).
New Directions for Federal Involvement in Crime Control, Workshop sponsored by
  Subcommittee on Crime, Judiciary Committee, House of Representatives (Dec. 1,
Subcommittee on Crime, House Judiciary Committee (April 1, 1976).

The Case for a National Bureau of Criminal Justice Statistics, The Criminologist
   (March, 1977).
Why Government Alone Can't End the Crime Wave, U.S. News & World Report (April
  11, 1977).
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Policing Prostitution, The Washington Post (March 18, 1981).
Sweet Riddance for a Sour Agency, Los Angeles Times (March 31, 1981).
Abscam Wasn't Worth It, The Washington Post (May 5, 1981).
Another Crime Report, New York Times (June 15, 1981).
More Drugs, Less Crime, The Washington Post (June 18, 1981).
Myths About the Hooker-Pimp Relationship, The Washington Post (September 13,
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The British Riots: An American View, London Daily Telegraph (1982).
Should Reagan Kill Legal Services? Wall Street Journal (Dec. 9, 1982).
Justices Shouldn't Take Each Fall So Hard, Wall Street Journal (October 2, 1984).
Confession Can Be Good for the Soul ─ and Community, Los Angeles Times (February
   20, 1987).
Must We Report Drug Users? Los Angeles Times (May 1, 1987).
To Heat Up Drug War, Turn Down the Rhetoric, Los Angeles Times (April 10, 1989).
Grappling With A Sport That Thrives on Fakery, Los Angeles Times (May 17, 1989).

Department of Justice (1973)
Ford Foundation (1977-1979)
German Marshall Fund (1977)
Department of Agriculture (1978)
Police Foundation (1977-1978, 1981, 1983-1984)
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (1979-1981, 1984)
National Broadcasting Company (1980)
President's Commission on Organized Crime (1984-1986)
National Institute of Justice (1985, 1989)
Police Executive Research Forum (1986)
Montgomery County Public Defender (1988)
Philadelphia City Solicitor (1989)
American Bar Association (1991)
Federal Trade Commission (1992-93)
City of Sacramento (1996)

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